Vera – The Gift You Can Only Give Once

It was late four nights ago, and I had been out with a group of banking friends doing the Karaoke thing that’s done in Moscow, and after playing ‘Mafia’ with another crowd, I returned home, no worse for the wear at about 04:30. Being a Friday night, I had not cared much about the time,but upon opening the elevator, I heard some faint crying, sniffling really, in the hallway leading to my flat. It was Vera, the girl from the 3rd floor (my place is on the 8th), outside my door. Her eye make up had run from many tears, she has what looked like a bruise on her face, and her usually lovely blue eyes were bl**dshot from not only crying; she had also been drinking.

When she saw me her tears increased, and I quickly opened the door and took her inside. I had known her and her f****y since I moved into that flat six years ago, when she was just 12 years old. She started to try to tell me what happened but her speech was mixed with crying, and so, I just sat her down at my kitchen table, and started to make her a tea, telling her not to talk, just to relax.

I went and got washcloth from the bathroom, and cleaned her face as well as I could, and I notice she was in a party dress, and had obviously been out celebrating. I started asking some questions when she had drank some tea, and quieted down. It seems that she went out with friends, and including her boyfriend Oleg, to a club not far from our building. This was her 18th birthday, and she and her friends were celebrating.

To her and Oleg’s bad luck, at the club was another girl, Dasha, and it seems Oleg has two girls going at once, Dasha and Vera. The problem was Vera was a virgin, and was saving herself for Oleg tonight. Oleg, d***k and uncouth, had invited Dasha to their table, and the inevitable happened. Vera understood, and made a row, Oleg responded (Russian style by hitting her in the face…they always go for the face). The bouncers came took Oleg outside, with Dasha following and gave Oleg a taste of what it was like to be hit in the face. Vera told me when they finished with him, he was unrecognizable.

Vera, consoled by her girlfriends, went for a drink somewhere else, trying to recover the happiness of the event, but in the end Vera was saddened all the more and headed home. She was embarrassed to enter her house, bruised…so she thought about me (I have been a constant guest in my neighbor’s home and they in mine for many years now).

When relaxed, she said that she had withheld sex thinking to give it to someone she really loved, rather than the first boy she found, and looking at Vera’s beauty, one could think there must have been many boys who wished to be in that envious position. At any rate, I told her she could stay in my place till morning, and we treated the bruise on her face with a Witch Hazel compress…which after a while, seem to subside. I made her take a long bath, and fixed the guest bedroom for her. I stayed with her till she slept, and left for my own bed. I was glad to give her refuge and solace in a very difficult moment. I was soon asl**p.

I could not have been asl**p for more than 30 minutes when I understood I was not alone in bed. Vera was next to me, and caressing me, and more, she was nude. I told her she must return to her own bed, as I would not take advantage of her situation, and if I did, she would despise me, and I myself afterwards.

Her reply was that she had decided to terminate her virginity on this very day, and with me, or without me, she would do it. She asked me if I preferred she did this with a perfect stranger, as that was how far she would go to prove this. After seeging such determination in her eyes, and with her hand now firmly on my penis, I decided to proceed.

I asked her if she knew how to make oral sex, to which she replied, ‘very well…in the absense of classic sex, she had to make the best use of things she considered she would do, and oral sex was one of them. She began and I soon understood she was not joking. After some minutes, I told her to stop, lay on her back, and let do my work. I told her that there would be some pain involved if the hymen was intact, which it was. I saw it was very intact, and told her I would go very slowly, but that until I could break this seal, and enter, there would be pain. After, only pleasure.

So we began, and I gave her oral pleasure, right up to a full and very violent climax. Her whold body was in contraction, and as yet, she had nothing but pleasure. It was now time to complete the work She was indeed ready, and told me not to mind about the pain, but to proceed as I determined proper.

I raised her knees to her chest, tilting her backwards, and putting her vagina in a good position for entry. I was half-standing, half on the bed with one foot on the floor, and with one free hand held her arm, and with the other, I held
open her labia. There was no need to push slowly, it would not have hurt her less, so with a very strong determined movement, I began to push. She screamed in real pain, and I wished to stop, but it would have served nothing. I withdrew a bit, and then with another determined movement I progressed a bit farther inside. There was a small amount of bl**d, and Vera was now crying from the pain. This had to continue quickly and I pressed even more firmly and destroyed the hymen this time. There was a steady stram of bl**d now dripping down from her vagina, some on my penis. I was half way inside of her, and her screaming and cries had subsided, but she was still in pain. I withdraw, and told her to see the deed is done…and the bl**d (of honor) upon me and the sheets.

I then re-entered, and started normal thrusting to which I showed her how to respond to. She began moving with me, and soon had the idea. Her cries were now of pleasure, not of pain.

I then told her to turn over, and would show her the ‘rak’ (doggy style) position, which she seemed to enjoy very much. We continued in this way for some 10 minutes and I told her that tonight, she would lose all virginity, and with a quick application of more gel (which I had applied earlier to her vulva), I was inside her anus before she knew what to expect. The cries were now a mixture of pleasure and pain, and some small protest at first, and after a great deal of cooperation.

To complete, I told her we would terminate in her mouth, as it pleased me, and I was indeed tired (after almost 45 minutes constant attention). So I lay down on my back, relaxed very well and Vera came to me and began her own 20 minute virtuoso oral upon me. Finally in my own violent orgasm I began to finish where she had me very deep inside her mouth, and she simply sucked and sucked till there was not a drop of anything left in me.

Vera had indeed given me the gift a girl can only give once. We slept for hours thereafter, and for the occasion of her birthday, I took her to a large shopping center near the Kiev Station and told her that she could choose anything (and as much) as she wanted, for her birthday gift.
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