My lessons began.....

When I saw him walking up to me I could tell that it was Him. He had this presence about him. I was in awe of him and we haven’t even spoken. I was nervous as hell…my hands were shaking, mouth dry. I felt like a teenager again…lol. He walk over and introduced himself, “Hello” was all I could say. He laughed low and shook his head at me.
“Let’s go for a walk.” He said. We started talking and laughing I was starting to relax again. I wondered why I was nervous to begin with. Then he found a bench for us to sit and talk some more. At some point he was holding my hand…not sure when that happened. We were all alone in this part of the park. He leaned over and kissed me. It was an amazing kiss. And I returned it pressing into him.

He picked his head up and looked at me and whispered in my ear “You know what’s going to happen, don’t you?” I just nodded. “Answer me” he growled. “Yes Sir” I answered in a very timid voice which shocked me because I’m not a timid person.
“Come with me.” He ordered. And I followed. Had no clue as to where we were going but I trusted him totally. I knew that he was not going to let anything happen to me….that he didn’t want to happen. I knew from talking to him online and the phone what was going to happen. I was scared and excited at the same time. Hell I was already wet from the kissing…then again kissing turns me on anyway. And he was so good at it. I could only imagine what else he was good at….mmmmm.
We walked to our cars. “Did you have a bag or anything you need to get?” He asked. I just stood there staring at him like I was some kind of idiot. He just smiled and touched my check. That snapped me out of my days. “Yes in the passenger seat.” You reached in and got it and locked the doors. Grabbing my hand again you lead me to your truck. Helped me in the passenger side and shut the door. I was shaking so badly and I was so wet.
He got in and put the key in the ignition and started the truck. Looked over at me and smiled “Nervous?” “Yes” I breathed. “I’m not going to hurt you….too much.” You laughed.
We continued to talk and laugh until we got to the room. You got out of the truck and before you could get to me I got out….and got a look from you. I just looked down and you chuckled. I followed you and as you unlocked the door I thought about running but my legs wouldn’t move. And deep inside I didn’t want to leave. But you knew that…you know a lot about my feeling and needs.
As you opened the door and motion me to proceed in. As I pass by you I feel the heat from your body. I stand there and look around the room. You turn to shut the door and lock it. The click of the lock echoes in the room. I stand there frozen...Not knowing what to do next. You walk up behind be. I start to shake in fear and antiapation. Then I feel you left arm across my stomach and your right hand in my hair gently pulling me back and my head to the side. You begin to kiss the side of my neck “Relax my pet. This is what you and I want…need.” You breathed on my skin sending shivers all thru my body.

You turn me to look at you and I can see the desire and primal need in your eyes. I watch as you lean down to kiss me…hard. Pulling my head back by my hair. You have my arms pinned to my sides so I cannot touch you knowing that it drives me crazy not to touch. Your head lifts, we both are breathing hard. “You are mine. My slut, my whore….my pet. Never forget that or there will be consequences. Understand?” I nod my head. SMACK right on my ass. I jump not expecting it. “Is that how you answer your Master?” “No sir I am sorry. Yes Master I understand.” I answer. You smile “Much better.”

“On your knees my pet and you know what Master likes….Do It!”
I get on my knees and unzip your pants. You’re very hard and very large. I pull your hard cock and start to stroke it. You are watching me intently as I start to lick the head. I run my tongue around the head hitting that “spot” and I am rewarded with a jerk of your hips. As I put you in my mouth you let out a low, what sounds to me, growl. I am wet from your enjoyment but dare not do anything without permission. I am sucking you in my mouth inch by inch but you are so big it’s just not going all the way in. I look up at you with an apoligic look. Your hands are in my hair pulling and pushing…you are fucking my mouth. My tongue is working your cock as you fuck my face. You stop long enough to order me to take my shirt and bra off. I do very quickly. That causes a small smile from you. Then your cock is back in my mouth. Fucking it...hard. Trying to fuck my throat but I continue to gag.
“You will learn to take all of me slut.” You tell me. I am so fucking wet but to intent on your cock to care. You start you shake, I know you’re ready to cum. You pull out of my mouth and I continue to stroke you.
“Yes my slut, make me cum! Ohhhh yes my pet it feels so good.” You almost shout. Then I feel you hot sticky cum on my tits. It feels so wonderful. You jerk your cock out of my hand.
“Do you have anything to say my slut?”
“Oh yes Master. Thank you for letting me please you.” My head is down looking at the floor. Your cum drips from my tits onto my shorts and thighs.
“You have a lot to learn my slut. But you will learn.” Your voice is stern and unyielding.
“Yes Sir. Please teach me how to please you.”
You reach down and put your hand under my chin bring my face up to look at you. I melt at the look on your face.
“Do you want to cum my slut? You want to cum over and over don’t you my slut?”
“Oh yes Master I do.”
“Stand up bitch!”
I obey without question or comment. You remove the rest of my clothes leaving me totally naked for you to stare and inspect. I am quivering hoping that what you see is pleasing to you.

“Now your lessons will really begin slut. Are you ready?”
“Yes Sir I am ready.”
With that sadistic laugh you started teaching me.

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1 year ago
Great. Most women would Love that I think.
3 years ago
Very nice story. I like it.