A gift for me from sundaygirl - Thank you Daisy

She knew from the minute she woke up this was going to be a real filthy session , even though they weren't meeting for hours , her pussy was already wet and ached to be touched , her fingers ran through it and she smiled at the thought of the pleasure he would give her later .
She dressed slowly thinking about what he would like , sheer black stockings , high black slutty heels and a little tight basque , a simple dress over the top .....

She waited as instructed in the hotel room , wanting so much just to let her fingers touch herself for a moment to give some relief , but he had said no , so she waited like a good girl .

Finally the door knocked and she answered , they smiled but neither spoke and they walked into the centre of the room , his arms slipped around her waist and gently he kissed her. His hands ran down over her arse and very gently ran over her thighs and stocking tops. It felt so good and he continued to stroke and kiss her , which was so lovely , but she had told him she needed fucking not making love to.
Maybe he had got the wrong message. He stopped and sat on the bed and she knelt down by him , his hand ran gently through her hair and he lent down and whispered in her ear ....he said he had thought that today he would make passionate love to her , she didn't want to look disappointed but didn't want to upset him , then he carried on and what he actually whispered was ....he did think about making love to her but ...and as he said this his hand tightened his grip hard on her hair and he said he was going to give her the fucking of her life , she squealed with delight.
He pulled her hair tighter. This excited her and he told her still quietly that she look liked a fucking whore dressed like that and she was going to get fucked like one , her cunt throbbed at the thought .

His hand kept its grip on her hair and held her firm , he stood up and instructed her to undo his trousers.She didn't need to be asked twice and unzipped him.His cock was already rock hard and she leaned into it but he yanked her head back and told her to wait.He started to wank inches from her face. Oh god! she wanted to taste him.to suck him , and she stuck out her tongue to taste but he held her firm and made her watched as he wanked his now wet cock . Suddenly without warning he pulled her to him , not slowly but his cock right down her throat , it felt so good , she could feel the water in her eyes as he now held her head with both hands and used her mouth as a cunt , fucking it hard , he held her deep onto it , until she gagged and then carried on fucking her , her hands she wrapped around her heels of her shoes , knowing she shouldn't use them , it felt so good .

Suddenly he stopped and walked away , even for a few seconds she hated it , she wanted him .He didn't disappoint and he was back within moments and knelt in front of her , with a length of rope , , she watched as he bound her breasts , she loved it each time he pulled tighter and they stood out firm and the nipples so hard ..when done they were already changing colour and he lent down and sucked on each nipples , oh fuck did that make her moan ,even though he hadn't touche her cunt , she was sure she could come ,her eyes were closed but it made her open them as she felt a pain shoot through them , she looked down and attached were two metal nipple clamps , they hurt but it was making her feel so hot and dirty .
He sat back on the bed , helped her up and turn her round and tied her wrists , she was so turned her she would have done anything for him . He told her to walk for him around the room slowly and she did slowly , she was on heels and had no hands free if she stumbled , he watched and wanked , her bound breasts looked fantastic , he could see the slight pain on her face from the clamps as the weight swung them as she walked , this just turned him on more , he watched her arse wobble as she walked away from him , he told her he was going to fuck that later ......she couldn't wait .

She could feel her pussy juices now running down her thighs , she needed fucking and she looked at him and he knew it , she walked over and he took off the clamps , but she was going keep them breasts like that , she looked so good with them .As she stood in front of him his fingers slid into her cunt , the noise sounded so good as he finger fucked her , she looked down at him and smiled and moaned ! Fuck!! She could come any second. He knelt down and she widened her legs she knew he was pushing hard and she pushed down on him. As his fist reached the widest at its knuckles he stopped. Oh fuck! .....that hurt but felt so good , her body had pleasure and pain running through it , as his whole fist slipped in her she felt her orgasm come , her legs buckled and she realised his fist inside was taking her weight and as she regained her composure a little her body was already without thought fucking down on this fist , his other hand stretched open the top of her cunt and his tongue was flicking her engorged clit , she was in heaven.

He stood up and held his cum covered hand to her lips , she licked slowly and his tongue met with hers as they tasted her together . His cock was about as hard as it could get and he needed to fuck her . He kissed her lips and then turned her and undone her wrists .He caught her eye and looked at the bed , she knew what to do and bent over and steadied herself on the bed , her back arched and her cunt and arse completely exposed for him , she lent down further and he watched as her pussy lips opened a little and he saw her glistening cunt .

He knelt behind her and pulled open wide her cunt lips and his tongue ran from her hard clit slowly over her hole and over her perineum and up to her arse , here is pushed a little harder , fuck she was turned on , she realised she was saying ...please please fuck me , but he didn't .... he made her wait and again he ran his tongue the length of her , this time harder , her legs were quivering and she was trying to hide her moans in the covers . He stood behind her and looked at her pale flesh as it met the black stocking top , he looked down and saw her sexy heels and looked at her arched back and listened to her begging for him.

He held her hips firm and let the tip of his cock rest on her arse , she braced herself , she knew he was going to fuck her there and that at first it would hurt but the pain for the pleasure after a few seconds would be worth it . He pushed her feeling her arse slightly give way , her instinct was to pull away ,but he was holding her hips so hard , so masterfully ,she couldn't move , it felt so good , as his cock eased in her he felt the tightness of her and his cock was throbbing , as he started to fuck her , he watched and couldn't believe how turned on she was , now pushing back on him , taking him so deep ...
He watched her arse wobble and without warning he landed a great big smack on her cheek , she cried out but he could tell she loved it and landed another one straight away , the pain only seemed to fuel her desires more and she was now fucking his cock as much as him fucking her .

Another whack on the other side , and he lent forward and grabbed her long hair and pulled her head right back firmly and lent down to meet her face , he kissed her , not a gently kiss but with so much lust and passion , he went to her ear and licked it , and told her what a whore she looked being fucked like that , he stood up but held onto her hair , the sight of her red cheeks and her back now fully arched and the feeling like his cock would explode meant he couldn't wait , his balls tightened and he began to shoot his load deep in her arse , fuck he felt good doing that .

He gradually let his cock soften inside her and it eased out , he knelt down and held her open , she pushed slightly and he watched as his cum dribbled out onto the floor .

He laid down next to her on the bed and she turned over and laughed , looked at him and said ..'thank you' he had done as asked and fucked her just as she needed !

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2 years ago
Another one for my next session for you
2 years ago
You have a natural talent for writing. I am sure your practical talents match that splendidly too.
2 years ago
3 years ago
it was very very nice to read,it made me wet. i think at the end when he laid down next to her on the bed and she turned over and laughed , looked at him and said ..now that you have been in my arse i am going to suck you clean now XXXXXX
3 years ago