My Dream Girl

Buxom and bonny and full of fire and delight. Funny and clever and giving and taking.Nipples that at the start of an evening are so sensitive that she will shudder when you look at them and which,by the end of the evening,she is encouraging you to bite so hard you fear for them.

When I stand behind her and hold her breasts cupped in my hands,not only do they feel wonderful but she - all of her - feels like a made to measure suit.When I kiss her neck she reacts exactly how women in dreams do...she purrs and rolls her head to meet me and sighs and loves it.

Her pussy is sweet and demure but after a while her cunt is a torrent of wetness.It is a direct line to her too and that is a wonderful thing.When I am close to her cunt and trying to give it pleasure with fingers,lips and tongue it is passing that pleasure on to all of her...and she is passing it back to me in sighs and smiles and expressions of delight and approval.

There is no part of her that I would not wish to spend a day and a night investigating and playing with.
There is no part of her that having fully investigated I wouldn't want to go back to again and again.
There is no part of her that I do not adore and want....

I might at one time have said red hair...I could have said 5'9" different times I might have said many things about what my 'ideal' might be.
I have learnt better...

She is not 5'9"....She is not a redhead....She IS my ideal girl
87% (10/1)
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2 years ago
3 years ago
I love this story xx
3 years ago
People can rate it two stars if they want.I really don't care..This is not for them