The Tease Tied

She didn’t normally sl**p on her stomach but she felt extremely cosy and deliciously comfy and completely disinclined to move.

It was only when she felt his tongue licking the cheek of her bottom and she tried to wriggle away from him that she realised that she was tied – gently but very securely – spreadeagled on the bed.Her legs were spread apart.She imagined that her ankles had been tied to the legs of the bed.She could see that her wrists were tied to the iron bedhead.

He knelt up and smacked his hand playfully down to rest on the cheek that he had been licking.

“Mornin’ darlin’” he said,and she could hear the face splitting grin in his voice.She wondered why he was so jolly all of a sudden and she tried to watch him out of the corner of her eye.

He was standing now and moving around the bed.He squatted down at the head end and looked into her eyes.”Look at you” he laughed gently ”aren’t you the pretty one?.....Don’t worry.I phoned Geoff at home first thing this morning.he isn’t expecting you in.He says he hopes you feel better soon.”

He stood and moved out of her line of sight.She was getting mad now.She needed to be at work and was beginning to lose patience.
“Just bl**dy untie me will you? Oy! Untie me you shitbag.This not fucking funny any more.....”

“It certainly isn’t” she heard from behind her and she knew it wasn’t when she felt a finger running up and down the length of her cunt lips.Against her better judgement,against her inclination and against her wishes dammit,she was starting to get wet and the wetness was seeping out of her and she knew that he could feel it and was aware of the effect he was having on her.

“Stop pissing about...I mean it”......

He slid two fingers into her now very wet cunt and reached round to let her smell them. He put them back inside her and she let out a small moan without even realising she was doing it.

He now gripped both cheeks and pulled them apart.She knew he was going to fuck her while she was tied.She hated to admit it but she was feeling quite excited.She wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of knowing but she was really looking forward to feeling his hard cock slide into her.

What she actually felt was him leaning down and his tongue probing into the rose of her arse.She bucked violently...” What the f...?”

He was now pressing at the entrance to her arse and she hoped it might just be a finger but she knew that it wasn’t.
His cock eased into her to the depth of the head and she let out a cry of frustration.He pushed back in,further this time,and the burning sensation was simultaneously hurting and thrilling her.
He pulled out almost completely and re-entered a little bit further this time.He was little by little increasing the length of his stroke until he was fucking her arse the same way as he would’ve her cunt.

“See feel better now that you’ve kept your promise don’t you?”

As he said those words she thought back to all the times that she had said ‘Mmmm...maybe’ or ‘Well I might one day’ or ‘If you’re a good boy I might let you’ or ‘In my bottom? Perhaps..”

That day had arrived and as she grew to enjoy the feeling of being fucked in the arse she had to hand it to him.He’d got her good...Oh yes he had.

He smacked her cheek hard as he pulled out from her and she loved it.She also realised that she loved an explosion of hot cum in her arse as much as in her cunt and that they would certainly be doing this again.

“Next time you do your prick teaser act you’d better tease and run honey,because if you hang around I’ll make you pay” He laughed and smacked her again.She sighed and wriggled and though of the battles to come.....
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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
was there anybody else involved, there so easily could have one ofg his friends there and she wouldnt have known ?
3 years ago
well how can i get my revenge? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm