Gotta use what you've got...

She squirmed and struggled as he tied her hands behind her back with a plastic cable tie.’If you won’t do as I ask’ he said ’then you must be taught a lesson’...He had her anklets on now and the broomstick attached to the anklets had her legs wide apart and going nowhere.

‘You know I love to fuck you....I’m always happy to do it.But if you think I’m going in there after you’ve been round to visit that dirty cunt John then you are much mistaken.’
He was rooting round in the bedside table drawer and he found what he was looking for...

‘You say he means nothing to you and that you can’t help being a “sensation seeker”.....well if it’s sensation you’re after then you should love this.’

He fucked her with the little hairbrush and every stroke of the nylon bristles was exquisite agony to her.
She’d read the phrase and thought it lurid and overblown but now she understood the perfect balance of pleasure and pain perfectly.It was his brush from a c***d and the bristles had little balls on the end of each one to prevent scratching.
Her cunt must obviously be more sensitive than a baby’s head because she was arching her back and bucking with every stroke.An orgasm hit her out of the blue and she screamed a small scream.Had she been masturbating she would have stopped for a wee while to recover but he carried on fucking her with the brush and she got wetter and wetter and redder and redder as the bristles dragged her lips back and forth and gave a thousand tiny hits to her clit on the way both in and out.

‘And if you ever...’ he said ‘...If you ever go near that dirty cunt again.....’

‘Please,oh please...What? Please tell me what....’

‘...You will nevermore see or feel this brush.’

Even after this short acquaintanceship she was well and truly in love with the brush – he and she both knew it – so she supposed it would have to be ‘Goodbye John’ She could live with that.

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2 years ago
3 years ago
when he had finished, if I were her, i would have said i need to do some shopping and gone and bought another brush and took it round to john and let john give me another brushing XXXXX
3 years ago
well thats interesting