Wet Hard Kiss

Oh bl**dy hell she thought as the bus pulled away...I hate living in the fucking country! Now I’ve got half an hour to wait until the next one and......Fuck it! It’s starting to rain....

She’d been out with her mates and though she’d enjoyed it, it was sitting in a freezing,wet bus shelter that made her wonder if she’d not have been better staying in tonight.....Ah well.

It happened so quickly that she barely had time to panic.A young man with hood over head came galloping through the rain and almost knocked her down as he crashed into the shelter.

He threw back his hood and shook drops of rain from his hair, looked her square in the face and said “Please forgive me Bernie,you know I wouldn’t hurt you for the world” her name was Heather and now she was starting to panic a bit.She thought she knew more or less everyone around her age in the small country town and she didn’t recall a Bernie or a Bernadette at all.

All of this was going round in her mind and she was trying to formulate her opening words when he suddenly pushed her shoulders back into the glass of the shelter and planted his lips squarely on hers.She was shocked and taken aback....simultaneously alarmed and excited as his tongue f***ed entry between her lips.He held one of her breasts in his hand and kneaded it as she teetered slightly, still more than a little off balance.
He tasted sweet and she was embarrassingly aware of a dampness in her knickers as the kiss went on and on,deeper and harder.

“I love you Bernie” he said as he pulled away from her and jumped onto the bus that had just arrived.”Please forgive me....Please.”
She was completely amazed...excited and amazed and then furious when she realised she would have to wait half an hour for another bus.

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2 years ago
3 years ago
why didnt she get on the bus with him, you can have a lot of fun on a bus, jane XXX