The Meeting - Part3

She walked around to the front of the sofa leading him by the hand.’Get me a little towel will you my dear’...He did. ‘Your cum will be reappearing very soon and I wouldn’t want to ruin your sofa’.
She put the towel down and sat.

He thought of all the wanks he’d had on that trusty sofa and smiled to himself, but her conscientious attitude did her great credit and he felt more warmly towards her for it.

He was still standing and she gave his now flaccid prick a kiss and invited him to tip out her handbag on the floor in front of them.He did and was impressed at the lack of rubbish and nonsense within.
A bullet vibrator,a non-doctor type vib,a 6inch butt plug,a packet of condoms and two dildos.One was a pretty much authentic cock but at 10 inches it made him feel a bit underpowered.The other was slightly longer but twice the thickness and made no pretence at authenticity.This was a cunt stretcher pure and simple.

She had the bullet on her clit and looked interestedly at his face while he looked interestedly at what she was doing.His cum had oozed out of her arse by now and she shifted her weight to the edge of the sofa and put her feet up on it so she could slide the butt plug into herself.She sat back straight and put the vibrator under the plug so that he tremors passed into her.

She picked up the cock dildo and looked at it and looked at him....She put it down.

She picked up the cunt stretcher,looked at it and at him.....She put it down.

She smiled at him and said ‘what you have done for me already has taken me to the place that these toys usually do.’I don’t need them.What I need is for you to fist fuck me until it seems to you that I might be dying.’

His cock was hardening again but he had no hesitation in pursuing her preferred course of action.

His middle fingers were inside her and the slurping as he searched out her g-spot and finger -fucked her was music to his ears. She was gurgling and cooing and her eyes fluttered and she was tickling his balls with her hand and smiling to herself.’One more please....or two or three’
She was incredibly wet and he put his four finger tips together and they slid in to the knuckles and she gasped.He pumped for a wee while and then slowed and made to move beyond the knuckle.

Four fingers in and his thumb rubbing her clit he slid out and eased back in..out and in to the knuckles...out and in again and carrying on pushing in until her cunt lips parted and the body of his hand was inside her.He knew now that he could certainly get his whole hand in and the thought thrilled him unbearably.He withdrew and with four finger tips and thumb together he entered her cunt again. A slight stop for the knuckles and suddenly a load moan from her and his hand had passed into her beyond the knuckles and to the wrist.
He fist fucked her and she moaned and groaned and nearly did die when he continued to fuck her through her first squirt and her second...’Aah! Ooooh! Too much of a good thing’ was the last coherent thing she said until 20 minutes later and he had to stop because of cramp.

She was like a limp rag but was smiling widely.the room was warm and they dozed off with her hand full of the second load of cum that she had milked from him. They were intertwined and his head lay on her breast...They were drained and very happy

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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
and the room stunk in a way that makes you want to fuck again XXXXX
3 years ago
What a turn on!
3 years ago
i want you baby.xx