The Meeting - Part2

They arrived at his flat.By this time there was a visible stream of cunt juice running through his fingers and down her leg.

He unlocked the door whilst locked in a deep kiss with her and without quite knowing how, got the door open at which point they both almost fell in a heap in his hallway.
A small flat – bedroom left,bathroom right,sitting room straight ahead.

She kissed him,squeezed the bulge in his trousers,smiled and said ‘gotta go’, sliding into the bathroom and closing the door.Suddenly ,back in familiar surroundings alone he felt slightly nonplussed.’D’you wanna cuppa tea?’ he asked through the door...She giggled and said she’d love one.

The kitchen was through the front room and he headed there to potter about with tea bags and so forth.He heard a rustling and she said from the lounge ‘Nice room’....’Thanks’ he said back.‘Yeah! I like to see lots of books and records and cds and whatnot’ she said

As he stirred he thought the moment has broken and we’ve turned into the ‘I’ll just have a cup of tea and then I really must go’ couple.It was only 5 minutes ago that they were in the street and he had his fingers in her cunt and was watching her lick her own nipples.FUCK IT! How did that bl**dy happen? I suppose I could just lunge at her.I mean she might have actually changed her mind and even if I was knuckles deep in her if she doesn’t want it now then I would be in a position of **** and I couldn’t live with that view of myself.....I mean I know that as a game it can be super fun and all that but I couldn’t f***e someone genuinely against their will.....Damn and Blast!.......

....He very nearly dropped both cups of tea when he walked in from the kitchen.

She was standing behind his big orange sofa,smiling at him and leaning with her hands wide apart resting on the back of it.Her breasts were free from her blouse and as she leaned slightly forward they hung down invitingly.He put the tea down and knelt on the seat of the sofa to kiss her on the lips.He cupped her breasts and squeezed them lightly together so that he could take both of her big,hard,brown nipples between his teeth at once.She murmured her assent as he nibbled gently.

Him still kneeling on the seat and her still standing behind the sofa his hands went to her waist,to her back and down to her bottom.He flipped her not particularly long and tight skirt up to her waist and stroked her from her clit to the star of her arsehole.At the touching of her clit she purred happily.When he touched her arse she murmured and shuddered.He eased a finger in and she pulled back from the kiss to look him in the eye.’That is where I want you my sweet’

He admired her from behind...slim,lovely hair,bottom exposed.arms apart and legs also.He put his hands to her waist and she moved her legs wider apart to bend double over the back of the sofa.He could see her pussy lips.Her face was turned to one side and he could see her looking at him.He put a hand on each cheek and knelt to flick her cunt lips with his tongue.He licked her clit,sucked her lips,slid his tongue into her and relished the wetness and gorgeousness of her.
He let his tongue investigate that hole which was not her cunt and he felt a thrill shimmer through it.It looked tight and delightful and yet his tongue slid in amazingly easily.It tasted kinda how you’d expect but because it was her it was a meal the like of which he had never known.

He stood up and offered up his hard cock to her hole.She backed onto him as he pushed into her and with delight and ease his cock was deep in her bum/arse/shithole – whatever you care to call it.

He could’ve banged like a fuckin’ fool and shot his cum into her in a matter of moments but he was so thrilled to be doing this and it was so, almost surreal that he was able to maintain slow full strokes and she seemd to be enjoying it.He stroked her back and she moaned lightly.He touched her hair and she raised to head to him.he moved quicker and she f***ed back as he pushed forward......She was breathing quickly and loudly and he was pumping faster and faster now.He pulled her hair and she let out a small scream as she felt his hot spunk fill her arse.

‘I’m sorry honey – you’re just too exciting for me’.She straightened up,turned,knelt and took his cock straight in her mouth.’Mmm...I can see why you enjoyed the taste of my arse so much’
He laughed but still felt pretty sheepish and pretty selfish. She laughed and stood to kiss him allowing the circle of exchanged tastes to continue.’You’re lovely and I have something that you can do for me while your happy cock has a bit of a rest’ she said....

to be continued...
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getting there XX
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Ohhhh wow
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you make me look forward to that time when i look into your eyes for real.x