They were happily asl**p like spoons.He was behind her and she was wrapped in his arms.They were both dreaming.

His was a recurring dream that he rarely remembered but always half amused and half worried him when he did.He was fucking Medusa from behind while holding her down with a kind of hockey stick or something to the back of the neck.Her arse looked gorgeous and her cunt felt wonderful but he didn’t want to be dealing with the snake hair and he was already concerned how – post orgasm – he would get away without having to deal with her gaze.He really didn’t want to be turned to stone if he could possibly avoid it.Ah well! He’d cross that bridge when it came....after he came.

She was dreaming her Lady Chatterly dream and the gamekeeper was giving her a right good seeing to having tied her to a particularly scratchy tree.He definitely wasn’t a gentlemen and what was happening to her was,in effect,****.It was against her better judgement and no thanks to him that she was starting to get wetter as he roughly fucked her

Any amateur psychologist might think that they were seeking danger and excitement that they lacked in their real world relationship which was caring and full of love.

They snuggled and whimpered and slept on.His stiffening cock was pointing downwards but pushing between the cheeks of her bottom.Her cunt was getting wetter to the point where had she lain back and opened her legs the whole of her pubic area would have glistened with it.

It isn’t possible to know what happened to them in their individual dreams to make it happen but he arched his back away from her and as he straightened she arched hers and they reconnected in a way that they never had when awake.They woke,in fact,just as his cock easily entered her dilated arsehole.They were both slightly confused and a bit shocked but they knew that they would investigate this again and again in every way they could..He pushed his cock fully into her and they swayed themselves gently and happily back to sl**p.

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You are an amazing story teller