One Tool,Two Jobs

“Please let me in...I’m absolutely busting.”

He heard her laugh and splash in the bath...

“You’ve been in there for ages....Please....Pleeeeeease.”

“Come on then” she said “If you must”

He tried the handle the door flew open and he was at the toilet unzipped before he realised that she wasn’t in the bath anymore.She was sitting at the toilet with a dribble of pee making an infuriating noise in the bowl.He was somewhat nonplussed.

“Plenty of room between my legs...pee away.” She was positivel gurgling with amusement as she enjoyed his dilemma.

“You utter cow!” he half laughed,half groaned “you know I can’t....Look at me”

Indeed she couldn’t help but notice – as it was right in front of her face – that his cock was slowly but undeniably burgeoning and stiffening.She enjoyed his discomfort and the fact that her own peeing was making him feel much worse made her positively squirm with pleasure.

She wasn’t a cruel woman though and in kindness she applied her sharp little teeth along the side of his cock and nipped him very hard indeed.
“bl**dy hell woman! Are you mad?” he yelped and then smiled as he realised....she smiled too.

His cock was subsiding and soon he was able to release a stream of pee down into the bowl between her legs.He always thought that a good pee when you really,really needed it, was almost a sexual experience, and to pee with his love looking interestedly at his cock from two inches away certainly reinf***ed that feeling.

She had finished already and as his stream became a trickle and then a drip she took him in her hand and with her hand brought him to her mouth. “I’m sorry sweety.Let me kiss it better”

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2 years ago
Fab, i am enjoying all your writings so far.
2 years ago
wow great start for a series
3 years ago
i would have ley you pee on my open