I love your breasts

I love your soft,saggy gorgeous breasts.You know I do. I love that they are so squeezable,so biteable,so comfortable and so beautiful.
I adore your nipples,dark and prominent and sensitive.Pierced and perky.
I love that when you bend over, they hang down and the sight of them - even a glimpse of them - makes my cock hard even if I've only just cum.

Your breasts are powerful and intoxicating.

What we will do is this....

...I will take a doubled length of sewing thread and run it behind your neck,tying the ends to your piercings so that your breasts stand up and out like you have an invisible half cup bra on.We will put a crisp starched white blouse on you and we will stroll out for a walk in the autumn afternoon.

Neighbours who know us will think that you look a bit perkier than usual,maybe walking a bit taller....They won't quite know what they are seeing.
Your nipples are already feeling quite tender from supporting the weight of your breasts and from their movement inside and against your blouse.

By the time we get to the little park you are positively squirming and gasping as every step draws the starched cotton across your bullet hard teats.You sit on a bench.It's not particularly busy but there are a few people about.
They all notice you. Your breasts are electrifying.

I have my little camera and you know what is required from you.I will stand back a bit and film while you remove your knickers while sitting.Your skirt is not too long but you still have to hitch it up to your waist so you can slip your thumbs into the waist of your panties.
All things considered they come down and off pretty efficiently.You know what I need you to do now don't you?
I will lean against a tree looking at you and filming you while you slowly and deliberately move your knees apart and keep moving them apart until your cunt is fully visible to me and to anyone who might happen by.

Very good...very good indeed.Before long your thighs are as far apart as they could be and I swear I can see the wetness glistening on your lips in the afternoon sun.

I walk over to you and my crotch is at eye height for you while you're sitting there.You can see my stiffness and there is no discussion about our plans for after our arrival back home.

I lean over you and kiss your ear lobe and then cut the thread with my teeth.
Your breasts fall to your belly and as I look down the neck of your blouse I see the sight that never fails to thrill me.

We walk slowly back home. I walk backwards ahead of you so I can see your fantastic free breasts swing and sway.I squeeze one and the other.They are so beautiful and exciting to me.

We're home....get in that fuckin' bedroom you and let me.........Oooooh!
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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
What a tease!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
mmmmmmmmmmm i love it.xx