The Meeting - Part1

They'd chatted online - got quite steamy sometimes - but had never met.
She'd had a day in town "with the girls" and realised she would be quite close to where he lived.She made an excuse about a long lost cousin or some such nonsense to get rid of her friends back to the sticks and messaged him.He was excited and of course he'd meet her wherever she wanted in town.

Shopping all done by 6.30 she sent her friends packing and texted him.He knew she would be in the West End and was already close by.He found her on her second gin and tonic and gave her a peck on the cheek not being entirely sure how he ought to greet her.She smelt delicious and as his cheek brushed hers, he realised that she felt wonderfully soft somehow.
She came out with the information in a rush....No.She didn't need to be home tonight.Yes.She could stay - she'd love to in fact.That is if it was what he wanted. Of course it was what he wanted.......Of course it was.

She was shaking slightly and looked a bit pale.He feared for a moment that she might faint.She leant her head on his shoulder and said she was so thrilled to be there that she couldn't think straight.Was it possible to get a bus to his place as she thought she would definitely faint if she went underground again.
Two buses and twice the time but of course we can do that he said.

Dark at this time in October, they caught a bus straight away and headed upstairs to sit at the back like schoolk**s.She was quite excited as she didn't know London so very well and was looking forward to looking out the window and just enjoying sitting next to him.

At Notting Hill (he laughed kindly when she said 'like the film') a lot of people got off and nobody got on and they found themselves alone.He realised this before she did and slipped the hand that had been on her shoulder inside her blouse.This simple movement thrilled her and him equally.She turned to him and pressed her mouth straight to his.They hadn't kissed before but they did now,hard initially and then gently,tongue to tongue with mouths apart and then, when their lips met again, their tongues danced sweetly between them.
He half turned her away from him so she could continue to look out of the window and he could kiss and nibble her ear and neck while investigating the soft and warm wonder of her breast.He had seen pictures of her nipples but the reality was infinitely better as they came alive between his fingers.

They could have ended up anywhere,so distracted were they but they didn't miss their stop and they were soon within 10 minutes walk of his flat.

It was a beautiful evening.Cold breath on the air and a clear sky with as many stars visible as you would ever see.

His arm d****d over her shoulder and inside her blouse was still toying with breast and nipple.Her head was on his shoulder.They stopped half way between two street lights to kiss deeply and he carressed her bottom through material that was just a little too thin for the time of year.He lifted her skirt and was able to feel the dampness of her through the silk of her French knickers...wonderful knickers that allowed him to slip a finger straight into her with no resistance at all.She sighed and shifted herself to offer her cunt more obviously to him and looked up into his face.They were there for what seemed an age her hand on his crotch his fingers in her cunt and their mouths locked together.

By mutual consent,without speaking,they continued to his place.He was walking slightly ahead and left of her and was leading her with the two middle fingers of his right hand inside her.He could feel the juice of her cunt running into the palm of his hand.She looked wonderful next to him and she knew it.She exposed a breast to him and cupped and lifted it so she could lick her own nipple with a long,sexy,sensual and exciting tongue.......

...To be continued
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2 years ago
j'adore stories of unmet romance. don't we all have one out there ;) excellent.
2 years ago
3 years ago
Ohhhhh I NEED the next chapter!
3 years ago
i can feel it babe~finish it for