Shop Window Sex

Fed-up and overworked and feeling under appreciated,as usual,X was heading home from work late for the third time that week.
It seemed worse in the winter somehow - walking home in the dark - and X was ever grateful for the little local shopping centre that allowed him to cut a big corner and save himself 10 minutes or so.

Walking along wondering what Boots could possibly do to make their windows interesting, a flickering caught his eye.X looked across at the electrical shop and on the massive flat screen tv in the window a programme was showing.
It seemed to show a woman leaning on a pillar with a man with his back to us nuzzling at her neck.The man slipped his hand inside the woman's coat and X saw her breast being exposed and a nipple being rolled between the mans' fingers.

He looked at his watch to see that it was past midnight.It must be one of the adult channels he thought.Someone in the shop would be in trouble when they realise tomorrow.

As X watched, the woman slipped the coat back from her shoulders and let it fall to the ground showing her in a corset that shone like rubber with many garter attachments holding up stockings that along with the corset framed and highlighted her shaven cunt.The man stepped back to admire her allowing X to notice,even from a distance,that her lips and clitoris were prominent and visible from the front.It seems that she was already aroused and it seemed as though a moistness could be seen around her fleshy lips.
She reached down and undid the mans' trousers and without too much searching she freed a very,very hard cock which she held in her hand and looked at with interest.She whispered in the man's ear - perhaps asking him what his pleasure would be - and after he spoke she knelt before him and took his cock into her mouth.
X knew that if he had been that hard and a woman that beautiful had started to suck him he wouldn't have lasted very long and as if the man could read his mind he pulled his cock from her mouth,spun her round and bent her over in one movement and entered her from behind.

In the darkness of the shopping centre X had entered another world and while watching the man's cock slide into and out of the beautiful woman he had his own in his hand and was wanking earnestly while watching excitedly.

The man pulled out and re-entered and X knew he was fucking the woman's arse.He couldn't last long and all three came together with the woman letting out a moan of pleasure as she felt the man's cum fill her.

Hang on a minute....How can I have heard her?

X took a couple of paces on in his journey and realised at the same time that the couple did that he was not watching a tv show.He had been watching them leaning against the other side of a pillar that he was no more than 20 feet from, being filmed by a video camera in the shop window.

The woman pulled her coat together and looked a bit flustered.The man was zipping himself up.X was still amazed and confused and held his softening cock in his hand as the couple walked quickly away.They stopped and the woman turned and ran back to him on too high heels.

"Thanks sweetheart" she said as she kissed him on the cheek and gently touched the end of his now soft cock. "Might see you again sometime."

The following day he was half convinced it was a dream until he saw on his walk to work that the large screen tv in the electrical shop window had been on all night with a camera attached......

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2 years ago
You describe that night perfectly babe, can't wait for you to publish my tramp experience
2 years ago
Great tale as always.
2 years ago
mmm i can do that babe xxx
3 years ago
that gives me an idea, well its something i would like to copy XXXXX
3 years ago
I liked that :D
3 years ago
Nice story