Sunday morning

It is Sunday morning at 10.00 am and I am sitting in my dressing gown watching boring tv and thinking about you and thinking about cumming and wishing I could do a better job shaving.

I want you to kneel at my feet, between my legs. Part the dressing gown and gently run your tongue over my cock, down to my balls and arsehole. I want to feel your tongue pushing into my arse before running back to the shaft of my hardening cock again.
Every time you find a tiny hair or if you feel stubble under your sensitive tongue I want you to gently remove it with my razor.
We will spend as much time as it takes to remove every last hair and leave me hard and hairless.
You will spend as much time as is needed running your tongue over my cock. You will take my ballsack between your lips and lick and suck. You will pay a lot of attention to my arse, removing every last hair and always looking to f***e your tongue into me as deep as you can.

By midday, unless you have been completely fucking useless, you should have done a good job on me.

Now it is time for you to lie on your back on the floor and for me to part your cunt lips and have a close look at your cunt and piss hole. I will tickle your piss hole with my finger nail and slip two fingers between your wet lips. I will fuck you with the fingers and frig your clit with my thumb. I will slip a third finger into you and your wet cunt will not resist in any way as finger four slides in as well.

My thumb is still diddling your clit as the four fingers almost fill you. There is lots of room left though and thumb and fingers come together and start to push your lips further and further apart.
My knuckles are knocking at your cunt door and soon and suddenly the knuckles slip past the sopping wet lips and my hand is in you wrist deep.
I twist it a bit and see how much room there is for my fingers to move about. Your eyes are closed but you open them and look straight at me as if you are asking for what is about to happen.

I withdraw beyond the knuckles and enter you again wrist deep. I am fist fucking you slowly and carefully and you are breathing just a little bit heavier and almost moaning.
My fisting gets a bit faster and a bit deeper.
Your first orgasm seems like a surprise to you and I think you want my hand out of you so you can pulse and throb properly but my whole hand is still in you and still plunging in and out fist fucking you harder and deeper.
Soon the thrusts are so hard that every one moves you a little bit across the floor.

I will make you cum again and again and again and again until you are as limp as a rag and cannot stand straight or think straight any more.

I have fisted you more than you thought you wanted and more than you thought you could stand. You have had countless orgasms and there is a wet patch on the floor where you have dripped piss and cum and more cum and more piss.

I will rest you belly down over the arm of the sofa and grab a handful of hair and f***e my cock into your arsehole using the nearby wetness of your cunt to lubricate the rose hole. I will fuck you deep and hard using your hair to pull you back hard against me. I will use my right hand to tease out your right tit from under you so I can pull on your fat brown nipple.

When I can feel the spunk rising in my balls I will pull out and lay your head sideways so I can fuck your mouth and throat for the last strokes until shooting down your throat. You splutter and a bit of my cum comes out of your nose like snot. It lands on my cock and I give it back to you to eat which you do greedily. You say you love the taste of my cock but I know you love the taste of your own arsehole.

I’m gonna have another bath now. Come through in five minutes and push a soapy finger into me and maybe you can make me hard again and we can find something to do right through till it gets dark....

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