Show me the way to go home.....I'm tired and

“Fuck you bitch” he hissed “ get outta the fucking car”

He leant across her, flung the door open and pushed her out....Gave her the finger too as he drove off.

“FUCK YOU TOO, YOU FUCKING CUNT.......” If she hadn’t been wearing her mid-thigh length boots she might have pulled one off and thrown it at the departing car but she realised the futility of that and she also realised he hadn’t heard her abuse. Fuck it!! She was fucking furious.

It was a vicars and tarts party and if J. didn’t like her being a tart then they shouldn’t have gone or at least he shouldn’t have kicked up such a fucking fuss.It was hardly her fault that the vicars were all hunks and the tarts were all d***ken bitches who didn’t even have a mini skirt between them. I mean at least she made the effort...Thigh boots with serious heels, hold ups, tartan mini, white school knickers and a sheer blouse through which her nipples were plainly visible. I mean, if he didn’t like it why didn’t he say something before they left for the party in the first place the stupid fucking twa.......She stopped and looked around.

She had been so angry that the fact of being god knows where hadn’t dawned on her yet and as she looked around she started to get worried. She didn’t recognise anything of her surroundings apart from the elevated dual carriageway above her .She lived not far from where that came back down to ground level but looking ahead that didn’t seem to be anywhere soon.
There were no obvious houses from where she might phone although in truth at 1.30 am she couldn’t imagine anyone opening their door to her. It seemed very sort of light industrial. Lots of little factory cum workshop type buildings with no lights on and not big enough to have on-site security guards and so forth.

She knew if she followed the elevated road she would end up where she needed to be though she didn’t know how far that was. As for making J. pay – well his time would come, that she could promise him. She set off walking.

She realised soon that she needed the toilet pretty badly and thought that the shadows under the arches of the road would hide her nicely though there was nobody to see. She moved into the shade of one of the tall concrete pillars and was aware of all the rubbish around her. It was a bit whiffy to be honest and she had no desire to linger so she squatted and held her knickers to one side to let a stream of piss jet out of her.

“WADDYAFUCKINDOIN YA BAS?”.....A voice exploded from the cardboard next to her and the ferocious Glaswegian tones were like a blow that shocked her physically. She peed the white crotch of her pants and in trying to quickly stand she toppled back onto her arse on the cardboard behind her.

A figure was emerging from the rubbish that seemed almost to be made of that rubbish and in an instant she was on the floor with her wet knickers exposed looking up at a tall, dark, dirty, scarey figure....matted hair and beard, long coat that might have been expensive 30 years ago but maybe not even then. It looked, as did his grimey trousers, as if it could stand on it’s own. He was waving his hands about in fury and she could see ingrained dirt on the skin and long nails with filth under them. He was ranting incoherently.


She was staring up open-mouthed in amazement at this tirade. To be honest she hadn’t even had enough time to get properly scared yet. She quite understood how she had upset him but it was too late to do anything about that now. She made a note to come back and find him and give him a tenner or a bottle of something or maybe both...or bring him some new cardboard...She giggled at the thought of delivering new cardboard for a bed.

She started to stammer an apology. She realised that the giggle, though innocent, was a mistake. He seemed not in the mood for an apology.


She was horrified to see him reach for his fly and scrabble to pull out his cock. He was going to piss on her that much was obvious. She was fascinated to realise that although his hands were filthy and his trousers caked with god knows what sort of dirt, his cock, as he pulled it out, was as pink as a baby. It was like a pink slug looking at her...she looked twitched. She looked up and the full realisation of the position dawned on her.

She was sitting at the feet of a stranger with her legs apart and the wet crotch of her pants on display. He had his cock in his hand and she could see that the situation had dawned on him too because although he had threatened to piss on her he had seen her wet pants and his cock was making it impossible for him to piss by growing and hardening in his hand.

He stepped forward and his feet straddled her hips. He grabbed her head and took advantage of her natural attempt to cry out to f***e his cock into her mouth. She had had conversations with girlfriends before along the lines of “...try that with me I’d bite the fucking end off...”. The truth was that it was not an easy thing to commit to, to bite off a cock. She had a lot on her mind too. The stench of his filthy trousers was making her eyes water. The cock at the back of her throat was making her gag and she could feel a warming in her cunt that she didn’t want to admit to but could do nothing to control. He was fucking her mouth but she began to know that if he weren’t moving she would be...


Even an outcast from society who probably drank stuff that was rotting his brain daily could recognise compliance in a whore’s mouth when he found it. He started to moan and suddenly she feared taking his disease ridden spunk in her mouth when she felt her hair grabbed and her head yanked backwards. She fell onto her back on the cardboard. He was still looming over her with his hard member thrusting through the dirty curtains of his coat but she was aware of the presence of someone over and behind her.....

“If you want my man’s juice you are gonnae havetae fight me for it you uppity cunt” .
A woman – Young? Old? She really couldn’t tell. Long dirty hair, another grubby overcoat but this time with a once attractive, flowery Summer frock under it. Shapely legs said young but sagging tits seemed older.
The woman stood next to her man and leaned down to take his cock in her own mouth, tickling his bollocks with her dirty nails.

Tracy was fascinated by the sight and yet she was jealous too. She was dressed as a tart and it seemed fitting that she should be acting as one. She knelt up and took a position on the other side from tramp woman. She laid her hand on his dirty trousered thigh where the woman was aware of it.....”Please” she murmured.....”pleeeeease”

The woman undid the man’s belt and his trousers fell loosely around his ankles.Tracy remembered thinking “Aaah! Obviously not quite dirty enough to stand up on their own then”

The woman stopped sucking the cock but kept a hold of it as if it were her treasure.
”Finger his arse” she said....”What?”.....”You’re no fucking deaf are ye?...If you wanna please my man and not anger me then finger his arse hole...Stick yer fucking finger up his fucking arse you stupid posh cunt”

She continued to suck....Tracy watched from very close and with one hand flat on the man’s dirty thigh the other slid over his buttock and between the cheeks until she had located what she knew was his bum hole. She f***ed her finger into him. She imagined because there was no lube that it would hurt him but he groaned with what was obviously pleasure. The woman took the cock from her mouth and hissed in Tracy’s face...”Deeper – all the way in”...and went back to her intense sucking.
Tracy was no more than 5 inches from the blow job happening in front of her eyes and when she pushed her finger right into the tramp’s arse she could see at close quarters the rippling of his cock and the almost choke and sneeze of the woman as he shot his load into her sucking mouth.

The woman took his cock from her mouth and slapped Tracy’s face with it. A small drop of spunk landed on her cheek. The woman gathered the mouthful of cum and spat it square and full in Tracy’s face.”You were after it...Well there it is”
The tramp was laughing and he stepped backwards as he stuffed his shrinking cock back in his dirty trousers.”Tha’ was a goodun Katie...Ah fuckin’ enjoyed that ya cunt.Have ye swallyed?”

Katie laughed and pointed at Tracy’s face covered in great gobbets of his cum. Tracy felt that some other tension had replaced the sexual kind and was still and waiting to see what would happen next.

“Charlie won’t wanna be eating ma spunky dunky darrlin’” said the man.

“I don’t mind” said a voice from behind Tracy and a hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back and another strange, stinking man leant down to her and kissed her full on the lips forcing his tongue into her mouth and making her feel nauseous.

“Gwaan Charlie” said the first tramp...
”Gwaan Charlie” said Katie and Charlie did what nobody had done yet tonight.He reached down and ripped her pants off her with a single swipe which nearly split her in two, and thrust three fingers straight into her cunt...Three dirty, long-nailed fingers thrusting into her deep and hard. She was glad that deep down she was a dirty slag because she was very wet and that thrust dry would have been agony for her.
Charlie was using her cunt as a handle to bounce her up and down on the cardboard bed. Three fingers deep inside lifting and shaking her. She felt violated and thrilled...wetter and wetter

He stood up and looked down at her. He actually took off his coat and undid the string belt to let his trousers fall. He kicked them aside. Again she had no real way of judging his age through the caked on filth but his balls hung like an old mans’ though he was as hard and up thrusting as a teenager.
He knelt between her thighs and lifted her legs with his big hands at her ankles. He moved on his knees towards her and as he came in closer she was aware of the lining up of his cock with her cunt that was being lifted up from the cardboard by his thighs.
He was grinning at her as he banged his cock, balls deep into her wet but still offended cunt. He fucked her really hard, really deep and really fast. There was no pretence of doing anything for her pleasure. He was using her as a wanking machine and obviously intended to shoot his load as quickly as he could.
She was grunting as he fucked her. Charlie was half grinning, half grimacing. The tramp was urging him on.
Katie was saying “ Gwaan! Fuck the fucking slag...Give her a pretty, dirty baby to remember you by Charlie. Fuck her till she can’t fucking stand it any more..Fuck her till she fucking dries up...the fucking posh cunt”

Maybe it was the pace and strength of his thrusts. Maybe it was Katie’s cheerleading. It could have been simply that he hadn’t fucked for an age. Whatever the reason Charlie, with one last ultra deep thrust shot a load of spunk into her that lasted so long she thought it must be at least half a gallon. He stood up quickly laughing to himself and looking down at her...looking down on her. All three of them were. She was squeezing, trying to get the cum out of her.

“I know what it was....” said the first man. He pulled his pink maggot of a cock from his pants again. “ I was gonnae have a pish.”

His flow started. He was standing above her right hip. Charlie joined in laughing. He was at her left hip. Katie, standing over her upturned face, lifted her skirt and started to go too.

Tracy was completely helpless and could do nothing but lie back and wait for the finish. As she accepted, she relaxed. As she relaxed an intense orgasm washed through and over her...Not like a big cock inside orgasm or a clever tongue on the clit orgasm...just an all over thrilling feeling of completion. By the time the three of them had finished she was almost happy...almost purring.

She must have fallen asl**p...When she opened her eyes they had gone but the sun was arriving. As she tottered to her feet to walk on a couple of stray workers arrived to unlock some little factory or other. They looked at her with disgust and she knew what they were thinking...”Look at that dirty whore. She must be really fucking cheap if she’s turning tricks for the tramps”.

She has been back there a few times on odd nights. She thinks she might have seen Charlie and she definitely saw Katie once but it was her first tramp she was looking for. When she did find him again she would attend to that unfinished business and offer him a chew till he shot. She might offer up her cunt for his pink maggot. She might even offer him her arse hole. She would decide when she found him...and she would find him....

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2 years ago
2 years ago
if it was me i would take a torch for you to use and offer my arse and a full bladder.
paul you are a filthy cunt with a fab imagination, thats why i love you XXXXXX
2 years ago
if it was me i would take a torch and offer my arse. and a full bladder XXXXX
paul you are a dirty cunt with a wonderful imagination and i love you for being so filthy. XXXX
2 years ago
i'd love you to write a story for me like that. x