Wet Bus Stop

Jayne didn’t mind rain in the least – in fact she quite enjoyed it – but she would have preferred to be at home looking out at it or at least closer to home than in the west end of town waiting at a bus stop.
At least there were shelters of a sort these days.
As long as it came straight down she should stay dry enough.

“Meet me at 7.00 for a drink” he had said. She had been there.Where was he.She felt foolish now for waiting an hour and as she watched the singles and couples moving from shop to shop she cursed him for fooling her into thinking she might be half of a couple soon.
”Fuck him!” She told herself – “..and not in a good way.”Her own turn of phrase made her giggle and the giggle made her feel a bit better.

It was definitely raining more heavily now and people were hurrying into shops that were of no interest to them in order to get out of it.She had checked the indicator which said 12 minutes and she knew that might mean anything up to 30 minutes so she was wasting time looking at the big bus map on the wall of the shelter when a figure came barrelling into the dry,almost knocking her over.
“Sorry” she heard in a deep voice but she continued to study the map and studiously avoided looking at the newcomer who she could feel standing close behind her.If it had been dry she might have thought too close.

She felt two hands placed gently but firmly on her shoulders and a thrill of fear shot through her.

He pulled back her rather unruly hair and held it with one hand,put his other back on her shoulder. “I’m sorry” he said anticipating her question “ I couldn’t see the map through your gorgeous hair”

He had a rich dark voice and the potential danger – the sheer ridiculousness of the situation – disappeared beneath the pleasure of this silly compliment from a strange man at the bus stop in the rain.

As if she were a cat and he knew that she would fold toward him, he leaned to her neck and almost kissed it.With only the very slightest help from his pulling hand, her head lolled back and sideways to offer the neck if he wanted it....He did.
He touched her gently with his closed mouth and she felt and heard him breathe in deeply....
”Mmmmmm....you smell lovely” he said and ran his tongue from shoulder blade to ear lobe.He nibbled her ear and probed it with his tongue.He nipped her neck...not a big sucky,lovebite type of thing but a proper tiny sharp nip.
“Ow!...What the f....?” She made as if to turn and as she did he met her mouth with his and kissed her hard forcing his tongue between her lips and pushing and probing between her teeth.

She could have stopped him - a tongue is weaker than teeth after all – but she didn’t.She parted her teeth and met his tongue with hers.She was in a sort of dream state...This was all very unreal,very strange,very scarey,very exciting.
She was kissing over her shoulder.
He was in effect still standing behind her.His right hand still held and lightly pulled her hair and he moved his left hand across her breast undoing the top two buttons of her coat with seemingly no effort at all.
His hand slid underneath her coat and she felt naked and vulnerable as his fingers went unerringly straight to her nipple through blouse and bra.
She felt the shock as he grabbed a handful of blouse and pulled down quick and fast to pop off three or four buttons.He let go her hair and pulled her bra down with his left hand,scooping out her breast with his right....pulled her bra down with his right hand,scooping out the other breast with his left.

He lifted and weighed her big tits in his hands and she leaned forward on the shelter with arms outspread.
One of his hands dropped to lift the tail of her coat and her skirt up to her waist.She helped him by holding up the fistful of material and he used both hands to sharply pull down her knickers.He left them at her ankles and she kicked them away from her.

He kicked her ankles apart and she was cruciform with her feet spread apart and her hands also.

Her head was bowed and she was breathing heavily when she felt his fingers probing at the lips of her increasingly wet cunt.She arched her back and even someone blind to signals would have recognised “My cunt is yours – Do what you want”. He certainly got the message.

He dipped his thumb in the wetness of her and f***ed it into her arse,double penetrating her with two fingers in her cunt at the same time.He finger fucked her violently and even over the noise of the rain they could both hear the wet sloppiness of her as her juices flowed more and more freely.

She sensed him manoeuvering behind her and felt the chill of a buckle on her cheek at the same time as she became aware of something more than a thumb pushing at the puckered mouth of her shit hole.

He drove his cock half home and she gasped with shock.
He pulled out not quite completely and slammed all the way into her and she cried out in pain.
He withdrew from her and entered her cunt balls deep.
She pushed back against him loving this more comfortable feeling.
He was only lubricating his cock for the real work though and he pulled out and plunged into her arse again.

She cried as he pulled almost fully out and thrust back in...out to the head of his cock and back in again...out ...in...almost right out...fully and deeply in.
She wasn’t crying now....She felt herself almost purring;loving the beautiful burning and feeling the shockwaves of his anal assault through into her still gushing cunt.

He had moved them both slightly sideways and instead of the map she was leaning on glass.As his speed and f***e increased she raised her head and saw the people in the shop....looking at her.
Three men and a laughing woman...laughing and pointing and making a “you wish” kind of face at one of the men.
The other two were completely mesmerised by her and she was overcome with shame and orgasm simultaneously.

As her face reddened she started to cum.
As she came her legs started to shake.
As her legs shook, that tipped him over into orgasm and she felt a hot spurt of spunk shooting into her....”Fuck!” he said “Fucking fuck.......” He was by this time f***ed hard into her for the last spasm of orgasm and he was squeezing her tits too hard.

She didn’t mind...she barely even knew.She was in a warm,wet wonderful place of her own.In her own little cum heaven.

She heard the hiss of the doors and she was spun round and bundled aboard the just arrived bus.The stranger had slammed down the right money for the driver who was staring at her barely covered tits.The four spectators had run from the shop to the bus and she was carried inside on a small tide of people.As she sat and the bus started to pull away she looked out of the window to see him smile and hold her discarded knickers to his face before putting them in his pocket.

She thought strangew,onderful thoughts all the way home and was barely aware of his cum as it leaked from her arse onto the lining of her coat.

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I'll take that as a compliment...Thanks.
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Wow so hot
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hot! i love your stories!
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You have a gift for erotica babe xxx
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i love a ride on the bus XXXX