Dance for me baby doll...

I'm lying back on the bed with my head propped up on pillows watching you dance for me.

Your eyes are closed and you are swaying and grinding to the music in your head.You bring your hands up to your breasts and your eyes flicker open as you lift them as if in offering to me.You smile gently as you see me looking and drinking in the sight of you.
You see me towards the left hand edge of the bed and you move towards me closing your eyes again as your legs find the bed's edge.

My arm is flung out carelessly with the hand in space and you feel with your thighs to stand astride it as you dance on.I gently stroke the inside of your thigh with my index finger and move from thigh to thigh gently stroking and touching you.
You are pinching your nipples as you sway and your eyes are closed in your dancing dream...I run my hand up your leg and slip a finger behind the crotch of your panties to where I can feel your cunt wet and waiting...

My finger is in place at the kissing point of your cunt lips.I run it from your clitoris down the length of your beautiful lips and you part your thighs so I can reach the wrinkled bud of your arse.I gently move my finger back to your clit and it comes to rest tickling your lips.
You are still swaying and dreaming and dancing and you drop your body onto my finger so that it slides into you.You rise and fall and fuck my hand and on every rise I want to follow you so I can stay inside you,but I don't.....I add a second finger to the first so that two are fucking you...I add a third to the two so that three fingers are fucking you...although to be honest it is you that is fucking the three fingers.

You rise and fall on my hand.You are purring and moaning now.I am looking at your face and as you cum you open your eyes and we are eye to eye for that beautiful moment.
You smile....You bend and kiss my mouth and then kiss the fingers that have been inside you.I lick you from my fingers and you kneel astride me to lean forward to kiss me again and take the taste of your own cunt which you can still perceive albeit faintly.
"I want to cum again"...and I smile.Nothing could please me more....

You can feel my cock hardening in my trousers and you are rubbing like a bitch on heat,massaging your cunt and clit on my belt buckle and the bulging crotch of my jeans.

Your hands are on the bed either side of my head and as you lean to kiss me I can bite on your nipples momentarily as they come nearer.

You undo my zip and hook out my cock with your long fingers.You kiss the head and it twitches violently under the pleasure and pressure of your lips.You kneel astride again and without me entering you,you rub yourself up and down the length of me.You are giving me a hand job using your cunt lips and I can feel the wetness of you sucking at my member and I can feel the hard nubbin of your clit running up and down the length of me.You are amazingly wet and moving faster and faster.We are cheek to cheek and as you cum you rise and punge down engulfing my cock inside of you.......I can feel the gripping,pulsing orgasm and I am so very close that one violent thrust followed by one more and one more.....and one last one sees me emptying into you.You lie on my chest panting and sweating and purring with pleasure...

We doze with my cock softening inside you....before it is fully soft and has slipped out of you I can already feel a stirring that might mean a cancelled arrangement or two and three days in bed.Three days of kissing and dancing and fucking and cumming...........Mmmmmmm

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2 years ago
I wonder who this is about? :)
2 years ago
that was fuckin hot
2 years ago