First strap on experience

My names Ben and I'm a self employed plumber, my story starts one ordinary Tuesday morning when I received a call from a lady who was having an issue with a leaking tap. I arranged to go round later that day and have a look. So about 11:00 I pull up outside the address I was given grab my tool bag from the back of the van and head up the drive to the front door. Just as I stretched out my hand to ring the bell a huge dog jumped up and started barking. I nearly jumped out of my skin, I heard someone coming towards the door telling the dog to be quiet and the front door clicked then opened.

A very attractive blonde lady stood there infront of me holding the great big fluffy dog by the collar.

"Morning you must be Lorraine" I said

"And you must be Ben, don't worry about him he's a big softy really. But I'll just put him out the back. Come in the kitchens this way"

As I stepped forward the dog lurched towards me and as it did my eye was caught by something else the sudden movement of the dog and the fact that Lorraine handhold of his collar had jolted her and one of her tits had jumped out briefly of her loosely buttoned blouse. She had fabulous big tits with nice round nipples, Lorraine hadn't noticed and I felt uncomfortable mentioning it so I said nothing. She pulled the dog back and lead him out to the garden.

"Right that'll make things easier, he try's to get into everything I doubt you get anything done with him getting in your way" Lorraine said closing the back door. Her exposed tit was now safely back inside her top, she must have noticed but there was no sign of embarrassment on her face.

Still thinking about Lorraine tit slip and trying to suppress the growing stiffy in my trousers I pointed to the kitchen sink "I take this is the culprit then"

Lorraine nodded and open the under sink cupboard " it's been leaking for a while now and it just one of those things we've not got round to sorting, but this morning when I came down there was a puddle of water over the kitchen floor and I thought to myself enough is enough. So that's way I called you"

I got down on my knees and stuck my head into the cupboard. It was quite possibly the worst designed bit of pipe work I had ever seen, there was pipes gong left right and centre. It was clear old pipe work had been added to new pipe work, extra pipe work for the dishwasher and the washing machine. It was an utter maze of pipes practically filling the cupboard space.

"Right I can see where it's leaking from and it looks like a nice simply cause of replacing and reselling a joint but, I could take all this old pipe work out and replace it with half the amount giving you a lot more useful space under here"

I pulled my head back out and looked up at Lorraine "what do you think?"

Sounds great she replied "do take sugar?"

"Sorry ?"

"Do you take sugar in your tea?" She held up a freshly brewed cup of tea.

"Oh! no thanks, I'm sweet enough already" I said jokingly

"Yes you are" Lorraine said with a little grin on her face

I felt my face blush and with a little laugh I stuck my head back under the stink. "I've just got to turn your water off for a bit whilst I do this, blimey your stop cock is really tucked out of the way behind al this pipe work, you'd never get to it in a hurry" I squeezed my hands between the pipes it was a really tight fit but as I turned my wrists to turn off the water supply I felt the tightness increase.

"Right that's the water off" I went to pull my hands back but they were stuck, not slightly stuck well and truly wedged!

"Oh shit!"

"What's the matter?" Lorraine said putting her cup of tea down on the work top and leaning down to where my head was in the cupboard.

"My hands are stuck in your pipe work"

Lorraine laughed "your what? Stuck in my pipe work"

Chuckling I replied "no really I'm stuck solid can you give me a hand"

Laughing Lorraine got down behind me leant over my back and grabbed of my arms, as she did this I could feel her big breasts squashing against my back, I shook my head and cleared my mind, trying to concentrate on my predicament

"Right on three pull, one, two, three, pull!" I pulled back at the same time as Lorraine pulled on my arms "pull" as Lorraine pulled on my arms her hips pressed against mine and her lovely big tits wearing squashing against my back. My hands weren't moving an inch but something else was. The feeling of those lovely breasts rubbing on my back made my cock start to swell, and by the time we gave up on trying to pull my hands free I had a full on stiffy.

"We'll have to find another way Lorraine said standing up" she went to move away but stopped "have you got an erection?" I could here the amusement in her voice.


"It must just be the way my trousers are sitting" I desperately tried to resolution myself to make the huge bulge in my trousers less obvious.

"Hunny I know an erection when I see one, and one like that is hard to hide"

"No honestly it just my trousers, maybe I left a screwdriver in my pocket" I stammered in embarrassment, god she must think I'm some kind of sexual deviant, getting off under people's sinks. I was so embarrassed.

"Nope that is definitely an erection" Lorraine had run her hand down over my arse and grabbed hold of my hard cock though my trousers. "And a nice big one at that"

I was shocked, this lady that I had met less than an hour ago was feeling my cock and complimenting me on it. Nothing like this had ever happened before and I was a little bit apprehensive about what to do.

Lorraine let go of my throbbing member " so what was it that's made you so hard?, was it the fact that I let you see one of my tits when you first came in or was it the fact that I've just been rubbing them over you back? Or did you like me humping my hips against your arse?"

So she had been fully aware that her tit had fallen out, infact she had probably set it up and she had also been intentionally rubbing her big chest against my back. Composing myself I answered "I think a bit of both" when was I going to get an opertuninty like this again, friends of mine had always told me stories about how they'd gone to job and been propositioned my the lonely house wife, but I'd always thought there stories were bollocks. You know the kind of stories you told down the pub but here I was with a lovely looking lady who was more than coming onto me, she'd just grabbed hold of my cock!

Lorraine took hold of my T-shirt and pulled it up over my head were it lay on my stuck arms. I heard her unbutton the rest of her blouse and she got backdown behind me and laid her bare breasts on my bare back. She rubbed them back and forwards the sensation was lovely, my cock hardened even more and strained against my underwear. I tried to look back to see those lovely tits but with my hands stuck so far into the cupboard I couldn't get my head round far enough, then Lorraine began to slap her big tits on my back it was like some kind of perverse massage, and I loved it.

"By the look of the bulge in your trousers your enjoying this" she lifted her heavy tits off my back and I felt her hands reach around my waist and start to unbuckle my belt and undo my jeans, she pulled them all the way down and I lifted my knees so she could pull them off. So now I was in a strangers kitchen hands stuck solid in pipe work my T-shirt pull up over my head and my jeans pulled off. Wearing only my boxer shorts

"Right lets see the thing that gave you away" there was definitely excitement in her voice. My heart skipped a beat as I felt her fingers disappear I to the waist band of my boxer shorts and very slowly she pulled them down, the feeling of the fabric rubbing my cock made me moan with pleasure.

"Well if you react like that to me taken these off, imagine the noises your going to make when I put it in my mouth"

I was so hard that my cock didn't move at all kgand as Lorraine cupped my balls and ran her hand down my shaft the pleasure nearly made my knees give way.

"Oh god that feels fantastic!" I moaned, I looked down and I could see Lorraine's hand sliding up and Down my hard throbbing cock, Lorraine moved the hand from my balls and ran her finger up the back of them towards my arse, I shuddered as her finger passed over my arsehole. It was a new but very pleasurable sensation, Lorraine moved her finger back to my hole and my body shuddered again.

"Do you like it when a lady plays with your arse?" She laughed as every time her finger touch my hole I shuddered with excitement.

"I don't know no ones ever done it before" I panted as her fingers squeezed the head of my cock.

Lorraine stopped "your joking you've never let a lady play with your arse"

"No never"

"We'll that's about to change

I went to spin round and look at her, I'd forgotten for a second out my hands "what do you mean?"

"We'll I'm going to play with your arse, and my the looks of things you've got no choice don't worry you'll love it" she had got up to her feet "I'll be back in a mo"

"I don't think I want to" I said as she left the kitchen and I heard her walking up the staircase "Lorraine" "hello"

I pulled and pulled against those pipes but I was as stuck as ever, it dawned on me I couldn't do anything this lady could do what ever she wanted to me and I couldn't stop her. I thought about my phone but that was sitting on top of my tool box across the kitchen, and who would I call how would I explain this situation. Panic began to set in then I heard Lorraine coming back down the stairs.

"I've bought down my little bag of tricks I'm sure we an find something fun in here, we'll start with this I think"

I tried to move my arse away from her but she held me firm and said "relax,relax your going to love this" she grabbed hold of my cock with a hand slick with lube and stroked my cock as before but with the lube it felt even better.

I began to relax as the pleasure started to replace the fear, again her finger made its way to my hole but this time Lorraine pushed her lubed finger inside. It felt as if I was going to hit the ceiling it was the most amazing feeling ever, I have no idea how I didn't blow my load there and then, the sensation was as pleasurable as she slid it back out "see I told you you'd love it" Lorraine continued working her finger in and out, before pulling it out and pushing two fingers in in its place. Now this was a little comfortable but as my arse stretched to accommodate the extra girth this subsided and then Lorraine bent her fingers forward I had the strangest feeling I was going to piss myself

"You need to stop, I need to wee" I breathed heavily

"No you don't, I'm rubbing your prostate. Just go with it"

The feeling of needing to relieve myself changed into the feeling of an impending orgasm, it was only then that I realised lorraine wasn't touching my cock at all. What was going on, I felt moments away from the most amazing orgasm ever but my cock was not being stimulated. I looked down between my arms to see my cock dripping long thick strings of pre cum on to the kitchen floor. It was such an amazing feeling with such strange results it was like s
That step just before you cum but it had been going for about five minutes.

"Do you think your ready to cum now" Lorraine grabbed hold of my dick

"God yes" and as she worked it really hard and fast the most brutal orgasm ripped through my body it felt as if my head was going to explode and jet after jet after jet of cum shot from my quivering cock. I'd never cum this much in one hit in my life and this time my knees did give way.

"See do you trust me now I told you it would be good"

I went to answer but I was exhausted I just kind of grunted

"I'll take that as a yes" lorraine stood up and lit a cigarette "I'll give you a second shall I"

I composed myself and got back up to my still wobbly knees. Lorraine was back behind me this time she was putting lube directly onto and in my arse

"I'm going to use some thing a little bigger this time, ok?" Lorraine said as she pushed more lube into me

"Ok" I said tentatively not really knowing what to expect other than the fact I'd just had the best orgasm of my life. I felt something big and heavy against my waiting hole. The next thing I felt was a lot of pressure pushing against me.

"Wait Lorraine, I don't think.....mmmmmgggghhh" my arse muscles couldn't resist anymore and gave way as the large object entered me, now this hurt and hurt a lot.

"Stop, stop take it out it's too big. Fuck it hurts" it was starting to make my eyes water.

"Just relax and try not to resist, it'll get better I promise" she pushed it deeper and deeper in me, Christ it felt like she was trying to park a small car in my arse hole .

Lorraine stopped pushing "that's it you've got the whole thing inside you, I'm impressed that's a fair size dildo, especially for a virgin" I heard her take something else from her bag " would it make you feel better if I told you it makes me so hot watching a man take it up the arse. So hot in fact.....mmmmm"

I tried to look back between my legs, as I moved the big dildo in my arse changed position and a sharp pain pulled at my insides, it was worth the discomfort. Lorraine was laid on her back with her legs spread wide pushing a big long dildo into her soaking wet pussy, it was a sight to be hold. She pushed it deep inside her and then slowly pulled it back out allowing her beautiful pussy to gape slightly before it closed back up and she repeated this extremely sexy show. As my cock stirred and began to harden again the pressure made me even more aware of the dildo in my own arse.

Lorraine was shoving her dildo in and out of herself with real f***e now, with her free hand she had hold of her left breast squeezing it hard and biting her lip it was clear she was getting very close to cumming. With a loud squeal she pushed the dildo deep and her whole body tensed. The dildo slipped easily from her dripping pussy "mmm, I needed that" reached a hand forward and grabbed the base of the dildo in my arse and pulled it gently.

Although there was a little discomfort still the soft gentle backward movement in my arse felt quite nice but as it got to the end of the dildo the tip tugged at my insides and with a little added f***e it fell from my hole and lay on the floor between my legs. I looked at it expecting to see a giant fist sized dildo when in fact it was really quite small, a lot smaller than the one Lorraine had just got herself off with. Another thing stuck me my arse now felt quite empty, I had got used to the full feeling and now it wasn't there I kind of missed it.

"Oh look how sweet" said Lorraine " you've got a little gape" she took one finger and pushed it into my hole I was expecting to feel a little resistance but nothing, the dildo had stretched my hole so even two of her fingers slipped effortlessly in and out of me. Lorraine picked up the dildo from the floor added a little more lube and placed it back inside me. This time no pain just the return of that lovely full feeling.

What happened next nearly made me jump out of my skin, I heard the front door being opened and someone come into the house. I thought this would of made Lorraine jump as well but she calmly got to her feet and said "don't worry sweetie that'll be my husband John"

"Your husband ! Quick help me get m trousers on, quick! " I didn't know how she kept so calm, I started to panic desperately trying to do something to cover myself but with both hands securely stuck and my arse in the air with a dildo hanging out of it it was hopeless. I couldn't beginto imagine what he was going to say. Firstly that his wife had a naked man in the kitchen stuck in the cupboard, or the fact that I had a dildo hanging out of my arse.

"I've told you not to panic, I'll be right back" she shut the kitchen door behind her as she greater her husband.

"We'll what have you been up to?" I heard him say as the door closed, but with it shut I couldn't make out what was being said. I held my breath waiting for the raised voices or for the kitchen door to fly open but neither came after no more than five minutes the kitchen door clicked open and opened quite slowly. I heard two people walk in, and I could feel them approaching me. I tensed up waiting for a punch or a kick. Again neither came. Then the most shocking thing happened

"Hi I'm John, I'm assuming your Ben the plumber"

What the fuck! This guy was talking to me as if this was a totally normal situation "err yeah, hi" I couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Well it looks like you've been having a fun time so far with out me hunny" John said to his wife.

"Don't worry, we're no where near done yet" she replied I still couldn't see a thing but I heard Lorraine move about, a zip being undone and what I assumed was Johns trousers falling to the floor.

" mmmm what a way to be welcomed home" John moaned, Lorraine had got on her knees in front of him and placed his cock in her mouth and was skilfully running her tongue up and down his shaft.

The sounds of Lorraine sucking and John moaning was great the fact that I could only hear and not see seemed to turn me on even more.

" you know we really should try and get him out of there"

Still with his cock in her mouth Lorraine mumbled "I have tried he's really stuck in there"

"I've got and idea" John picked up the big tube of lube off the floor, the same lube Lorraine had poured in my arse "we can use this, right Ben move over a bit"

Of course why hadn't I thought of that, maybe I would of got round to it if I hadn't been distracted by Lorraine shoving this up my bum. I moved to my right as far as I could and John reached a hand down my to where my hands were stuck and applied a large amount of lubricant to my wrists " now work that back and forth a bit" he said and then we'll try pulling you free. I moved my wrist around in the little gap I had "on three" this time within extra bit of f***e and some liberally applied anal lubricant my hands popped painfully form the pipework.

"Thank go for that" I moved my hands in front of me, I felt amazing to be free although my shoulders had gone numb being stuck in one position for so long. I shook my arms up and down and the feeling began to slowly come back.

John held out his and "nice to put a face to the name"

"And his arse" chuckled Lorraine. At the mention of my arse I reached back and pulled out the dildo and felt my hole Lorraine was right it was a little stretched out.

Lorraine handed me a cup of tea and gestured me to a chair at the kitchen table. It was only once I sat down that I realised how much my body ached.

"Why don't you take a few minutes, let your arms come back to life" John said Lorraine was picking up the mess of item off the floor and John slapped her arse "maybe you could watch us have a little fun, how about it"

Lorraine stood up and turned to face him "yeah how about it" in her hand she had a big dildo and what looked like a funny pair of leather knickers. She winked at me and John bent over the kitchen counter. His wife stepped into the leather pants, which I know knew as a harness for that big strap on. Lubed it up and pushed it right up Johns arse.

Christ I thought, that must be bl**dy painful it was a lot thicker than the dildo Lorraine had been using on me but Johns moans were definitely pleasure not pain. I leant back in my chair picked up my tea and sipped it as I watched Lorraine fuck John right there on the kitchen counter. It was something that I'd never given much thought to, but watching it now was so exciting.

I found myself subconsciously stroking my own cock, as I watched with amazement. I watched as Lorraine reached her hands round the front of John and took hold of his big erection and cupped his balls slowly stroking it in time to the thrusts of her strap-on. I found my self feeling jealous of John, it looked amazing. Every so often Lorraine would pull her cock all the way out of Johns arse then shove it back in all the way to the hilt. I could see that Johns cock was leaking precum in the way mine had earlier.

The sight of the two of them was awesome, an idea popped into my head and I thought fuck it and threw caution to the wind. I got up out of my chair and positioned myself behind Lorraine, they were both so engrossed in what they were doing neither of them noticed me. Until I placed my hands on Lorraine's hip and as she pulled back out of John I pushed my cock deep inside her beautiful and extremely wet pussy. Lorraine moaned and as she moved forward off my cock John moaned as she pushed deeper into him.

It was fantastic Lorraine maintained the rhythm pushing back onto my cock then pushing hers back into her husband. I reached around Lorraine and grabbed one of her tits as they swung back and fourth. I gripped it tightly and I pushed myself harder and deeper into her juicy cunt, I think the situation was to much for her and as I squeezed her tits harder and buried my cock deeper in her her breathing quickened and little spasms made her body shake till she let out a huge moan and came so hard she squirted her juices all over mine and Johns legs making a little puddle on the floor which we were all stood in.

John pulled the cock from his arse turned round and moved his wife to her knees and slid his cock into his wife's dripping pussy making her squeal. We were now at either end of Lorraine and John smiled at me, took hold of Lorraine's hair and pulled her head up "put in my wife's mouth Ben, while I fuck her, we'll have ourselves a Lorraine spit roast"

I needed no encouragement so I pushed my cock into Lorraine's waiting open mouth, this time as John pushed his cock in, it f***ed Lorraine further down into my cock. It was heaven I had totally lost track of time, and had forgotten about the weird situation I had found myself in and just went with it.

Lorraine looked up at me and as my cock moved in and out of her mouth she tried to say something "" A little voice in my head screamed out fuck yes let her do it

It was hard to hide my excitement "that sounds great"

John pulled his cock out of his wife, I think he was excited to watch his wife fuck another mans arse. I got down on my knees Lorraine lubed up her big strap on placed it against my hole and pushed it in. I was expecting it to hurt as it was a lot bigger than the other one, but I think due to my excitement I experienced no discomfort. Lorraine pushed it in and I felt my arse muscles stretch to accommodate the foreign object. Each stroke massaged my prostate exquisitely making me moan over and over.

"With you fucking all these arses, I think it's time someone fuck yours hunny what do you think" John said to his wife before she'd answered I heard her moan as John f***ed his cock up her arse. I could feel him fucking her hard and fast as her strap on pushed deeper and deeper into me. I knew no man could continue that pace for long and within a few minutes John came deep inside his wife's arse.

As he pulled out of Lorraine's arse he said "come on Ben your turn" she pulled the strap on out of me and laid her head down on the kitchen floor this pushed her arse up higher, I stood behind her looking at her rear end. Lorraine's pussy was so wet and swollen with pleasure and her arse, well you could tell John had really fucked it hard. Her arsehole gaped open with a small trickle of johns thick cum running out, as the tip of my cock rested against it John said "make sure you fuck her nice and hard she loves it, the rougher the better.

"Ok, Lorraine spread those cheeks nice and wide for me" she reached her hands back and pulled them apart opening her arse even wider. I pushed my cock in all the way so hard my balls slapped painfully against her pussy. The image of Lorraine in front of me the fact that her husband was watching and because of the whole situation I barely managed a full minute before my own orgasm shook my body if possible more powerful than my first. I pulled my cock from her arse and looked at the mess John and myself had made it was an image I wouldn't forget in a hurry.

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3 months ago
Thanks...... Maybe I'll have to write the follow up ;-)
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That is one of the Hottest Stories I ever read Can't wait to find out what happens next...
Jerk off every time I read it
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very good
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had me hard instantly... crackin story
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wow so nfucking erotic made me cum three time I'm so spent that I'm going to take a nap thanks all
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good story
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Lucky fuckin plumber
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nice wish i was a plumer.
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love this story
fantasy or reality??????
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What a great three way exchange,