Caught with s****r in laws panties. Part 5

........ I pretty much ran back to my car, the little pink thong riding up my arse. It was so tight it felt like it was sawing me in two. I fumbled with my keys trying to get them in the ignition, I was so excited about what was going to happen I couldn't keep my mind on what I was doing. Somehow I made it back home without crashing into anything, as I pulled into my drive I saw Amy's car and my cock strained against its pink lacy restraint.

I fumbled my keys again trying to open my front door. Once inside I called out for Amy.
"Amy where are you" but there was no reply I shut the door behind me and headed to the kitchen, "hello" when Amy didn't answer my heart sank a little, I left the kitchen and went into the lounge. My heart missed a beat as I looked at Amy stood in the middle of the room.

She looked me up and down "so I reckon we've got a good 4hrs before my s****r gets home from work" she beckoned me over to where she was stood "I hope your ready to do as your told"

"What have you got planned?" I asked with excitement

"Fun!" Was all she answered "I want you to take of all your clothes apart from you sexy little panties"

I didn't need asking again, and stripped in record time. It wasn't till I was stood there wearing nothing apart from her tiny little thong that I felt silly, I must have looked ridiculous. Amy moved so close that our bodies were touching I could feel my restrained panty clad cock rubbing against the top of her leg.

Amy placed her hand on the top of the panties and pulled them down a little allowing my cock to jump upwards the relieve of the pressure was heavenly "oh thank you Amy I thought my cock as going to burst"

"Your welcome" she looked me square in the eye and let the elastic snap back, painfully it pinned my hard cock up against my stomach.

"Ouch,fuck" I went to release my cock, Amy stopped me "what the fuck do you think you doing, did I ask you to touch yourself......did I?"

"No" I snapped back,I knew instantly this was a mistake

"I don't like your tone, put your hands on top of your head and fucking keep them there" she genuinely looked angry.

I placed my hands on top of my head "I'm sorry Amy, it's just it really hurts" I gave her a little smile.

Her face didn't change "if you move you hands off your head at any point, things will get a lot worse. Do you understand me" SNAP! She had pulled back the knicker elastic back even further this time and let it snap across my shaft "answer me quicker, perv"

"Yes Amy, sorry Amy"

"That's better, you'll learn today that if you do your told and don't answer back that it'll be a lot nicer for you" she leant in and flicked the tip of her tongue along the underside of the tip of my cock.

"Thank you Amy"

"Your welcome perv, now I want you to sit on the edge of the coffee table" I quickly did as I was told and I lowered my back side onto the low coffee table. " now lay back" the wooden surface was cold against my back Amy moved up to the end where my head was as took hold of my left hand, she pulled it off the top of my head and tied it tightly to the leg of the table. The rope was very smooth but the hard square leg if the table pressed against my wrist uncomfortably once this was secured she did the same with my right hand. Now both of my hands were tied tightly to the legs of the coffee table

"Now for your legs, I don't want you to be able to move an inch" rather than going to the other end of the table Amy lifted her leg over my head so she had a leg either side of me, she was still wearing the tight skirt she had gone to work in but as I was wearing her panties her beautiful smooth pussy was there right in front of me and as she bent forward to tie my ankles,she sank down so it was mere inches from my face. As Amy moved about timing my ankles her body moved from side to side and this caused her pussy to part slightly giving me glimpses of its smooth wet interior, I was clear she was enjoying herself her pussy was literally dripping wet. I extended my tongue, but it was no use I couldn't reach her.

Amy looked back between her legs to see me reaching out my tongue towards her pussy "pervert, did I say you could lick my pussy. I don't recall asking you to do that" she moved back a little further "we'll go on then" she was just out of reach "don't keep me waiting pervert, lick my juicy wet pussy"

I stained against my restraints to try and get closer but I tied so tightly it made no difference.

"I've asked you to lick my pussy and if you don't do it, you'll be in trouble" it was no good I just couldn't reach, I tensed up and closed my eyes waiting for the snap of that knicker elastic again. But it didn't come opened on eye to see Amy's wicked grin and SNAP!

Amy laughed "that one left a nice red mark on your dick" SNAP! SNAP! SNAP!

Each one stung so much I squirmed on the table but there was no where to go "please Amy stop, please" Amy did stop, she got up off me and I could feel my cock throbbing partly from the pain and partly from the arousal. I tried to watch as Amy left the room and came back in with A big bag, her gym bag What was in there?

"There's plenty of fun things in her we can play with" Amy said kneeling down next to my head and placing the bag beside her "I've been keeping these especially for you" Amy lifted from the the bag a pair of her gym shorts, I loved watching her lovely round bum when she wore those shorts, they were grey spandex and so short her arse cheeks would show. "I've been wearing these for the past week every time I workout I slip on these dirty little shorts" she lifted them up and laid them on my face "I want you to sniff the crutch for me"

I inhaled so hard I thought I might pass out, Amy's familiar scent filled my nostrils but the scent in these shorts was so strong it made my head spin "I bet you live thinking about my bare little pussy rubbing against these shorts whilst I pound the running machine" she repositioned the shorts "sniff here, this is where my sweaty arse hole rubs against the fabric"

I was in heaven "look at you, your such a filthy pervert. Your getting off sniffing on your wife's little s****rs gym shirts, are you"

"I love sniffing your dirty panties Amy, they make me so hard" I moaned my voice muffled by the shorts over my face.

"I know pervert, I can see you cock poking out of the top of my little pink thong" I felt Amy's hand run down my chest to stomach then down to my cock, she took hold of the thong. Again I tensed waiting for the painful snap, but this time Amy pulled down my knickers and let my cock totally free. She pulled my balls up and tucked the waistband under them. My senses were in overload my face covered and her scent filling my nostrils my cock stood bolt upright quivering slightly with anticipation. I heard Amy reach into her bag and pull something out I heard a click then the most amazing sensation. Amy had taken my cock in her hands and was gently and lovingly stroking it her hands were slick with lube, that's what the click must have been. She skilfully stroked my cock with both hands starting at the bottom of my shaft and working her way up to the tip. I was so excited and I knew I wouldn't last long like this, and that fantastic sensation of a building orgasm started to stir in my ball, it increased making my balls ache. I knew I was going to blow and in a big way Amy must of realised this as well and she started to work my cock harder and faster

"Oh yes thank you Amy thank you, oh yes oh yes" I was right a the verge this was going to be the best orgasm ever I just knew it "oh god I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm......" With one hand Amy had grabbed the base of my cock and with the other she had brutally grabbed my balls. My body gave a little spasm like it was about to cum but with no simulation the orgasm ebbed away " no, no, please Amy please" I begged

Still squeezing my balls Amy laughed "did you really think you we're going to cum before me, you'll be lucky if I let you cum at all" she flicked the end of my cock stood up and walked off.

Ten minutes later Amy came back into the room and moved the dirty gym shorts that were covering my face "hold this for me" before I would react she had shoved something into my mouth it was firm and by the horrible taste in my mouth it was made of rubber, it made me cough and gag "don't you dare try and spit that out, you'll be sorry if you do" Amy leant across me and I felt something tighten over my chest "this nice thick strap will make sure your not going anywhere, I want you to try and get up" I tried to move and although I was tied down before she was right I was now totally immobile.

Amy stood over me, she had now taken off her blouse but she was still wearing her bra. Her breats were truly fantastic, not to big but defiantly not small and they were so firm it was hard to believe they were real. She reached out a hand and pulled the rubber thing from my mouth, I could see now it was a thick black short dildo with bumps down it starting small and getting bigger toward the end. I thought to myself that's going to look fantastic parting those beautiful pussy lips each bump spreading them a little bit more, I went to tell Amy this but as I opened my mouth those dirty gym shorts were shoved f***efully into my mouth "hhggggmmm" I stupidly went to pull them out with my hand totally forgetting they were tied.

Amy spread my arse cheeks I went to move my legs together, but panic started to set in as I realised I could do nothing "I want you to lift your head and look at me pervert" Came her voice from between my legs. I looked down to see her squeezing a liberal amount of lube over the dildo no not dildo BUTT PLUG and before I'd even had time to try and protest she had rammed it up my arse with such f***e my tight right put up no resistance. "AAARRRFGHHHHH" I scammed a muffled scream. The pain was immense it felt like my arsehole had been split in two, I had never had anything like this up my arse before the odd finger in my last with a kinky girlfriend or when the doctor had checked my prostate. But Amy had put, no rammed a thick butt plug deep inside me.

"Don't whine like a bitch perv I'm sure you've had plenty of stuff up there in the past, I love shoving that baby up my arse and I love it" the pain was so intense I began to sob a little "poor perv don't you like things up your bottom, oh bless"..................

Part 6 coming very soon ;-)

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11 months ago
thought she was going to make you hold the dildo in your mouth as she fucked herself with it so her pussy would grind on your face and eventually her cum juices would soak your face! Pretty soon your wife is going to find out and make you pay!!!
1 year ago
Yes that was so icredible and intense I even enjoyr=ed the butt plug at the end
1 year ago
Mmmm I can't wait for next instalment, so wish I was serving Amy she could ravage my butt anyday.
1 year ago
Great twist to this story. Looking forward to more.
1 year ago
just keeps getting better