Caught with s****r in laws panties. Part 4

So I had finally done what I'd been hoping to do months, I managed to fuck my wife's younger s****r. But boy was Amy making me pay for it. She had become more and more determined to humiliate me at any possible occasion.

I was in the kitchen one morning making some sandwiches for my and the wife's lunch, when I heard someone coming down the stairs

"I've put your sandwiches in the fridge hunny" I said as she entered the room behind me

"Oh aren't you sweet" Amy replied in a mocking voice

"I thought you were Lisa" I turned to see Amy half dressed for work she had on a tight fitting dress that clung to her beautiful arse, and a small black bra which only just contained her pert breasts. In her hand she had a white blouse. This was a sight that I was sure I'd never get tired of.

"Christ Amy I wish you could get dressed before you leave you room" Lisa said lightheartedly, I nearly jumped out of my skin " you'll give my husband ideas, I take it you want that blouse ironing. Give it here I've got to iron a few bits for myself"

Amy tossed her blouse to her s****r "thanks, I'm sure he's seen more in his time s*s" Amy winked at me.

I gulped and let out a nervous laugh. Amy watched her s****r disappear into another room crumpled clothes in hand. Once out of sight Amy came up to me and pushed me up against the sink.

"It does give you ideas though doesn't it pervert. I saw you staring a my firm young tits, you want to grab them don't you" she whispered in my ear, she pushed her tits together making them spill out of her bra "opps" her familiar wicked smile began to spread across her face "what's the matter pervert scared she'll catch us, you do want to touch them don't you? "

I nodded and Amy took my hand in hers and slowly moved it towards her chest, my cock swelled in my trousers Amy stopped "oh look at that you do want them" she brushed my cock with the back of her free hand. I nearly collapsed, Amy moved my hand closer to her exposed breasts the tip of my middle finger bushed the firm flesh and as I opened my hand to take the whole of breast in my hand Amy swiftly bought up her knee to my groin and made contact with my balls with such f***e I doubled over in pain.

"Pervert!" She let out out a little chuckle as I straightened up and pushed her fabulous tits back into her bra as my wife walked back in

"Right all done" Lisa handed her s****r the freshly ironed blouse "put this on before he comes over all funny" "are you ok sweety? You look a little off colour"

2 seconds earlier and we would of been busted "I'm fine hunny" I replied

"Ok, I'm going to grab a shower. I'll see you tonight" Lisa leant into me a kissed my cheek "and I'll see for lunch Amy?

"Yeah see you then" Amy replied as she got some thing out of the fridge.

"Ok see you tonight" I listened as Lisa went up stairs

Amy got up and came back over to stand infront of me, we both looked up as we heard the shower being turned on.

"Take off your trousers,pervert"

"What ? No, we'll....." I stammered

Amy gently rubbed my cock through my trousers and fluttered her long eyelashes "please take off your trousers....." It felt amazing "......Pervert!" With this final word she hit me hard in the balls again. "Don't make me ask you again"

"God, ok" I undid my belt and pulled down my trousers, and stepped out of them.

"And your underwear" I pulled them down.

"Mmm yummy" Amy looked down at my semi stiff cock and with these words she watched it grow steadily. Amy stood up and pulled off her own panties. Swinging them round her finger she waved them under my nose, the familiar scent filled my nostrils and my cock ached with desire.

"Put these on, pervert. Put them on and I'll give you a little treat"

The promise of a treat was all I need I took them in my hand they were an extremely small Lacey hot pink thong I stepped into them still warm and a little damp from were she had been wearing them. "I don't think I'm going to get them on Amy they're so small"

Amy got down on her knees in front of me placed a hand on either side of the knickers and pulled them up slowly I felt her face close to my rock hard cock I let out a little moan. Amy looked me in the eye and smiled. As she pulled them up I felt the tiny crutch separate my balls uncomfortably.

"now I want you to wear these to work" Amy said with her face next to my cock.

"No way, they'd cut me in two and what if the guys at work saw" I went to pull them off.

"I want you to wear them all day" as I went to take them off Amy opened her mouth and took my cock into her mouth and all the way into her throat. I nearly exploded there and then my whole cock was deep in my s****r in laws throat as I looked down at this amazing sight Amy winked at me and slid her head back, giving a little gag as my cock left her throat.

" I want you to we're them all day " she said as she stuffed my saliva covered shaft into the front of her hot pink thong. The elastic at the top of the panties cut into the head of my cock and the crutch cut into my balls, I nodded obediently.

Amy handed me my trousers "I'll see you later on, remember all day" she left the kitchen. I pulled up my trousers picked up my lunch and uncomfortably walked out of the front door to my car.

Amy's panties cut into me as I drove to work, the problem was that the more uncomfortable I was the more I thought about the item causing me the discomfort which caused my cock to swell more increasing the pain, it was a vicious circle. Things continued like this all day.

I was in the office when I received a phone call from Amy.

"Afternoon pervert, I hope your still enjoying my panties"

"Hi Amy, erm everything is ok" there were people sat all around me so it was very hard to talk openly

I cloud he the excitement in Amy's voice "your in the office aren't you, I can tell by the way your talking to me"

"Yep, I'm in the office all afternoon" I felt my face flush, it felt like everyone was watching me and I knew that Amy wouldn't let this opportunity to humiliate me pass by.

"I'm not in my office today I've been out visiting customers. I'm parked up in a layby at the moment and I've just had a fantastic idea, do you have a water cooler in your office" Amy asked

"Yes" I couldn't think what relevance this had.

"I want you to go and stand by it" I got up a went over to the water cooler, and grabbed a cup trying to act as normal as I could.

" are you there? Is it in plain view of the rest of the office" as Amy said this it made me feel very conscious of being in everyone's view.

"Yes it is"

"Good, has anyone noticed that your wearing ladies knickers today" my cock twitched luckily no body had noticed my hot pink tiny thong. "Oh that a really shame, I enjoyed watching you in my dirty panties it made me hot. Did you enjoy me sucking your cock deep into my throat" my cock twitched again snagging painfully on the tight knicker elastic.

"Yes" i said trying to rearrange myself discretely

"Yes what ? If you don't tell me what you enjoyed I won't be able to it again will I "

"Yes..." I moved the phone close to my mouth and whispered into it ".....I enjoyed my cock being in your throat"

"Well you don't seem to be very sure about that" Amy said in a mocking voice

"I'm working please don't do this here, please" I pleaded with her

"Fine do you know what I'm doing now ? I'm thinking about you on my hot pink panties, and its making me so hot, and as your wearing my panties I don't have any on, I'm sat in my car with my skirt hitched up rubbing my swollen clit"

The sweat was literally dripping off my forehead now, my cock was straining against the tight lace of the thong and I was sure everyone in the office could see it bulging against my trousers.

"I need something big to fill me up, my tight wet pussy feels so empty. Your dirty pervert cock would fill it nicely, would you like to put in my wet pussy"

I went to answer but my throat was so dry I just made a funny sort of noise

"I'll take that as a yes but seeing as your not here i'll just have to find a substitute" Amy let out a huge moan, I could feel pre cum starting to build at the end of my restricted cock just listening to her getting herself off was nearly enough to make me cum. "Oh yes that's good, I've sat on the gear stick its stretching my wet hole"

I was sure anyone who was close enough would be able to hear her moaning down my phone.

"It's so thick, but my pussy is so wet it's just sliding in and out" Amy stopped talking and just started moaning and groaning, her breathing quickened and she let out a huge scream as she came, my own breathing was shallow and fast at this point

"You ok?" My boss had just stopped in front of me "you look terrible"

"Huh, what"I was quickly snapped out of mayday dream "err yeah"

I heard Amy's voice in my ear "tell him you feel Ill and your going to go home, that'll give us a good few hours together before Lisa gets home from work"

"Actually boss I fell pretty rough" I coughed a couple of fake coughs

"I think you should call it a day, get some rest and see how you feel in the morning"

"Thanks boss,I'll get my things and head off" I turned to head back to my own office totally forgetting about the huge stiffy I hand in my pants.

"I'll see you in twenty minutes, don't keep me waiting" Amy said as she hung up the phone......................
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Part 5 will come soon ;-)
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can't wait for part 5
will cum back and enjoy
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I love how she does a great job of using his desires to manipulate him.