I am bed watching tv, waiting for you to come home from work, I stroke my cock and balls, feeling horny, it hardens. As i click through the channels looking for something interesting, I think of your sexy smile, as I came in you this morning. Not finding anything worth watching, I drift off to sl**p.
You come in the bedroom and see that i am sl**ping, so you sneek over to your drawer of lingerie, looking for your favorite. You slip into it, with a devilish smile you sneak into bed. I awaken some as you snuggle next to me, the smell of your perfume peaks my interest. I run my hand over your hip, and feel your lingerie. With that devilish grin, you give me a slow sexy kiss. I immediately know what you want from the kiss, and my cock pulses to life in anticpation. You rub your hand over it, feeling it harden you caress it as you move over me. We embrace, my hands explore your back, moving down to your butt. You move closer for a kiss, and position my cock at your pussy lips. Teasingly you rub your clit with it, as I arch up to find your warmth and wetness. You slowly push down, pushing the head of my cock into your folds.
We both gasp as i enter you, slowly we move togather to get as close to each other as possible. As we do, I pull you down to me with my hands, and slowly thrust up pushing my cock in as deep as i can. Pussy juices soon run down to my balls, and I find a nipple to nibble on. The harder i bite onto it, the harder you push down on to my cock. You feel so tight and wet, I'm not sure if I can hold out for long. Sensing my excitement, you tell me to not slow down, but to go harder and faster. "I'm almost there, don't stop now!" you say, pushing me over the edge, I grab your ass tightly preparing to unleash. "Yes!!" You gasp, as my cock begins to pulse, your pussy tightens, and the first blast of cum gushes into you. My cock jerks violently with each spasm. Triggering your own climax, you close your eyes, the pleasure overtakes your body, and you drift off to that heavenly place only a great orgasm can take you,
After a moment of bliss, we drift back to reality. Slowly you move off me, and move into my arms....

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