Spring Break in Mexico

Spring Break In Mexico

In the Spring of 1984, I had the unbelievable gift of going to Mazatlan, Mexico with my stepdaughter. As most, if not all stories on xhamster are fantasies or at best, some one’s dreams, this is a true story in every detail. Hope you enjoy it.


We had parked my car on the Arizona side of the border. My stepdaughter and I were on our way to Mazaltan. She had won a bikini-contest the spring break before, and having no current boyfriend, asked me to go with her. I was somewhat reluctant as I'm 47 and being with all those young college k**s was not my idea of a 7 day vacation. Her Mom and I had been separated for the last couple of months. She pleaded and cajoled selling me on the idea that we would have no costs other than our meals and drinks and she desperately wanted to go. We went to the train station on the Mexican side and along with about 100 other college k**s boarded the train for the 18 hour trip. This train made our U.S.freight trains seem like luxury. The seats were rickety and stained, the cars smelled, and the bathrooms were disgustingly filthy. They had to be at least 40 years old. Along with us, as everyone else, we had our cooler, with sandwiches, soft drinks, some wine coolers, snacks, and the like and had it tucked between our seats.

My guess is that there were probably 300 cases of beer on board just in the 3 cars for this group. It was early AM, and by the time the train actually got under way, it was close to noon. Needless to say d***kenness was the order of the day. These are college k**s on the loose. We had agreed earlier that we would tell no-one what our relationship was and just let them guess, and surmise.

We thought that most would think that I was her sugar daddy, or at best an older b*****r. Did I mention that my step daughter is gorgeous. Long, flowing dark brown hair to her shoulders, great tits, superb legs (she is a dancer and a cheerleader) a smoldering smile, long manicured fingers and real class. We knew we would be sharing a hotel room, with twin beds, and that was OK. To tell the truth, I had never seen her naked, only in a bikini.

By 2-3 in the afternoon, after making a number of stops, for what we never knew, many of the boys were absolutely stinking d***k along with some of the girls. As crowded as each car was with luggage, coolers, beer cases, and bodies in every conceivable position, along with the heat, quiet had started to become obvious. Many of the awake and somewhat sober k**s would walk back and forth to the open side doors at each end of the train, just to get some fresh air, or in many cases, many of the boys just had to hang out the door, even when the train was moving, to pee. At each unscheduled stop, many of the girls would jump off to relieve themselves in the desert brush, and run to catch up as the train started to move again.

All in all, it was sort of amusing to me to watch youth partying hardy. Neither of us drank, so we were really watching everything going on and making quiet comments to each other. Many of the guys stopped to hit on her (she was on the aisle) and she would toy with them. She is a really good tease. With her black tank top her more than ample tits were easily outlined. Everyone would discreetly ask her who I was and she would just laugh them off without saying anything.

There was this one girl who kept going by and hanging out at the end of the car. She was cute. Blonde, short hair, pretty face, a little short, appeared to have big tits, shapely legs, and a cute pixie look about her. Several guys would amble up to her and try to kiss her or feel her up but she fended most of them off.

By 6-7 in the early evening most every one was sl**ping as the sun faded. We had both gotten up to stretch our legs, pee, or just be friendly many times. By now, everyone was on a first name basis, and every college had been identified. College fight songs were being sung by those from each school. The cute one, whose name was Kristen, was from U. of Texas, and had stopped to chat with us several times. On one of my trips for fresh air to an open side door, she squeezed in a very crowded area and ended up right next to me. We made small talk, and then she reached up and gave me a little kiss. She didn't ask any questions just looked up into my face, smiled, and pushed her body into me as the train made its usual lurches, and then kissed me again, but this time probing my lips and putting her tongue to work, trying to get me to respond. I didn't.

I looked down to her adorable face and said, "Kristen, how old are you?"

She looked up at me, tried again to kiss me, and I held her off.

"I just turned 19." She said.

We were swaying with the movement of the train and I had to grab us to keep from being jostled about, and as I reached for her shoulders to steady us, the train tilted around a curve and my one hand ended up on her tit. I quickly removed it, and mumbled,


She reached up, took my hand and placed it right on her tit.

She said, "Don't you like me?"

I was lost for words. My mind was racing trying not to hurt her, and still maintain some maturity.

"Kristen", I said, "I'm way too old for you and there are guys on this train that have the hots for you. I've watched you kissing some of them."

It was probably the wrong thing to say to her but I had blurted it out. Her response floored me.

"Well, are you fucking the girl you're with?"

What do I do now? If I tell her the truth, the word is out, and I'll have spoiled the trip for my step daughter. I lied.

"Yes, for some time now." I said meekly.

"Oh, that explains it" she said.

"Explains what?" I inquired.

"Well, you're older than her, she doesn't leave your side and won't let any guy near her."

I needed to get out of this situation really quick. She abruptly squirmed out and left me standing there. By now it was not unusual to see the various girls and guys making out, feeling each other up, and paring off for the coming days and nights. Some of the girls were running around topless with tits bouncing all over all with various sizes, large and small nipples, some very dark and some very pink, and most were in some state of arousal. The array was awesome. Some were even running around with just their panties on.

This had the makings of a real fuck fest for these k**s. All the semi-nude, groping, kissing, feeling didn't bother any of them. I really felt out of place. On returning to my seat by the window, there was a young guy in my seat and I think he was swallowing my step daughter whole. She was in a torrid embrace and a passionate kiss and had his hand under her t-shirt playing with her tits.

I sort of said, "Ahem!" He broke the kiss, looked up and said,

"Oh, sorry Sir.!"

Shit, now what do I do. Sir?' I hadn't been called sir, since my military days. He got out of my seat, kissed her lightly and I sat down. I said nothing. She tried to get herself together and said,

"I'm sorry. He's really cute and I like him."

I had to tell her about Kristen, and see how we were going to handle this. I mean, here's my sexy 19 year old step daughter, making out with this young man, probably wants to spend time with him when we get to the hotel, and she's got me, her 47 year old step dad hanging around. I told her about Kristen, and all of my concerns, being very straight forward.

"How are you going to enjoy this trip if I'm hanging around?. None of these guys will approach you if I'm there."

She looked me straight in the eye and said,

"We'll find a way. You know I love you and I know you love me. You just need to loosen up and enjoy yourself. If you like Kristen, go for it. You've been separated from Mom for some time now, you've got to be horny."

Well, I certainly was, and getting worse, watching all these young nubile women parading and having no hang-ups at all, but I couldn't bring myself to say that to her.

"I've been watching your reaction, and I know your cock is as hard as a rock watching all these girls. You need to get laid."

I was dumbfounded. I didn't have an answer. I slouched down in the seat, and feigned going to sl**p. At 2 AM, the train came to a screeching stop. Everyone was thrown around and baggage cascaded from the nets above over our heads. Groans and cussing emanated from the group. About the time the lights had been turned on, about 10 Federale's marched through the car. They were speaking in rapid Spanish and carrying rifles and machine guns. One or more of the k**s who understood Spanish shouted that it was 'OK,they're looking for peasants and contraband'. As quickly as they came, they were gone. We sat on the siding for another ½ hour and then started to move again. Everyone settled back down. As I returned to my sl**p, I turned towards my step daughter, opened my eyes to see if everything was alright and there she was with her denim skirt raised to her waist, and her hand in her panties with her hand moving in and out of her pussy. She turned and looked at me and whispered,

"I need to cum, will you do it for me?"

Astonished, I was transfixed.

"C'mon Dad, just finger me til I cum, please".

By now it was dark again, and the train was moving.

I said, "Sweetie, I can't do that"

She was insistent. "Yes you can, c'mon just til I cum" she pleaded.

Now as I said, I've never seen her naked, and only with a bikini on. I know she has full tits, maybe 34C or D, but I had no idea about her pussy. Yes, a cute tight ass, but I tried to never get caught looking at her. She reached over grabbed my hand, and with her other hand, pulled her panty to the side and shoved my hand onto her pussy. She had a neatly trimmed bush, and she was soaking wet. Very hesitantly I rubbed my hand all over her mound, and slid one finger up and down her wet slit.

"Put your fingers in my pussy" she moaned very quietly.

I slid one finger in and was trying not to move my body so that no movement might be noticed, and she slid down further, ramming my finger deep into her pussy.

"In and out" she pleaded quietly.

I did. I only had one finger in her, and her pussy was really hot and tight and I began to get a rhythm without moving my palm off of her mound. With only 3-4 more jammings, she tightened her pussy muscles around my finger and had her orgasm. She was stifling her breathing and panting by keeping her head tucked into my chest. She gushed her pussy juice. I let her calm down, gently removed my hand from her pussy, and was so tempted to suck her juices off of my finger. I didn't. After she had caught her breath she lowered her skirt, leaned over and gave me a peck on the cheek and said,

"Thanks, I really needed to cum." I looked at her, and said,

"Why me, why not the young man you were kissing earlier."

"I really like him, and I'll probably fuck him during the week, but I don't want him to think I'm easy and all he wants is sex."

I had to admire her stance but was still puzzled.

"Why couldn't you do that for yourself?" I asked.

"Because I know you're horny, your cock is hard, and who better than you?"

"Well, do you want a critique?" I jokingly asked not expecting any answer.

She was pensive for a moment, and then whispered,

"yeah" I said,

"Sure sweetie, later." I said, "I'm going to try and sl**p now."

Next thing I know, the train comes to a screeching slow stop, I open my eyes, and everyone is hustling to get luggage, coolers, and we have arrived. Everyone is waiting for taxi's, buses or any other kind of transportation to the various hotels. We get one to share with a couple going to the same hotel. We wait in the line to check in, get the social print out itinerary prepared by the tour company, and wait for the elevator. It's small and can only take three people and their luggage at a time. I send her up with a group, and wait for the next one. I walk into the room and am surprised. It's very clean, nicely tiled, a nice clean bathroom, but only one double bed. I express my concern and say I'll go down and straighten it out because we need two beds.

There are no rooms with two beds. Great, what now? I go back up to tell my step daughter and she's just stepping out of the shower.

I said, "Oops, sorry."

She wraps a towel around her hair and stands there completely naked and says,


In 5 seconds I get a look at her awesome body. Nice tits, no sag to them, definitely 34 D small nipples, but really dark, flat stomach, small bush (as I know), with really dark hair, great legs and a perfect ass.

"There are no rooms with two beds" I state

."Well, no big deal, we'll probably not be here very much anyway." she declares.

I was perusing the itinerary and said, "There's an introduction get together this evening with free tequila sunrises at 7 in the courtyard."

"Great", she says, "let's go to the beach."

She slips on her bikini which is barely there, I slip on my suit, and off we go to the beach lugging our stuff. Beach mats, a small cooler, a bag with the suntan lotion, towels, baseball caps and a couple cans of soda. By 4 I'm ready to get out of the sun, as I'm 'well done". So is she. With suntan lotion glistening all over us, she blends in with all of these k**s. Some are already cherry red, and those girls who decided to sunbathe topless are surely going to be sore, and the guys who were playing volley ball, will soon be blistering. We trek off to the room, dump everything and I said,

"OK, shower time."

"Let's go" she replys.

"No, it's OK, sweetie, you can go first." I state.

She slips off her bikini, stands there naked with a look on her face that says,'are you just stupid?', and says,

"Really, c'mon."

I slip off my suit and I'm concentrating on the beach, water and sun, so as not to have my cock get hard in front of my step daughter. She gets in turns the water on and lets it cascade on her hair as I step in. I'm looking at this body and my cock is starting to rise. I quickly climb under the water and turn my back to her. I'm soaping myself up and she reaches over takes the soap in her hand and reaches around me and grabs my semi erect cock and starts to lather my pubic hair, soaps up the shaft, which is getting really hard now, and says,

"Oh wow, you're really getting hard."

"Look sweetie, I maybe old but I'm not dead, what did you expect?" I blurt out.

"Turn around" she commands.

I turn around and my cock is standing up almost beating on my stomach. The water is now rinsing off and she hasn't let go of my stiff cock. She is jacking my shaft up and down rather vigorously and says,

"I'm gonna make you cum."

Now I know, she's right. I'm sort of transfixed watching her jack me off, and looking at her cute tits and watching the water run down her and her little hairy pussy. I can't say a word. She knows I'm close, so she kneels down keeps my cock at her face level, and says,

"I wanna see you shoot your cum." About three more vigorous strokes, and I say,

"I'm cumming now." I shoot two strong spurts that land on her tits that the water washes away, and a smaller one, that she gets right into her mouth as she swallows my cock. I stop pulsing, with both hands on the shower wall and she stands up and says,

"Oh, you taste good."

I'm really perplexed. This is my step daughter. I know it's not considered i****t, but this can't be right. I catch my breath, lower my arms from the wall, grab the bar of soap and start lathering her up as I think of how to react to this sudden event. I dare not grab her tits, or make any move to wash her pussy, or grab her ass, or even kiss her. She spreads her legs to get a good stance, drops her both arms down and grabs my limp cock and starts to massage my balls while I'm soaping her.

"Sweetie, we can't do this." I state very emphatically.

"Why not" she queries, "it's not like you're my real father and besides, I really need to be fucked, and you have a gorgeous dick, and I've been on the pill for two years, so I can't get pregnant."

I need to calm her down right now, so I said,

"OK, we'll talk later." I turn her around, shut off the water, and shoo her out of the shower and lightly pat her cute ass. Reluctantly, she starts to towel herself off. I grab a towel and do the same. As she's drying herself she says,

"Couldn't you just fuck me now?" and she plops down on the bed, spread eagles herself, reaches down and holds her hairy pussy lips open and says,

"Please come here and fuck me."

I'm getting hard all over again. I look at this inviting beauty spread eagled holding her pussy lips open, showing how pink she is, inviting me to fuck her, and I said,

"No way. I can't do that."

She's turning her mouth into a pout that I've seen so many times, and I walk over to her. God she is one hot babe. I drop down on my knees and bury my face into her pussy. She squeals in delight and says,

"Oh yeah, just eat my wet pussy."

I kiss her hairy patch, licking between her lips that she's holding open and tongue her clit, She's already dripping wet. I nibble on her clit, sucking gently as she grabs my head and f***es it into her pussy. I place both of my hands on her thighs and eagerly eat her in every way possible. I know she is in-experienced in having her pussy eaten and she proves it by squealing,

"Oh my God, yes, suck my clit, oh my god, put your tongue in deep, oh my god, it feels so good, so good," and she continues to urge my ministrations.

I ease up a little to get a breath of air, and she moans,

"Oh don't stop, don't stop, make me cum." I stick my tongue in her as deep as I can and she yells,

"Oh God, I'm cumming"

Her thighs almost crush me as she tenses and orgasms and shoves my head into her pussy. She'd like to swallow me up. She lets loose a torrent of pussy juice, and I lap up as much as I can. She relaxes her grip on my head, and I come up for air. My face is wet all over from her juices. Her head is back and she's catching her breath. I don't say anything, just hold myself above her thighs. She had her eyes closed, opens them and breathlessly says,

"Oh my God, I've never cum so hard".

Without saying another word, I stand up, and sit on the end of the bed. She gathers up her strength, sits up and reaches over to me, holds my face in both of her hands and plants a kiss on my mouth that is all the passion she can muster forcing her tongue in and probing sucking and moving her head as if it was the last kiss she'll ever have. I had to kiss her back. This kiss lasts for what seemed like a half hour. As we broke the kiss, she breathlessly said,

"Oh my God." She let go of my head, and I said,

"You see Sweetie, what some lucky guy is going to have with you."

"I never could have imagined how good you make me feel and how hard I came." she uttered.

"You've never had your pussy eaten before have you?" I inquired.

"Are you k**ding?" she retorted

"I've only had real sex twice, and it sure didn't do that to me."

I didn't want to get into any more discussion, so I said, "Well let's go get something to eat and join the party."

We found a nearby restaurant, jam packed of course, had a decent meal, joined the 'welcome' party, had a few 'tequila sunrises' talked to a lot of k**s, danced to the music and by 8 everyone was ready to go to the nights agenda. A bullfight. I'm telling you this was a throng of half in the bag k**s, ready to party hardy. As we made our way up to the stands, right behind me, unknown at the time, was Kristen. The stands are plank boards over some cement cinder blocks. Hey, this is Mexico on Spring Break. As we climb, I hear an "Oh" and an "ouch" and a "damn" and I turn around and see Kristen. She's kneeling down holding her ankle. I respond immediately and say,

"Kristen are you allright?" as I kneel down to help her.
"I must have twisted my ankle" she blurts out.

I help her to her feet and she says, "It's OK, I'll be fine."

I'm not so sure she'll be fine. She grabs a seat next to me and we watch all the stuff going on in the ring. The crowd chants, yells, and eggs the participants on. Some of the young men, obviously loaded, have taken their shirts off, jumped into the ring and are taunting the little bull. It's a baby bull and no harm is being done to it. The laughing and yelling is hilarious. All the while I hear the groans coming from Kristen. I question her and she says she's fine. I look down and her ankle is swelling. I said,

"Kristen, I think you've sprained your ankle." She acknowledges that I'm right, and says,

"I think I better go back to the hotel and lie down."

I know she can't do this alone. Yeah, super hero to the rescue. I turn to my step daughter, get her attention from the yelling and laughing and tell her what the situation is. I tell her, "Look, I'll get Kristen back to her hotel room, you wait here and I'll come back as soon as I get her settled in for the night. She'll be OK by morning."

She agrees, and I tell Kristen,

"OK babe, let's get you out of here."

It is a difficult trip down the stadium and out to grab a cab. We arrive at her hotel and I stop to inquire at the desk if anyone has a first aid kit. They do and retrieve an 'Ace bandage'. I get her up to her room. She's lucky, she has two double beds. She lays down on the bed, with a pillow propping her up. I can see that her ankle is swelled up, so I tell her I'll get some ice and then wrap it in the 'ace'. When I come back into the room from the ice machine, she's still in the same position, but has removed her T shirt and only has on her bra and her jeans. I make no comment and proceed to hold ice on her ankle for a few minutes. She indicates that it feels good. I'd like to put some ice in a plastic bag on her ankle, instead of it melting on her ankle, the bed, and in my hands. She says that there's probably one in the bathroom from either her or her roommates makeup. I go in to see. While I'm there, I figure I might as well take a leak, so I tell her that, and close the door while I pee. There is a bag, and I come out a few moments later, and she has removed her jeans, thrown them on the floor, and is still sitting propped up now, with just her black bra and her black thong on. She has huge tits. I wrap the 'ace' around her ankle. Not too tight but enough to keep it somewhat immobile. I ask her if she's comfortable. She says,

"Well, I'd be a lot more if you could unsnap my bra".

I'm reluctant to do this. I said,

"Kristen, that's not going to help your ankle."

"No, you're right" and she reaches around and does it herself.

God, she has 40DD tits! They're standing straight out, with enormous areolas and thick nipples that are also standing straight out. How am I supposed to resist this? No Way! From where I'm sitting by her ankle I reach over and fondle her huge tits. They are so firm, and so big that I can't resist so I rub her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and she sighs and says,

"Oh yes, my nipples are so sensitive?"

I'm loving her tits and her response as she moans and sighs and says,

"Oh please, suck my nipples, I love it."

So, of course I oblige. I scoot up on the bed so I'm at her waist, and bend down and suck her nipple. She reaches up grabs my head and says,

"Oh yeah, suck. Yes, suck my nipple, suck it hard."

I put a little more effort into it instead of the gentleness I've been doing and she says, "Oh God, suck it harder, harder."

I suck it harder and am rolling it around and she says,

"Oh yes, bite my nipple."

I give it a little nip, and she says,

"Yes, bite it more," I give it a harder nip and she squirms and says,

"Bite my other nipple"

I reach over grab her other huge tit and bite the nipple. She screams,

"Yes, oh yes, bite my fucking tits, harder."

I'm afraid if I bite any harder, I'll draw bl**d or really bruise her. She's about ready to cum, so I stop the biting and suck her whole nipple into my mouth with as much tit flesh as I can. As I let up and try to unbend my back, I see her hand has pulled the fabric away and she is vigorously finger fucking her pussy. She is gasping for air, and doesn't let up her finger fucking. I sit up, slide off the bed, kneel down at the side, and remove her hand from her pussy and put my face into her pussy. She has a little strip of light blond hair and she's soaking wet. I can smell her musky fragrance even before I kiss her lips. As I start to, she spreads her legs to allow me total access and stammers,

"Oh God, eat my cunt, oh God, yes, fuck yes."

I go at her and attempt to ravish her pussy. With my head between her legs, and both hands kneading her huge firm tits, I'm afraid my cock will burst it's so hard. I lift my head off of her pussy, frantically drop my pants, and my raging hard cock is standing up. I don't think my cock has ever been this hard. She looks down at my cock, and says,

"Yes, yes, put that cock in my cunt, fuck the shit out of me."

I position myself between her legs and with one thrust, shove my cock deep into her pussy, up to my balls.
She's yelling "yes, yes, fuck my hot cunt, yes,you fucker, fuck me hard."

I pull out and ram it back into her pussy, and she yells more, "Oh fuck my hot cunt, ram that cock into me, ram it harder."

I am ramming it into her pussy and each time she grunts and yells, "Yes, yes, fuck the shit out of my hot cunt, fuck me with your cock harder."

Finally, I know this is the last shove, I'm sweating like a pig and one last shove and I shoot 3 spurts into her pussy.

"Oh God, I love it, fuck me, shoot into my cunt, yes, I love it."

I collapse on to her and squash her huge tits under me. She wraps her legs around my ass, and whispers in my ear,

"I love to fuck."

I, with very short breaths, say, "I know, and I loved fucking you."

As my cock gets soft and slips out of her, she gets her hand between our bodies, fondles my cock and her pussy, withdraws her hand that is wet with our juices, and sucks her fingers into her mouth. I roll off of her. She rolls on her side and kisses me with passion. I kiss her back with just as much passion. She sits up at the waist, bends down and proceeds to suck my soft cock and lick our juices up. She looks up at me, and says,
"I love the taste of cum."

I'm satiated. She lies back down next to me and says,

"I knew you'd fuck my brains out if I got you here."

I rolled onto my back. She starts to suck my cock ever so gently, and slurping she lets go and says,
"Do you like fucking me?"

While catching my breath, and reaching up and playing with a tit, I said,

"You are one hot little gal."

Smiling, she says, "You ain't seen nothin' yet."

She rolls over on top of me with her head between my legs and gets up on her knees, and says,
"Eat my cunt again, and put your finger in my ass."

I bring her pussy down on my mouth, and she is sucking my cock. I don't think she can get it hard so soon, but I proceed to lick her pussy. I can taste our cum. It's not bad. I take my fingers and get it full of our cum, and tickle her asshole with it. She stops sucking and says,

"Put your fingers in my ass."

I slip one finger in her tight little hole, she grunts, continues to suck my cock, and I shove my finger all the way in her hole. I'm eating her pussy as I jam my finger in and out of her hole. She's groaning. I can't believe it, but my cock's getting hard again. She lets up on her sucking, wraps one hand around my shaft which is slippery with her saliva, starts to jack me off, and says,

"Put more fingers in my ass."

So, I shove another one in, and I can feel her muscle loosen up, and then I have three fingers in.

"Fuck my asshole baby, fuck it."

I am shoving three fingers in and out of her asshole and she is shaking and rams her pussy down on my mouth, and cums a torrent of juice. I drink up as much as I can and she's moaning and crying,

"Oh my God, Oh My God, I love it, I love it."

I have no more energy left, and I say, "Kristen, I need a break."

She lets up on my cock, lifts her pussy off of my face, getting on her knees, and I take my fingers out of her ass. She rolls off of me, turns herself around and lays next to me, still breathing hard. We are both dripping wet. We're silent, just listening to each others breathing. After 10 minutes,

I said, "Baby, where did you learn all of that so young.?"

She was formulating her answer and then said,

"I love sex. I started when I was 13. My tits kept getting bigger and I got a lot of attention from the boys. I had one lover when I was 15 and he was 30. He taught me everything. The more I learned, the more I loved it. He taught me how to use toys, like dildo's and how to suck a cock, and what made me cum, and fucked me in the ass too. I can't get enough of sex, but it's got to be with someone who knows how to fuck, and make me cum and who doesn't mind if I talk dirty. The college boys don't have a clue. Your step daughter told me how to get you and she knew you were ready for a good fuck."

I was stunned. "My stepdaughter told you?"

"Yeah, we were talking on the train, and she told me you were her step father that I couldn't tell anyone else if I wanted to fuck you."

"Oh my God" I stammered.

"You know she wants to fuck you too?"

"Incredible" I said.

"Well, not really", she said, "when was the last time you had a nineteen year old with huge tits and a wet cunt, suck and fuck your brains out?"

We talked for an hour. She told me her roommate was not returning this night, and probably no others, as she was with her new boyfriend. Sitting around with a 19 year old with huge tits, a pussy that tasted like honey was not the hardest thing I've ever done. By the end of the night, both of us totally exhausted, and having fucked 2 or three times and all the other wonderful things we did, we slept like babies. I only saw my step daughter once or twice at Senor Frogs and on the beach the rest of the trip. To say that this Spring Break was fantastic, is understating the week. There was no way I could ever forget this trip or Kristen. My relationship with my step daughter had taken on a new level. Kristen and I stayed in touch by phone as much as we could. She would always initiate a conversation about sex, and talk dirty to see who could cum first. Three months later, with a knock on the front door, Kristen said,

"Hi, I'm here to suck and fuck, for the summer, want to?"

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