She was about in her mid 50’s but had what looked like a nice figure. Not voluptuous, pretty average. Probably an average set of tits and not beautiful, maybe not even pretty, but a little enticing. She walked her dogs two to three times a day, and always between my house and the neighbors. She lived across the street. We barely spoke to each other. I was sitting on the chair by my front door when she walked by with the dogs. I called out to her, “Nancy, got a minute?” She reluctantly walked over to me, the dogs anxious to get some new attention.

“What is it”? she asked.

“Well, I was wondering how your dogs reacted to the fireworks in the neighborhood last night?” I inquired.

“You mean those fucking assholes down the street with the cherry bombs?” she queried.

“Yes, my cat went into the closet and hasn’t come out yet.” I said. Before she could get another word in, I blurted out, “So, do you still fuck?”

“Of course, when I can, but I haven’t for awhile.”

I knew she hadn’t had a boyfriend for over a year and never has any guests. Knowing that, and the fact that she isn’t very well liked in the neighborhood, I figured, why not?

So I followed up by saying, “How about having your pussy eaten, do you like that?”

“Well of course, are you volunteering?”

“I might be on occasion.” I said staring at her crotch. She was wearing a white tennis skirt that was very short. I could see the outline of her panties.

“Oh, and what occasion would that be?” she exclaimed with surprise.

“Only if I’m right in guessing that you have a hairy pussy.”

With that comment, she lifted up her skirt to show her see through lace panties. She had quite a hairy pussy. Some of the black hair was showing over the top of the bikini panties.

“So you like hairy pussies do you?” she asked.

“No, I don’t like them, I love them” I replied.

“When do you want to eat this pussy ?” she asked.

“Right now.” I said and reached out to slide my hand into her panties. Her pussy hair was soft and silky and quite thick. I slipped my finger between her pussy lips and could feel her wetness.

“Oh, that’s nice” she cooed. “but I have to take the dogs home.”

“Sure”, I said, “let’s go.” It was the middle of the afternoon, so none of the neighbors were home so I wouldn’t be seen going into her house and my wife would never know.

We walked into her front door. She let the leashes drop and turned around to grab at my crotch. I had some explaining to do about my ED, but that could wait.
She started to talk, and I put my finger to her lips, indicating not to talk, and pushed her over to the couch. She sat down with a look of surprise on her face as I lifted up her skirt, knelt down between her legs, grabbed the panties at the waist line and proceeded to remove them. She lifted her ass to accommodate me and I had them down and off her feet as she flipped her sandals off. I spread her legs wide, keeping my hands on her knees, and just looked and admired her really hairy pussy. It was a really full bush. It was obvious that she trimmed it a little on the sides because it was a neat triangle. I bent down and ran my face all over her delightful hair. She smelled like she had just taken a bath. I kissed all over her pussy taking care not to tease her lips yet. As I continued she got more relaxed and started to moan a little. After another 7-8 minutes, it was time to probe her with my tongue. I took my hands off of her knees, confident that she wouldn’t close her legs now, and with both hands I parted her outer lips.

Oh was she hot. I stuck my tongue into her and tasted the juices already flowing from her. I sucked in her juices and twisted my tongue all around her inner folds. The palms of my hands were caressing her hair all over her pussy all the while. It must have been getting to her as she was now softly saying, “Oh yeah, lick it, suck it”, just about that instant when I sucked her outer lips into my mouth and she let out a yelp, “Oh fuck, yeah, eat my cunt!”

Now I got down to eating her with purpose. Slowly, I sucked every inch of her pussy, licked up and down, stuck my tongue in and out of her hole, and finally, gently sucked on her engorged clit. I hadn’t realized it, but she had both hands on my head, keeping me there, and she was thrusting her pussy up at my mouth, and mumbling, “Oh yes, I love it, keep sucking, oh I love it, I’m gonna cum all over your face, keep sucking”.

Now, I placed both hands under her ass and drove my tongue in and out as deep as I could into her wet, warm, delicious pussy and sucked her clit hard, and then sucked her outer lips until she was fully in my mouth. She raised her ass with one deliberate heavy thrust and my mouth was flooded with her cum. I drank up as much as I could, as she convulsed, and rubbed my face all over her pussy getting my face soaked with her cum. She relaxed her thighs that she had clamped on my waist, let her hands fall to the side, and sighed, “Oh so good, so good.”

I came up for big gulps of air. She opened her eyes, looked at my soaked face, ran her fingers over my cheek, and stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked them dry. Then she reached down to her sopping wet pussy, scooped up what she could in her fingers, and sucked those into her mouth also. She was drained. I wasn’t much better, but had satisfied my urge to eat a pussy. I bent down and gave her sopping wet pussy a big open mouth kiss. Without anymore comments from either of us, I stood up, caught my breath, turned and left her house.

It’ll be interesting to hear what she says the next time I see her.

88% (12/2)
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