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b*****rly love

my memories of c***dhood are riddled with homosexual acts i performed.as far back as i could remember i was performing oral sex on my older stepb*****r..my mother was married b4 and had 2boys when she married my dad they were 4&6 i was born a yr later .we grew up in a rural part of new jersey me and my b*****r who is 5yrs older then me shared a room.the eldest b*****r was rarely even around.i really dont remember how it all started but i do vividly recall being under the blankets giving my b*****r nitely blowjobs.we didnt sl**p in the same bed .but he would look over at me call my name and lift his blanket for me to assume my position .i remember my 8th birthday playing and having a fun day.i also remember that was the 1st time he came in my mouth.all the other times he would warn me and i would take my mouth off his dick and he came in a sock or napkin.this time as i was sucking his dick he said he was gonna cum and said dont take your mouth
> off.i
>>>>>>>> obeyed and it wasnt long b4 he was filling my mouth.i knew this was wrong of him to do to me but somehow actually liked doing it.i loved him and he said he loved me.like all big b*****rs he was cruel to me at times but mostly would take me with him places.there wasnt much to do in our town.school and the occassional movie was about it.by the time i was 10 i became an oral expert and could actually deepthroat and swollow cum.ofcourse this was from practise and training he would lay naked in bed and have me between his legs suckin his cock like it was the most normal thing for me to be doing at 10.he would give me encouragement and direct me what to do.blowjobs went from me sucking dick for a few minutes to me spending hrs making him get to the point of cumming then stopping just to start over again..this made my jaws hurt and when i complained to him that its taking too long..he told me im a great little b*****r and he appreciates what im doing
>>>>> because
>>>>>>>> if he doesnt cum a few times a day something bad can happen to him.i was horrified at the thought that he might die ,and ofcourse sucked my b*****rs cock as much as possible from that moment on.him being 15 and able to cum endlessly you can only imagine how my nights were spent.i became more deligent in my efferts and sucked his cock with passion till 1night he pulled my face off his dick and up to his and actually kissed me on the mouth and said im giving him the best blowjob ever.this was the 1st time i heard him use the word blowjob when refering to what i was doing.at that moment it became real to me and i knew it was dirty and nasty.somehow that made me want to suck his dick..not for him anymore..for me.i was enjoying it now and wanted to suck his dick and feel cum in my mouth.that night when he was ready to cum i sucked his cock deep in my mouth and when i felt his warm cum shoot otta his cockhole into my mouth i started to swollow it and
>>> kept
>>>>>>>> sucking he was amazed and moaning as i sucked his cum out of his dick he held my head and pumped his cock in my mouth till there was no more cum left for me to swollow.he looked down at me with his dick still halfway in my mouth and said that was awesome how'd you learn to do that..i took my b*****rs dick out of my mouth and told him i love sucking your dick and wanted to show you how much i love you..this was the 1st time i admitted to him i enjoyed doing it and wanted to do it more often.after that night things changed we we're more open about me sucking his dick and blowjobs werent just for nightime anymore.

Posted by flushing1 3 years ago
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1 year ago
Hot, hot, hot! Thanks for sharing!

2 years ago
3 years ago
HOTT story man!! I can relate soo much with this..except with me it was my uncle. He started me out very young and trained me how to suck big dick.