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first threesome

This is a true story that happens about 4 years ago. Like most men watching and viewing porn you get a lot of ideas of things you would like to try someday. I really enjoyed the movies that showed a wife doing two guys at the same time. I would fantasy about me getting a blow job as another guy was plowing her pussy or ass. Then we would switch positions to fuck her or have her suck us off. The thought of another cock going in and out of all her holes was so exciting. Now how was I going to make this fantasy come about in my real life?

I had my wife watch some porn movies that show a lot of threesome with two men screwing a woman. I started sharing my interest to my wife about how exciting it would be for the both of us to one day try it. I asked her if she would ever consider trying it someday. She said if we found the right person that turned her on and setting was right and she had a few drinks it might happen. I told her if you ever see some guy that turns you on let me know so I know what you??Â?Â?re looking for. When ever I saw a guy that I thought might be her type I would say to her what about that guy over their and she would say no not what she is looking for.

Then we went out shopping for a new car. We went to a couple of different car dealers to look and test drive cars. Now you know how those car dealers come on to you with all that bullshit and being so nice to you. Well final found a car we liked and bought it. The car salesman was eye balling my wife up and down. He was joking and flirting with her the whole time and the two of them really hit it off. She was 31 years old at the time and really hot and well built before we had k**s. The guy was a 52 year old with an average build and a full beard. We left the car dealer and got in the car to go home.

I said to her that car salesman was eye balling you the whole time and coming on to you. She said I really liked the way the salesman was coming on to me. She said he really turned me on and maybe we should do a threesome with him. He might be the one we are looking for. I was shocked at what I was hearing her say. dont get me wrong I did want her to do a threesome but I never would have guessed it would be this guy. I asked her what about this much older guy did you like. She said he has a great personality and he is a lot of fun. She thought it was cool that he had a full beard and she said beards turn her on. This I never knew turned her on.

We went home and planned how to make this event happen. We ran around a few different ideas and decided on one she liked. She put on a really sexy short skirt and nothing under it. She wore a low cut top that exposed her breast. She called ahead of time and made appointment to meet him. He had no idea what she wanted that day. She went into his office and sat down across from him. She wasted not time telling him what she was their for. She said that we really enjoyed his help in buying the new car. She told him we all seamed to hit off and would like to invite him over our house for a few drinks. She then opens her legs wide enough to give him a good show of her pussy. She told him he was her choice to do a threesome with her husband. He said that he would love to have a few drinks and explore all her sex needs. She said would this weekend be good for you? What time and she said noon time would be good. She left and came home and called me at work to tell me what went on and how he reacted. That night we had some really hot sex thing about what was going to happen on the weekend. I went out and got a couple of porn movies to play on the TV when he walks in to set the mood. Well my wife had a few drinks before he arrived and she was a little nerves about what was going to happen. The door bell went off and I open the front door and invited him in. In the living room wall unit was the porn movie playing. My wife had on a sexy outfit she was hanging out of. She gave him a drink as she was a little high already. The two of us were sitting on the couch and she came in the room and got on her knees in front of him. She opened his pants and pulled them down. She started stroking his hard big cock and then she went down on it as I watched. She stood up and took off all her clothes revealing her tight sexy body and hot looking tits. She went down on his hard cock again as she reached over to my hard cock. She said to me take off you clothes and I quickly stripped them off. She went down on my cock. She went back and forth on the two cocks sucking and stroking the other that was not in her mouth. She said why we don??Â?Â?t go into the bedroom so we can be more relaxed. We all got up and the three of us went in the bedroom. Once their he started fingering her pussy with a few fingers as she sucked his cock. She was moaning like crazy. Then she reaches over and started sucking my cock. I watch him really work over her pussy with his hand and fingers. Wow! The next time I look over he was almost fisting her warmed up pussy. He had almost his whole hand in their. This was something I never did to her. I dumped a load in her mouth watching this fisting action. She started sucking his cock as he started eating her pussy. She pushed him down on the bed and mounted his hard cock. I was getting so excited watching her ride his big cock. She was moaning and enjoying ever minute of it. Then the guy couldn??Â?Â?t take it any more and dumped his load in her pussy. As she was still riding I could see the cum cover cock going in and out her pussy. When she got off his cock and his cum was dripping out her pussy. I then was hard and ready to fuck her pussy as she licked the cum off his cock. She had a orgasm as I fucked her pussy as she suck his cock hard again. I dumped a load in her pussy that still was full of the other guys cum as I her cuming. I pulled out and watched my load of cum drip out of her pussy. I lay down on the bed to watch them go at it again. Then the guy laid her down on the bed and put her legs on his shoulders he pushed his cock in her pussy and fucked her really hard. She was going wild as he pounded her. He stopped and put her in the doggy position and fucked her pussy again. I started getting hard again and move over to have her suck my cock as he pound her pussy. His cock slipped out of her pussy and instead of putting it back in her pussy he pushed it in her tight ass. She was moaning like she never did before so I was sure he put it in her ass. Plus he was going a lot slower with his strokes in. Then he said to her do you like getting your ass fucked as you suck you man??Â?Â?s cock? She said yes I do love it. I was so excited that I dumped my load in her mouth as he fucked her ass. Then she had a orgasm as he dumped a load in her pussy at the same time. We all rested on the bed for a while before returning into the living room area for some drinks and small talk. The TV was still playing a porn movie. Their was a girl on her knees sucking off five or more guys. Our friend said to my wife Wow! That??Â?Â?s so hot that one girl sucking off a large group of guys. Now this was the first time my wife had sex with another guy in her life other than me. So to my shock she said to him she could handle sucking off a large group of guys like that. I said to my self she must be d***k why she would say that to him. We talked about threesome but not about gangbangs. Still in shock he says to her he could round up a group of guys from the car dealership to put her to the test. She said how about next weekend? He said let me work on it and get back to you. He got dressed and left with a kiss and smile from her. After he left I said to her are d***k? Why she said? Well you just told this guy you want a gangbang? She said I was just teasing him a little. I could tell she was a little d***k when she said it. We watch the porn move of the girl sucking and fucking all the guys. It was very exciting and we had sex again thinking about our hot threesome. I thought to my self the wife is becoming a little slut.

Well the next day my wife says she doesn??Â?Â?t remember that much from yesterday??Â?Â?s threesome but she had a good time. I told her she was very hot and wild and did a little bit of everything that day. Plus you told you friend that you wanted to suck off five guys cocks next weekend. She said why would I say that to him? I said because you were d***k and watching a girl do it on the TV. She said he will forget about it.

Later that week she gets a call from him that he wants to get together Saturday afternoon. She said sure see you then. Then he shows up on time and we go in the bedroom and strip off our clothes and she suck both our cocks hard. He starts fucking her doggy style as she sucks my cock. Before long he dumped his load in her pussy and I also dumped in her mouth watching him fuck her. After we were done he said lets get dressed we got to meet the other guys I told you about. It was a good thing we had a few drinks before he arrived their. We both looked at each other a little shocked. We got dressed and got into a car and drove to the car dealer. I had all these ideas in my head of how many guys did he get.

Well only one guy of five that said they would show up and one girl that worked in the office were their. We all went back to my house and had a few drinks. It was a relief that it wasn??Â?Â?t a large group of guys that day. It turn out really nice having another girl their and two other guys to fuck the horny wife. The new girl and I went at it as I looked over and saw the two guy split roasting my wife with their cocks. I was really exciting fucking this hot girl and looking over to see the wife have the guys service all her hole again and again that afternoon. After everyone left we fuck again and again. We meet the car guy a few time more but found some new friends and drifted apart from him. I have a lot of good memories of the threesome and other event. It did really light up our sex life. Threesome are really fun and this was her first time ever with another guy. Hope someone enjoyed the true story.
Posted by flushing1 4 years ago
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6 months ago
Wish I sold cars for a living if this is what is offered to you.
1 year ago
Great post- you are one lucky dude!

2 years ago
good story!
2 years ago
That was great. Hope to read more.
3 years ago
I enjoyed this story. WOW, I thought your wife was gonna get gangbanged. DP always turned me on while watching porn
3 years ago
Great story. I love threesomes myself.