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user info if there hidden

Someone asked me about this the other day so I thought I'd just put it here.
"caveat utilitor" is latin for 'let the user beware' for those not versed.

If someone's profile is private you can still see their videos and pictures using a little trick.

Step 1.
Copy these to your address bar or middle click to open the hyperlinks in a new tab if you have text2hyperlink active in your browser like me.

PICS --> http://xhamster.com/user/photo/USERNAME/new-1.html OR favourites http://xhamster.com/user/photo/USERNAME/favorite-1.html
VIDEOS --> http://xhamster.com/user/video/USERNAME/new-1.h... Continue»
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[Story] sibling fun

'Creak... creak... creak...' came the soft footfalls upon the basement steps. 'Pat... pat... pat..." whispered the quiet sound of bare feet on the concrete floor outside my bedroom. 'Eee...' the moan of protesting hinges desperately in need of oil. Then came the barely heard footfalls upon my bedroom carpet followed by the whisper of clothing hitting the floor. I knew who it was and why she was in my bedroom. She wanted to torment me yet again. I had been home a little over four weeks and damn near every night or early morning sneaking into my bedroom to tease me with her naked body.

"Are y... Continue»
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[Story] My Grandma 1

My Grandma 1
My grandmother is attractive for her age. She has kept very fit and has a pretty nice body. Her hair has that blondish white tint and she tries to look young, all while avoiding acting young. It always confused me. I would drop by my grandmothers once in a while and let myself in. She always liked seeing me and I enjoyed seeing her. Especially those 60 year old boobs in those cleavage baring dresses. But she was very straight forward, very strict. So sure, I always thought in the back of my mind what it would be like, but knew it was a disgusting thought and knew it would never h... Continue»
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[Story] garndma 2

So it had been a few days since I had sex with my grandmother. I hadn't been able to get it out of my mind and when my girlfriend came over one night I fucked her hard but I was thinking about my grandmother the whole time. I felt really bad inside but I kept getting hard every time I thought about my grandmother. Then a couple days later my grandmother called not and wanted me to come over for dinner. She didn't seem mad or sad, or like anything had even happened. So of course I agreed, but I was really worried. How do I know I wasn't being set up?

When I arrived at her house I was even mo... Continue»
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trying something new

Her friend Beth looked puzzled, "You used to be able to do all that on line and now you have to go in?"
"That's right", said Jennifer. "There are so many applicants and so few loans that now there's some sort of interview process. It can't amount to much and I'm good at that stuff. I'm supposed to be at room 103C in the basement of the Admin Building at 9:00 tonight. I know it seems weird but whatever…"

Jen walked down the shadowy stairs to the basement offices in the old admin building. The steam radiators made it very warm and damp and she could feel little trickles of sweat run out of h... Continue»
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b*****rly love

my memories of c***dhood are riddled with homosexual acts i performed.as far back as i could remember i was performing oral sex on my older stepb*****r..my mother was married b4 and had 2boys when she married my dad they were 4&6 i was born a yr later .we grew up in a rural part of new jersey me and my b*****r who is 5yrs older then me shared a room.the eldest b*****r was rarely even around.i really dont remember how it all started but i do vividly recall being under the blankets giving my b*****r nitely blowjobs.we didnt sl**p in the same bed .but he would look over at me call my name and lif... Continue»
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first threesome

This is a true story that happens about 4 years ago. Like most men watching and viewing porn you get a lot of ideas of things you would like to try someday. I really enjoyed the movies that showed a wife doing two guys at the same time. I would fantasy about me getting a blow job as another guy was plowing her pussy or ass. Then we would switch positions to fuck her or have her suck us off. The thought of another cock going in and out of all her holes was so exciting. Now how was I going to make this fantasy come about in my real life?

I had my wife watch some porn movies that show a l... Continue»
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