My girlfriends mum pt1

I had been with Michelle for about 2 months , she was sixteen now but still in school. she was about 5 ft tall an a chubby size 12 with large boobs , we had not had sex yet just a lot of fooling around she would let me touch her, she would sometimes wank me off but no sex yet . at eighteen years old this was hard for me to handle but I had ways of sorting myself out.
Michelle's mum Anna would let me stay over on the weekends and on Monday mornings when Michelle had gone to school and Anna to work and before I left to go to my own job at the gym I would have a little look around the house for some dirty underwear to smell and have a good wank over them.
Firstly it was just my girlfriends but one morning I decided to have a look around her mum's bedroom. Anna was a single mum of two with a older son who had left home .She was a bit taller than Michelle but the same shape , very curvy with big boobs and a full ass. she was an office worker so always smartly dressed in a skirt suit and heels.
my heart raced as I entered her bedroom , I could still smell her perfume and it was making me hard. I was naked opening her wardrobes and looking at some of the sexy dressers she had, some must have been from when she was married, a very short tight red dress, a PVC nurse outfit which I rubbed the tip of my cock on smearing pre-cum on it. I then moved to her draws, top one had bra's in, (size 38ff) next one had her tights in all colours , bottom draw panties so many types from thongs and g string to sexy sheer full knickers, then I found a key .What was it for ? what was she hiding ? I was in a sort of horny daze rooting quickly through her room then I found it a case under her bed. I turned the key but hesitated I wanted something else first , her dirty panties so I looked through her washing , Two pairs both thongs one black lace one red silky , I smell both inhaling deeply ,her smell finding some a****l like instinct in me that turns you on like nothing else . I put them both on the bed for later one pair to smell and the other to cum on but now I need to know what's in the case.
It was full of sex toys some dongs big and small, A box with anal training kit written on it an a picture of four butt plugs small to large , some anal beads , and stuff I thing must have been her husbands like cock rings and a penis pump which I decided to try right away I pushed my cock in an started to pump.
That's when Anna's voice brought me out of my horny daze "Your doing it all wrong" she said
I never new Anna had not gone to work and instead had been taking a bath, I don't know how long she had stood there in her bath robe , had she seen me smelling her thongs or put her sex toys to my mouth to try to taste her.
"It's my ex's he couldn't get it up " she said "not like you" . I was still hard an I started to mumble something about being sorry but she came closer and told me it's OK, she understood how I must feel being young and curious about an older woman . She sat next to me and I felt her hand on my back ,I turned to face her, again about to say sorry and stand up to walk out, but as I faced her she opened her bathrobe to one side to expose one of her large breasts "touch it " she whispered. I cupped it with my hand and she moved my head down towards her , I kissed her nipple ,A big hard juicy nipple ." Bite it" she said . So I bit down carefully on her she moaned out loudly then told me I was going to have to fuck her for making her so horny. She stood up and took off her robe , her figure was beautiful large firm boobs a nice chubby waist with a belly button stud her hips where wide but not fat , she was firm and tanned all over with a neatly semi bald pussy just some pubes cut short at the front but bald lips . she turned an walked to her dresser her big ass jiggling sexily beside her , she picked up her red lipstick and looking at me in the mirror slowly rubbed it oner her lips then said "your going to fuck me all day,I haven't been properly fucked for years, but first I'm going to suck that big hard cock of yours" .I looked down at my cock still stiff an dribbling now. Anna put her hair in a pony took a pair of sheer hold up stocking on an some high heel all the time she was telling me how her ex could not get it up for her and how she used to masturbate and have dirty thoughts about what she would do to a big cock. she took something out of a jar and put it in my mouth "swallow" she ordered "They where his but he refused to take them , I know you don't need Viagra now but you have a long day ahead of you and I'm not stopping for you to rest" than she took my hand an lead me to the bathroom "get in the shower dirty boys need washing" she giggled as she said this , she soaped up her hands an started to rub me all over but mostly around my balls and up and down my cock. I closed my eyes enjoying being washed like this by a woman. When I opened my eyes again I was shaved."that's why the pump never worked , no seal because of the pubes "she said. Then she rinsed me, dyed me and lead me back to the bedroom by my cock, she lied me on the bed and knelled over me her face level with mine her big tits swashed between us and my cock touching the wet opening of her 45 year old pussy . she licked my mouth her tongue caressing my lips then kissers down and onto my nipples sucking hard and biting each one the sexy pain making me arch up thrusting my cock along her chubby pussy she soon had me in her mouth sucking slow but very deep , I feel my cock in her throat as it tries to swallow me she comes back up with something in her hand , she pincher's my nipple "you like the pain?"she asks I just nod then let out a cry as she fastens nipple clamps tightly to me and heads back down to my cock and moves my legs up out of her way so she can suck my balls , softly at first but harder now like my balls are a cock. The pain in my nipples is going straight to my balls. she rubs my dick and I feel I'm going to burst , her mouth is back on my cock an she's sucking it like she's not been fed for days "come on boy ,do it in my mouth" she says then I burst shot after shot of hot thick cum into her wet mouth , she moans an she swallows the first three spurts and puts the next two over her face , she carries on sucking until I bet her to stop she comes back up to me and fingers my cum into her mouth "mmm you like that" she says as she lick her fingers clean " my turn now boy , an take your time nice an slow"
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very nice, like to see how this progresses