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Occupation:i do fucked up shit,i see the dark side of liverpool
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All the sweet dreams of my life have become bitter seeds that grow poisoned leaves . This is where i come to heal my hurts, This is my church and tonight God is a porn star.
Porn seems to help the pain, seems to cultivate the brain..
Wasting my time,Resting my mind And I'll never pine
For the sad days and the bad days now that i am
violently happy! but you're not here , come calm me down, i'm overemotional,i'll get into trouble real soon - if you don't get here ,i'm aiming too high,i'm getting too drunk an i'm driving my car too fast it will get me into trouble i don't know my future after this weekend and i don't want to!
it takes courage to enjoy it the hardcore & the gentle.

NO CONTENT NO ADD ..getting silly now people been on here for 100,00,00 days an can't even be arsed to have 1 pic or a story or even any favorites saved well whats the point of being friends ? if you add me to favorite users you can still see my profile friendship is a two way thing if you can't be bothered adding something what would i add you for if you have nothing to offer in return

My job is so fucking unbelievable. I'll try to sum it up by first telling you about the folks I work with:

First, there is this supermodel wanna-be chick. Yeah, okay, she is pretty hot, but damn is she completely useless.
The girl is constantly fixing her hair or putting on make-up.
She is extremely self-centred and has never once considered the needs or wants of anyone but herself.
She is as dumb as a box of rocks, and I still find it surprising that she has enough brain power to continue to breathe.

The next chick is completely the opposite. She might even be one of the smartest people on the planet.
Her career opportunities are endless, and yet she is here with us. She is a zero on a scale of 1 to 10.
I'm not sure she even showers, much less shaves her "womanly" parts.
I think she might be a lesbian, because every time we drive by the hardware store she moans like a cat in heat.

But the jewel in the crown has got to be the fucking stoner. And this guy is more than just your average pothead.
In fact, he is baked before he comes to work, during work, and I'm sure after work.
He probably hasn't been sober any time in the last ten years, and he's only 22.
He dresses like a beatnik throwback from the 1960's, and to make things worse, he brings his big fucking dog to work.
Every fucking day I have to look at this huge Great Dane walk around half-stoned from the second-hand smoke.
Hell, sometimes I even think it's trying to talk with its constant bellowing.
Also, both of them are constantly hungry, requiring multiple stops to McDonald's and Burger King, every single fucking day.
Anyway, I drive these fucktards around in my van and we solve mysteries and shit.

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1 month ago
Thanks for your comments
2 months ago
Love your stories :-)
2 months ago
outstanding page and vids, I love IR!
2 months ago
Thanks for the add
3 months ago
Thank you! XOXO!!
5 months ago
great stories you wrote
7 months ago
Thanks for invite!
Hope you enjoy my galleries. I have over 250 galleries and 12000 amateur pics, is one your ex, wife, girlfriend, or even your mom or sister? Have a look and see if you can recognise anyone!
9 months ago
thx for the comments, check back anytime!
9 months ago
Thanks for your friendship, nice profile!!
9 months ago
The latest picture albums and videos have been posted for your enjoyment, you can visit me when ever you feel the need for some mature/granny comforts x x
9 months ago
yes please come comment on my girlfriends pics and videos, use and abuse her hard
11 months ago
Thanks for the advice but the nook doesn't have those features I think.
1 year ago
Thanks for the comments on the pics of my wife. Much appreciated...
1 year ago
thanks for add huney, kisses
1 year ago
Thanks for your invitation.

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1 year ago
ty for invite--interesting
1 year ago
thanx dude
1 year ago
ha ha yer now that you mention it , it dose look like the start of a story . an i could write a book about the shit i have done an seen ,
1 year ago
Thanks for the add...some great content on here!
1 year ago
Your job description sounds like fun or at least the start of a funny story
1 year ago
Great galleries and favourites! :)
1 year ago
Thanks for the add Flump, and a great sense of Humor You do have Sir. Having a good wank with this site and humor is all one needs to survive the weekly grind of the salt mines eh? I think You have a gift for writing also. One can only look at flesh and jerk for so long, life with all meat and no bread wouldn't suffice. T.Y. and cheers Mate. D.
1 year ago
Yer thank The Lord we found a good site , i think most ordinary peoples lives would be more inure sting to watch on tv in place of fame Hungary idiots but most of what we do would probably scare the shit out of tv execs , jut imagin a camaraderie crew filming while your wanking off to some freaky shit on here ha ha
1 year ago
Awesome content flump... and I hope You don't mind my saying I had a few chuckles reading your prof-especially "the great dane-lol" . Oh I wish I could install cams in this rooming house I reside in currently-I could make a fortune from some tv exec I am sure- also have a chronic stoner here and his female king shepherd who I am sure has brain damage from the residual aromas in the air. Life is too short mate...enjoy every second while You can and thank god for this site right?
1 year ago
Nice page - great galleries
1 year ago
Thanx man, love yr great content!
1 year ago
As always, your comments are very much appreciated!
1 year ago
Some great piccies and vids
1 year ago
thank you for ur comment, i will take your advice n apply it to my next x
1 year ago
I noticed that as well...

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