the interview room tease

this is a story about an interview i went to recently
I am in the waiting room going for a job interview the room is packed the interviews are running Late getting really bored
All of a sudden the door opens in strolls a beautiful lady dressed in a business suit glasses ,skirt with a white blouse black tights and peep toes shoes the ultimate secretary look ,she looks amazing my eyes nearly pop out of my head looking at her pantyhose legs she walks up to the receptionist says
'I am Sarah here for an interview '
Ok the receptionist says ' take a seat'
I can't believe my luck the only seat free is directly opposite me Sarah takes a seat her skirt rises above her knee I look above the paper I am reading I can't take my eyes off those gorgeous legs in tights I look away can't get caught
Sarah moves on her seat and crosses her legs I hear her the sound of the her nylon legs rubbing together this is to much I take another look ,her shoes are the peep toe type I can see her perfectly manicured feet through the nylon that's such a turn on can't stop looking at her she is amazing
Slowly the room empties all the while I am taking sneaky looks at Sarah she is incredible I take another quick look those legs are stunning damn think she saw me looking.
The room is now empty apart from Sarah & I the receptionist says she is popping in to the next room for a moment it just us in the room
I take a another look cant help myself Sarah catches me again looking at her legs and this times she smiles slowly uncrosses her legs again I don’t take my eyes of her legs and feet in those peep toes ,starting to get aroused now hope she does not notice the bulge Sarah shifts on the seat again her skirt rises even higher I can see her smooth thighs underneath her tights such a horny sight I am sure she is teasing me my cock is starting to get harder she crosses her legs one more time slowly this time I get a full up skirt view wow my heart beats faster
Sarah is aware I am looking I am sure ?all of a sudden she leans forward
‘Your are looking at my legs aren’t you I saw you looking up my skirt’
‘sorry’ I reply
‘just cant take my eyes of you’
‘do you like my legs in these black tights’
‘yes I do’ I reply
‘do you like girls in nylon’
‘yes very much’
‘I guess you like my feet in these peep toes shoes also’
‘yes was I making it that obvious’
‘yes you were I don’t mind I like guys into my nylon legs and feet ‘
The receptionist comes back in the room
Sarah looks at me and starts to run her hands down her legs she sits up looking at me she opens her legs to let me look up her skirt checking if the receptionist is looking she lifts her skirt higher to reveal more of her nylon thighs my heart is pounding the
Bulge in my pants is now a full erection
The receptionist calls my name damn I have to stand up now Sarah laughs I blush
As I stand Sarah hands me a note it reads ‘meet me outside after the interview u can buy me a drink ‘
I enter the room the interviewer is a man I don’t stand a chance once he sees Sarah
As I stand outside waiting for Sarah the door swings open to the building its Sarah she is stunning those legs in tights are perfect the shoes she wears are perfect to
‘I got the job ’she says
‘surprise surprise I say with those lovely legs a girl as gorgeous as you I would have given you the job to’
‘Lets go get that drink I am in the mood to celebrate a new job new friend could this day get any better’
‘lets hope so’ I say……………………………
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