Clients wife cont(eventually!)

Returning the favour…

She stood and indicated I should do the same. We kissed again and she took my hands and placed them on her breasts,
“loosen up! Explore my body, I won’t bite…..yet!”
I didn’t need asking twice kneading her ample breasts and gently squeezing her nipples,
I pinched them between and fingers and twisted them a little, I heard a slight moan of pleasure, encouraged I increased the pressure receiving a gasp and a sly smile,
“you’re catching on, why not use your mouth”
I moved my head down and tentatively kissed her brown nipples then teasing them with my tongue before grasping each one between my lips and sucking hard. I felt a hand pushing on my head persuading me to continue my exploration. There was only one place either of us wanted me to go but I prolonged the moment lightly brushing my lips and tongue around her belly and slowly down to her inner thigh. Her legs parted invitingly and I gazed, mesmerized by the sweet smell and look of her moist mature pussy. I succumbed quickly and began a slow lick from the top to bottom of her pussy soon prizing apart her long luscious lips and pushing the tip of my tongue just inside her. I had to return to those lips, I’d never seen any so big I sucked each one individually into my mouth and enthusiastically played with them like a c***d in a sweet shop!
“There’s no rush! Try focusing on my clit.”
Now my sex ed had been a bit limited and really wasn’t sure what or where I was supposed to go! Thankfully she guided me to her small bud and I began to experiment with my tongue rubbing with the tip of my tongue softly increasing the pressure and speed, then using the flat of my tongue in different ways. From her different responses it soon came apparent which ways had the desired effect and I soon managed to find a rhythm that made her hips and body heave her breathing heavier.
“That’s it, ooh that is good. You can use your fingers inside me as well.”
I raised my chin still trying to keep the rhythm and slowly eased a finger into her, there was little resistance as she was so wet allowing me to follow with a second finger. It wasn’t long before her excitement caused her body to jerk I sensed her orgasm but she pushed my head away before she climaxed I was a little surprised she wanted to stop but her hand relaxed and her breathing calmed so I sneaked back down and continued a little slower gradually increasing the intensity until that moment was to happen again. Same, she stopped, caught her breath and then allowed me to continue. We went through the same act several more times until finally she could no longer contain it, loud, ecstatic moans erupted, her body bucked and her pussy pulsated. I looked at her and couldn’t believe how wet she had become I was unaware that women could come like that I had to taste her again eagerly licking her clean.
“My God that was good, I haven’t been treated to that in a long while, thank you.”
I insisted the pleasure was definitely all mine, and was extremely grateful to have had that experience. I had become hard again and dearly wanted to continue, she had noticed and began stroking my cock,
‘Maybe next time you’re around we can try some more things”
I was a little disappointed but figured it had been a much better day than I had expected and could only improve over the next few weeks as I had a lot of work pended with Mrs Smith!
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