gropping my passed out friend

so last week end i was at a party at a friends house and we were all doing extasy and getting fucked up. one of my friends clair was there and was looking really hot. she was wearing a nice tight baby blue sweater and a jean skirt. i could also tell she was wearing a black bra because i could see it through her sweater. so all night any chance i got i was staring at her tits and that sexy cleavage.
so at about 4am i went down to the basement to get m jacket to leave an clair was passed out on the couch, i stopped for a minute and took a good non interupted look at her tits because i new she was sl**ping and wouldnt catch me. after a minute of staring at her i walked to the other side of the room behind her so she couldnt see me and i stuck my hand down my pants and started stroking my cock. this big adrenaline rush came over me i couldnt believe it i was standing a foot away from her staring at her nice tits in her sexy d-cup bra while i stroked my cock. now i now her bra size because i stole one of her bras when she had a party a few months ago and i jerk off with it all the time.
so after watching her for about 5 minutes i tried to wake her up to see if she wanted a ride home, i knew she was going to wake up because we did alot of partying but i just wanted to make sure. so after she didnt wake up i leaned down and put my face up to her cleavage and took a big sniff WOW her tits and bra smelt so good i wanted to cum right there. then i slowly cupped her tit and started to fondle her breasts through that cute little shirt and and bra till i ended up cumming all over the couch she was lying on. that was one of the most enjoyable cumshots iv had in a while. it felt so good gropping and staring at those tits while i jerked off i wish i had a camera.

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1 year ago
Would love love to have seen it too. You should have cum on her tits!
2 years ago
so why didn't you suck on her tits and lick them too
2 years ago
hot experienced doin that to its real hot
2 years ago
your sad
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wish I was there to help!
2 years ago
Very hot and sexy!!!
2 years ago
I love to do that with my pasases out girlfriends, who gets sleep gets fuck!!!