my neighbors bras

so i have this girl that lives beside me and iv always thought she was kinda hot she wasnt very thin kind of chubby a bit but she had these nice big perky tits to fill out her body and she was always wearing tight shirts and sweaters with her clevage popping out and you could always see her bra line through the shirt. so whenever i had the chance i was always spying on her through my window or from the backyard so i could check out her tits in her tight little tank top and bra.
so one day i was mowing the lawn and she came outside and started to pack stuff in her car with her roommate so i asked them what they were doing for the weekend and they said they were going to a friends cabin so we talked a bit and then they left. after i finished the lawn i came inside and started to check out some porn on the net while i was stroking my cock i started to think about how my neihgbors was gone all weekend and i could break into their house and i would have all weekend to lay with her bras. so the more i thought about it the more i wanted to do it so i eventually went out side snuck into thier yard and started to pry open one of the basement windows after 20 minutes i got the window open enough for me to slip through and as soon as i dropped into the basement my heart started to beat. i then went strait upsatairs and started looking for her bedroom. i passed one bathroom and 2 bedrooms till i found hers at the end of the hall. as soon as i opened her door and walked in i saw one of her bras hanging off the back of a chair and a laundry hamper full of bras and panties and skirts i thought i was going to have a heart attack it was beeting so fast. the first thing i did was go over to the chair and grab the bra hanging off of it and stick it in my face and take a big whiff then slide her bra down my chest under my pants and around my cock then i walked over to her dresser, opened the top drawer and it was full of thongs and panties, closed the drawer and opened the one underneath and i was in heaven. she had a drawer full of bras so i stuck my face in the drawer and took another smell while i stoked my cock with her other bra. i then took 3 handfulls of her bras put them on her bed and was taking turns smelling and jerking off with all her bras till i ended up coming on this cute little silky white padded push up bra, i blew my load all over it there was cum dripping down the cup of her bra on to the cute little bow tie in the middle. so i knew i couldnt leave that bra there because she would see the huge cum stain on it so i stole that bra and another pink padded push up bra and crawled through the basement window and tried to put it back together so no one would notice. and that was about 4 months ago and now i can just sneak in throuhg the broken window any time shes not home and play with her bras
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4 months ago
What an experience! I once raided an apartment belonging to a female student and her mom. They're away and I only found six bras. But it's one of the happiest moments of my life! I didn't steal the bras, though.
1 year ago
Next time you are in there make sure you take some pics of her sexy bra drawer and her panty drawer
and post them on here so we can all jerk off to them. Better yet, steal a set for me and you can send them to me :))
1 year ago
fuck yeah! awesome mate & and ongoing wank fest.
2 years ago
What bra size she are??
2 years ago
you sick monkey.......did you blow you nose in them also....................sweet
2 years ago
Very naughty, VERY hot! It's good isn't it?