spying on my s****r

when i was 14 i was doing laundry one day and i saw one of my s****rs pink bras in the hamper. i always thought my s****r was hot but it never really went any father than that. she was 16 with nice little c-cup titts. so for some reason i pulled out the bra and started sniffing it and rubbing it all over my stomach and ****. and before too long i ended up ******* in my sisiters bra, then i heard footsteps coming downstairs so instad of putting my s****rs bra back coverd in ***, i quckily stuck it down my pants so i would not get cauhgt.

Ever since that day i take any chance to go into my s****rs room and jerk off with her bra and panties. Then when i was 15 i accidentely walked in on my s****r. she was in her room lying on her bed in cute little pair of white bra and panties with little cherries on them. after she yelled at me i closed the door and went to my bedroom with a huge hardon. i lyed on my bed thinking about how many times i jerked off in those bra and panties that she was wearing. after lying there with a pair of her painties wrapped around my ****. i kept on thinking i need too see her in that underwwear again. now are bedrooms are side by side on the second floor. so i climbed out my window to the roof and walked over to my s****rs window, when i got there her curtains were only halfv closed. so i peeked my head around the side of the window i saw my s****r lying on her tummy talkling on the phone in her sexy underwear. my **** got immediatly hard and i started jacking off. after five minutes i went bak to my room locked my door,grabbed a bra i stole from my s****r and the camera and went back to my s****rs window. now that i had a camera i zoomed in on her ***, i coud see he sexy little thong curving aroound her ***. but i realy wanted to see her **** but all i couldsee is the back and side of her bra strap. after about 10 minutes she got off the phone and sat in her bed against the wall. now i could finally zoom in on my s****rs nice perky **** being held up by that sexy little bra. after 5 minutes of me rubbing one of her bras against my **** while ispyed on her i finaly blew a huge load all over her bra. now i do that any chance i can get.

66% (26/13)
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2 months ago
you are a true voyeur.
and that was a nice hot story
9 months ago
always fun to perv on your family
1 year ago
show us your photos or video you took with your cam!
2 years ago
yes you are so hooked
2 years ago
That it any more