Jena's Story - Ch 2

When last we left Jena, she was on her knees in front of her boss without a shirt or a bra. Pondering how she got into the mess she's into now; stuck not only sucking her boss' cock, but now having to do so in front of the boss' wife. This is what she gets for being a horny little slut she thought to herself.

Just as Jena was going to start her manipulations on the now hard as a stone cock, that was only a foot from her face, the office door bust open. There stands the wife. Panting and sweating from what was most assuredly a fast sprint from her car into her husband's office. "I'm here," she panted looking at her husband.

Then slowly she looked down at her husband’s hard throbbing cock and the kneeling between his hairy legs was sweet Jena; that she's known for over two years now.

Seeing Jena's buxom bosoms was not what she was expecting, nor was she expecting the reaction her body had to seeing them. They were wonderfully huge!

Jena's breast looked like two halves of a large watermelon stuck to her chest. The best parts were her large areolas; and those being a gorgeous shade of milk chocolate with nipples that were starting to harden.

Jena was transfixed on the reaction her bare breasts were having on the boss' wife. Jena saw the desire in the wife's eyes and immediately felt the air in the room change. It no longer was just an obligated blow for her cruel horny boss, but a sensual cock worshiping session for the boss' wife.

Deliberately slow, Jena began to move towards her boss' grossly enlarged cock. She can't remember it ever being so large or leaking pre cum so early. Apparently, having the wife there was turning the boss on very much. Hmm, she thought to herself. Let's see how far these two will go.

With a gentle hand, Jena reached for the bl**d engorged cock. She didn’t wrap her fingers around his throbbing cock, which of course elicited a groan from the very horny boss. Instead, she gently ran her finger nails along the top of his thigh. Beginning at the knee, slowly moving up along his upper thigh, and just when he thought she was going to capture his manhood, she moved her hands to the outside of his legs and raked her fingernails back towards her. All this time, she was looking from the boss to the wife. Both were breathing hard and she moved closer to the desk to watch better.

The wife was wearing an emerald green wrap-around dress that matched her vibrant eyes. Eyes that were steadily watching what beautiful Jean was doing. Jena toyed with her boss for what to him, seemed like an excruciating lifetime, before she remotely touched his hardened cock. Still looking at the wife, Jena left hand under the boss’ cock and reached for the balls with a feather’s touch.

Jena, begin to gently massage those hairy balls and in doing so the boss finally had reason to moan. It felt good to finally have her hand on his jewels.

He didn’t know what was going on, because she had never teased him like this before. He was used to her just sucking him off with no whoops or hollers and that was that. Admittedly, it was a great suck, but damn if this blow wasn’t the best one he’s ever had. Slowly, he began to move a little.

Jena slowly moved her right hand over his cock and gently rubbed the ever leaking pre cum from the tip with her thumb and rubbed it over his long hard fucking tool. Letting out a slight moan, she was surprised at how turned on she was becoming.

Looking at her hands move over and under her boss’ cock, she realized she wanted it in her mouth. Wanted to taste his pre cum, and devour his cum into her being. Her pussy was aching now. An ache she hadn’t felt since she first and last saw, Eli. Oh Eli, she thought to herself. Just the thought of him made her wet.

Pre cum was on the tip of the boss’ cock again, and instead of rubbing it in, she had to have it; had to taste it. Just before she was going to lean down, she glanced up at the wife. The wife’s eyes were ablaze with passion, as were Jena’s. But she could feed her desire, without any hesitation, Jena looked back at the wonderfully hard cock in front of her. Leaning in slowly, though she wanted it badly, she wanted to make it last.

The wife watched as Jena was stroking the cock of her husband. A cock that she even as she looked at it now, did not look at all like the cock she was accustomed to. She noticed Jena opened her legs wider under. Why this caught her eye, she wasn’t too sure, but it was all so erotic that she was glad she arrived when she did.

Her breathing was heavy watching Jena lean in closer. Feeling her mouth dry from gaping open, she closed it and swallowed hard. Then licking her lips, and biting her bottom, she made a decision. There was no way she was just going to be standing there watching this.

Slowly, Jena reached the boss’ cock and flicked the pre cum from the tip. “Mmmm,” she moaned. She couldn’t help it. It tasted so good. She moved his cock with her right hand and dipped her head to suck in his balls. She greatly enjoyed massaging them with her tongue.

“Oh yeah,” the boss moaned out finally feeling the mouth that has brought him so many orgasms in the past. Leaning his head back, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations that he knew so well were soon to follow.

Moving with great quietness, but quickly, the wife found herself kneeling next to Jena at her husband’s cock. Hearing the moans from the two was making her extremely horny and she didn’t know how much longer her desires would stay hidden.

Sensing someone next to her, Jean looked up. Seeing the desire in her boss’ wife’s eyes, she knew something big was coming; and it was not coming from the boss.

With tentative hands, the wife reached one towards her husband’s cock. She began to gently massage them as she saw Jena do. Licking her lips, she looked at Jena. Knowing what she wanted, Jena moved so the wife could have a suck on the hard cock.

The wife did not lean down to engulf the cock into her mouth. Instead, she leaned into Jena and captured her mouth with a kiss. She could taste her husband’s cock on Jena’s sweet lips. Wanting to explore deeper into Jena’s mouth, the wife leaned in closer pressing her breast to Jena’s bare chest.

Jena was shocked to say the least, but knew this was going to be a very erotic session when she saw the wife’s reaction when she first walked in.

Just as Jena was starting to enjoy it the kiss, the boss cleared his throat. “Um, is someone going to get me off here?” he asked with a new spark in his eyes. “Or do I have to jack myself watching the two of you?” his voice cracked at the idea of watching his wife with the voluptuous Jena.

“Hmm,” the wife paused slowly moving a hand up to Jena’s breast. Jena shivered from the touch, and the boss just smiled reaching his hand down to stroke his still pre cum leaking cock. “Are you game?” the wife asked shyly.

In response, Jena reached out and untied the wrap-around dress the wife was wearing. The wife smiled as she felt Jena’s fingers working on her dress and began to lovingly fondle Jena’s breast. Her nipple was beautiful. The wife wanted to lean down and suck on it, roll it around with her tongue, and gently nibble it and see how Jena reacted.

“Oh my,” Jena gasped as she saw what was underneath the wrap-around dress. Absolutely nothing. “You are a naughty one,” Jena said in a sultry silky voice.

“Oh, as long as I’ve known her, she’s never worn anything under her clothes,” the boss said of his wife who was now playing with both of Jena’s gorgeous globes.

Jena let out a soft moan as the wife started to work on her nipples. Her touch was unlike anything Jena’s felt before. The wife leaned down and took a nipple into her hot mouth and gently sucked on the nub. “Mmm,” Jena softly whimpered. Moving her hands to stroke the auburn hair of the wife, she reached down to fondle one of the wife’s breasts; though they were not nearly as big as Jena’s the wife’s breast where indeed plentiful.

“Oh yeah baby,” the husband harshly added as he jerked his meat watching the two ladies in front of his cock.

“May I?” the wife asked the husband.

“Oh darling, you know you don’t have to ask me,” he smiled lovingly and longingly at his beautiful wife. Jena had never seen such softness in a person’s eyes. It was clear that this man loved this woman.

“Jena, do you mind if…,” the wife hesitated, but continued, “if I can lick your delectable pussy?” The question caught Jena off guard but seeing those sparkling green eyes, how could she refuse.

She didn’t say anything. She merely stood up, pulled the rest of her clothes off her body, and walked over to the couch. Sitting in the middle of the leather couch, Jena wantonly spread her legs and crooked her finger calling over the wife.

The smile on the wife’s face could not be any bigger. “Oh, Jena,” she exclaimed as she started to get up.

“No,” Jena said firmly. “Crawl over,” Jena was surprised at her tone of voice. She was surprised she said anything at all. But she could see the boss was thoroughly surprised by that, and jerked his cock a little faster. A wicked gleam in his eye as he watched his wife’s ass crawling over to Jena’s waiting pussy.

Jena’s mind was overflowing. Her senses were on overload and all she could think of was this beautiful luscious woman’s mouth was going to be lapping at her hot box and making her squirm. It occurred to Jena that the wife looked like a kitten crawling to its dinner. Without further thought she said, “Here kitty, kitty.”

The wife crawled over, at first not sure if she could indeed lick another woman’s pussy, but she’s been thinking about it for so long. It has become her masturbating fantasy when she’s alone. As she got closer, she could smell the arousal on Jena’s sex, and see that her fat lips where glistening and shining.

“Now my pet,” Jena purred. “Lick my cunt like a good kitty.” She finished so aroused and horny she almost shoved the wife’s face into her wet waiting cunt.

Licking her lips the wife reached over and kissed Jena’s knee. It was so soft under her lips. Slowly she guided her tongue over Jena’s thigh. She heard Jena let out a slow exhale, and started to nibble as she continued down her thigh. The closer she got to Jena’s hot pussy, the stronger her smell got.

Jena could feel the wife’s hot tongue gliding toward her aching pussy. She was ready to feel a woman’s tongue on her clit, to feel it licking up her pussy lips and dip into her most treasured well. Jena was thinking about the wife’s tongue, just as the very tongue lavishly licked from the bottom of her cunt all the way up past her clit. A deep shudder pasted over Jena’s body just as the wife began to lap like a kitty. “Oh yes, that’s a good kitty,” Jena purred.

The boss was still watching from his office chair when he saw his wife lick Jena’s pussy for the first time. Damn if he didn’t get harder. He stopped stroking for fear of cumming before these lovely ladies in front of him. Not to be outdone, he sauntered over to the couch and sat next to Jena.

Jena was lost to the feeling that the wife, no what she thought to herself, she’s not the wife, she is most definitely the kitty, she moaned to herself. Kitty was licking so well, that she didn’t know how she could have ever thought a man did a decent job of it. Her eyes were closed as Kitty licked her and she soon felt a hand on her nipple. Pinching it. She thought at first Kitty had reached up to tease her, but then felt a mouth over her tit. Next she felt the wonder sensations of slight pain with such grand pleasure as her nipple was bitten.

Jena was squirming more under Kitty’s tongue but when she looked up, she saw her husband nibbling away at those gorgeous tits. Kitty was very aroused watching this; she began to lick much more vigorously. Jena let out a load moan just as she hit a spot around her clit. She found it. Jena’s pleasure spot and now Jena was really going to get eaten.

Kitty was so turned on, she stared to finger herself; purring into Jena’s cunt causing vibrations to shoot through her mouth. “Oh yes, Kitty,” Jena moaned. “Right there, yes!” She knew it, she kept at it. Then inserted a finger into the wet juicy cunt feeling how wet it was. Just then the boss bit down hard on Jena’s tit causing Jena to have her first orgasm, gushing into Kitty’s mouth.

“Mmm,” Kitty found herself purring as she tasted Jena’s cum. The boss couldn’t stand it anymore. He got up and stood behind the wife, with no protest, he picked up her ass off her feet in the sitting position she was in, and placed her in a doggy position. Stroking his cock, he aimed it at his wife’s very wet cunt.

Rubbing his cock over her pussy to lubricate it, he then shoved it in with one swift thrust. Kitty moaned into Jena’s pussy causing Jena to moan from the moan and the thrust she felt through Kitty. Oh my Jena thought to herself. She was living her fantasy; a woman eating her pussy while that woman was being fucked from behind.

She could feel every thrust he pounded into her. Kitty moaned and so did Jena. The three of them were making guttural sounds and panting and moaning. The sounds were erotic in themselves. Sweat poured off the husband, but he didn’t want to cum first. He wanted the ladies to first. He wanted to cum on their tits and watches them rub it into each other’s tits.

Jena was so close, so very close to cumming all she need was just a push over the edge. Just then Kitty bit down on her clit, and that did it. She came hard and she was experiencing the kind of orgasm that she’ll remember for years to come; backing arching, toe curling, eyes rolling in the back of your head, squirting king of orgasm.

Having Jena come so hard and squirt pushed Kitty over the edge as she tried to drink Jena’s cum and was being fucked harder still for her efforts. Quickly, boss moved from behind his wife and picked her up and placed her next to Jena on the couch.

Still coming down from their own orgasms, the girls watched as he jerked his meat in front of them. Quickly and without much thought, they began to lick at his balls and his cock. Jena could taste Kitty’s cum on his cock. She wanted more. She wanted to have it all in her mouth, but that was not what the boss wanted.

He pushed them both back and let out a growl that could have frightened a lion, as he let out jet after jet of white sticky cum. It landed where he wanted and the two ladies rubbed their gifts into each other’s tits.

Finishing with a kiss, the boss looked at his wife and then at Jena and stated, “Damn that was fucking hot.” The all grinned in agreement and all began to wonder when they would next enjoy each other’s bodies.


Jena couldn’t believe what she had done with her boss and his wife. It has been some three weeks now, but it is still something that she doesn’t quite believe happened and how it still continues to happen from time to time.

It was Friday and she was so ready for the weekend. She’d had a rough week, and was ready to relax. All she had to do was wait for UPS to come and pick up these boxes. Damn it if they didn’t come late when she most wanted to leave.

Jena was putting things away in the bottom drawer of the filling cabinet when she heard a long low whistle. Startled, she turned around to find him, Eli. “Oh my, you scared me,” she rushed out.

“Sorry darlin,” she said with a Texas drawl, “but I just couldn’t help myself.”

She blushed at his words, “Oh stop it,” she said as she walked to the boxes. Trying to change the subject she motioned to the boxes and said, “We only have these two today.”

“Oh that’s great, and then I can finally ask you something,” he said with a shine in his eyes.

“And what would that be?” she asked suspiciously.

“Well, I didn’t do it last time I was here, and look how long it took for me to get this route again,” he said almost shuffling his feet.

“Yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you.”

“Yeah, and I just can’t walk out this door without asking you out,” he finished staring directly into her eyes.

“Oh,” she said looking surprised. Oh my, she thought to herself, could this be real?

“So…,” he waited for a response. She going to tell me no, he thought. I should have asked her the first time I saw her. Darn my cowardice he reprimanded himself.

Jena was feeling confident in herself and in her sexuality and she knew she wanted to have Eli. So why not say yes and see where this leads to. “Yes, Eli. I will.”

“Cool,” he answered nonchalantly, but was jumping up and down inside. “I get off in thirty minutes, if you are free tonight?” he asked before thinking of how desperate that sounded.

“Sure,” she coolly answered, “where do you want to meet?”

“I’ll pick you up if you don’t mind. My intentions are honorable,” he said.

Jena melted at his words but damn it if she didn’t want him to be dishonorable for at least tonight. “That sounds wonderful Eli.” They exchanged numbers and she gave him her address. He was to pick her up in one hour, which gave her enough time to get showered and dolled up. What would happen tonight she thought as she watched him leave.

Eli was on cloud nine as he walked into the truck and put the boxes away. He was looking forward to tonight. He was going to show Jena a good time, and no matter what, he was going to be a gentleman no matter how much he wanted to rip her clothes off and suckle a nipple.

Tonight they both thought… tonight.

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