Jena - A BBW Story

The rain continued to poor down in an endless veil over the window pane. It was hard to pay attention to anything on her desk while the wonderful melody of raindrops continued outside. Slowly she took her eyes away from the window, only to see her boss walking towards her. She took a deep breath and waited for the onslaught of cruelty to begin.

"Why are you still here?" demanded her employer of more than two years.

Keeping the urge to cringe away from him hiden, Jena replied, "I was waiting for you to come in to finish signing the papers, sir." She only added the sir because if not she would have said something inappropriate.

"Oh," he stumbled through, "well you should have reminded me yesterday."

"I would have, if you would have been here," she remarked matter-of-factly.

"I have a cell," he barked.

"Yes sir, I know, but you didn't answer it," she said a bit softer.

"Well damnit," her boss huffed. "Give me the papers," he almost yelled. Storming into his office he got to his desk and yelled for her to follow him.

She gathered her wits and walked into his office.

"Close the door," he barked.

Oh please no, she thought. I can't do this again. She walked to the chair in front of his desk and was about to have a seat when he looked at her sharply. She knew what he wanted. She could not believe she had to do this to her jerk of a boss.

It all started because she just couldn't wait to get home. She just had to do it at work...

Four months ago...

It had been a long day and Jena was alone in the office. She was usually working late since she didn't have a social life. She was 33 years old and what some refer to as Big and Beautiful. She had large breast, 38DDD, which she usually hated because they always got in the way, a rather large ass, wide hips, and a poochy belly. She had dark brown eyes that many men lost themselves in and black raven hair. Being Latina, she had the curves, but not the attitude.

Today had been a rather interesting day. Jena for some reason had been aroused all day long. Even this morning when she woke up, she had to please herself in the shower before getting ready for work. It was not unusual for her to pleasure herself in the shower, but not in the mornings. An hour later just before she was leaving her apartment, she had to stop and pleasure herself yet again. It was so intense and she was so wet, she had to change her underwear and jeans. This was going to be a long day.

And it was… First, she got a phone call from a very irritated customer in Austin, and had to calm him down. Once he was calm, she realized that the sound of his voice was turning her on. She tried to hurry him off the phone, but he was being very flirty and of course she had to in return. Once she hung up, she made a mad dash to the restroom and calm down. As hard as she tried, she just couldn’t. She had to rub that ache in her crotch.

It felt so good to rub her clit, moving her fingers in circles around it. “Mmm,” she moaned quickly as she could for fear of being heard. She rubbed harder wanting to cum quickly. She dipped her two fingers into her sopping wet pussy and rubbed it over her clit. “Oh yes,” she hissed through her teeth. Biting her lower lip, she rubbed and pushed so hard she came and almost drew bl**d from her lip trying to keep quiet. Dipping her fingers back into her pussy, she brought them up to her mouth to taste. She moaned internally loving the taste of herself.

It was like that all day long. Work, work, work and then something would set her off and she’d have to go to the bathroom to rub away. Five o’clock seemed to be approaching too slowly for her taste, but it did eventually hit five o’clock. With a sigh she was almost out the door, when the boss man told her she had to make sure the packages went out. “But he’s not here yet,” she almost whined.

“I know, that’s why you have to wait,” he said sarcastically and walked out of the building, leaving Jena to wait for the UPS guy.

She knew it wouldn’t be their regular UPS guy who would be coming, he was never late. So there she was all alone, waiting for the packages to be picked up with her clit and pussy lips throbbing at the prospect of a handsome stranger coming by.

She was just thinking of going online to do some erotic reading when she heard the door open down the hall. "Hello?" She questioned.

"Hello,” came an unfamiliar voice. "Where are ya?"

She rolled her eyes, "I'm the third door on the right," she said as she made her way towards to packages.

"Oh there you are," the voice came from behind her.

"Yep," she bit out, "here I am." She finally turned around and saw a pair of piercing blue eyes looking right at her. She immediately felt a tingle in her already aroused sex. "Oh, I'm sorry...," she managed to sound somewhat normal.

"Oh it's ok," he said walking further into the office. "I wasn't sure if anyone was here, I'm sorry I'm so late," he said as he looked at her dark chocolate eyes. "By the way, my name's Eli," he added as he stepped forward to shake her hand.

Jena was blushing, though she didn't know why. He just introduced himself and was standing there waiting for her to shake his hand. "Oh sorry," she sputtered out reaching for his hand, "my name's Jena." When she touched his hand, she felt a jolt in her crotch. Oh no, she thought. Quickly she pulled her hand away from Eli's and tried to stay calm.

Eli noticed how flushed she looked. It was a bit warm in the office, though he could clearly hear the air conditioner going. He noticed that Jena looked away towards the packages, and he took that opportunity to take in her voluptuous body. He almost reached out to touch her large breast; he was a breast man and he had never seen any that big, only in magazines and online. He almost had a hand out when Jena spoke. "Huh," he mumbled. "I'm sorry it's been a long day, could you repeat that?"

"Yes," she answered turning to face him. She thought she saw something in his eyes, but mentally shook her head and continued, "we only have 6 today, but we'll have more tomorrow," she said as she checked the addresses for the umpteenth time.

She was bending over and had given Eli a grand view of her large ass. He moaned inside. Wow, that was a huge ass. I wonder if it jiggles when it's spanked. He thought. Does it feel soft? How red would her cheeks get after being spanked for five minutes? Would she moan? He needed to stop thinking these things or he was going to have a hard on soon. And that would not be smart in front of this gorgeous example of a woman, too late. He quickly started to scan the boxes and picked up the first four. Maybe some exertion would help? He thought. "I'll be right back for those other two," he said as he was walking out.

“Sure thing,” Jena replied. "Wow," she exhaled, "his ass is great too." She watched him till the door closed behind him and she was alone. She realized she was wet just from his ass. Damn, I must really need a good fuck. She sat down and was finally cooling down when he came back for the other two boxes.

"Well, I'll try to be earlier tomorrow," he said with the two boxes in front of himself.

"Oh it's ok, I'm always here late anyway," she had said before she could censure her mouth.

"Hmm, really?" he asked his interest piqued.

"Oh well ya know," she tried to recover. "I'm a hard little worker bee," she finished with a brilliant smile.

"See ya tomorrow then," he said with a wink and a smile as he walked out the door.

Oh my, Jena thought. That wink made her think he might be flirting. She knew better but for now she was going to pretend. And her pussy was way ahead of her. She locked the front door and was trying to finish the office duties in a rush so she could go home and rub the ache in her pussy. She just couldn't wait.

She knew she was alone. It was after seven o'clock and everyone left at five. She could just reach into her pants and release some of the pressure. She was so turned on; she kept seeing his eyes looking at her. That wink and smile before he walked out and finally, that great ass walking away from. Her pussy was throbbing, needing to be touched, to be fondled, to be fucked.

Her jeans were too constricting so she decided to just take them off. Pulling her jeans and underwear off and almost threw them across the room; she let out a soft moan. Oh my how good it felt to be rubbing her clit. She needed more. She unbuttoned her shirt and bra and immediately found herself pinching a nipple. Oh yeah she thought. She pulled on her nipple and pinched it hard leaning back on her office chair with one leg over the arm. She rubs her clit and was oblivious to the world around her. She moaned and needed to feel something in her.

She pushed two fingers into dripping wet pussy. "Oh yesssss," she moaned. "Oh oh oh," she continued to moan as she begin to move her hips fucking her fingers.

She had no idea that her boss had come back to the office to make sure that the packages were indeed gone and come through the back door. She of course didn't hear the door because she was lost in her own passions. He heard moaning and quickly started to tread lightly. He didn't know what was going on but he knew Jena was still there because her car was still outside.

"Oh my yesss yesss oh yeah," Jena moaned. She was getting close and had her eyes closed as she pleased herself.

The boss came to the open door and was shocked. There was quiet calm Jena; totally exposed lewdly fucking herself vigorously. Her hair was a mess, her large breast which he had never seen were gorgeous, plopping up and down in rhythm with her hips. He instantly got hard. Her moans continued and his eyes were drawn to her hand between her legs.

"Oh yes Eli," she moaned. Boss man wondered who this Eli was, but he didn't care. He was so turned on he just wanted her to keep going. He didn't like big girls well at least he didn't think so. But he loved what he was looking at and those tits were driving him insane. He took it upon himself to unzip his pants; slowly he didn't want to disturb Jean who was getting close.

He sat in the other chair and began to stoke his engorge cock. "Oh Eli, fuck me. Fuck me harder...," she gasped as she fucked herself harder. And to the boss' amazement stuck her nipple in her mouth and bit it hard. That did it. She came and came hard with her juices flowing out of her and kept coming.

Boss man was rock hard and just couldn't resist. He wanted her lips around his cock. He was hoping she would be too lost to her on going orgasm to know what she was doing. He slowly and quietly walked towards her with his hard cock in one hand. As he got closer he reached out and pinched the nipple that wasn’t in her mouth and that gave her another wave of an orgasm and she let go of the nipple in her mouth. With that, he touched his cock to her lips and as he hoped, she willingly opened her mouth and sucked his cock.

Jena was lost inside the world of ecstasy. She knew that once she bit her nipple she was gone, but to have pinched her other nipple and not realize it was something else. She felt something on her lips and knew her imagination was working overtime. She loved to suck her own juices from a cock. Mmm she moaned and then heard another moan. She didn't imagine that... Slowly she opened her eyes and saw her boss standing above her with his cock in her mouth.

She wanted to stop but he got a rhythm going that was making her hot all over again. She kept sucking and moaned all around his cock. Mmm, it had been so long since she had a cock in her mouth she didn't care right now. She began to rub her clit again she was so turned on by his cock. He was moving faster and faster and then with a grunt and shove he started to blow his load in her mouth. One squirt and he pulled out and finished on her huge tits. He loved the look of his white cream on her tanned colored skin and dark areolas; almost made him hard again… almost.

Jena began to massage her boss’ cum all around her hard nipples. She moaned at the feel of it on her skin and took the fingers she was using to rub the cum into her mouth to have another taste. Sucking on her fingers like a cock, she tasted the saltiness of his cum and let out a little moan.

He was breathing hard when he was done and could still her Jena’s pussy making sweet sloppy noises. She was still rubbing her clit and he was watching. Waiting to if she was going to have another orgasm with her fingers in her mouth. It didn't take long, it was mild but she came again in front of her boss. After all was done, they stared at each other. Jena didn't know what to think or say, but her boss did.

"That was some show," he said still looking at her tits with his cum on them. She blushed and tried to cover up. "Don’t do that on my account," he said. Clearing his throat added, "It seems to me that our professional relationship has changed," he continued with a gleam in his eye. "You are a really good cock sucker. Sorry I didn't last long, but next time I'll do better."

"Next time?" Jena asked surprised.

"Of course, you can't expect me to get a blow like that and not want more," he said. "And next time you'll have all your clothes on so it won't be so bad," he continued thoughtfully. "No wait; I want you topless when you blow me."

"And what makes you think I will do that and keep doing it?"

"Your job," he said and walked out zipping up his pants.

Jena sighed. She didn't know why she let some random, gorgeous man get her so hot. Well at least she would see him tomorrow. Hopefully she'd have better will power.

Unfortunately, Eli didn't come back the next day. Or the next. Or the next.

Present day

As had become the custom, Jena took off her shirt and bra and kneeled in front of her boss to blow him. At first she sort of enjoyed it, but she got nothing in return except a throbbing clit and no way to satisfy herself till she got home.

"I have a surprise for you today," Boss man told her as she was dropping to her knees.

"And what is that," she replied.

"My wife is coming in to watch you suck my cock," he said with all the excitement of a c***d.

"What!" Jena was shocked. She knew the wife knew she sucked his cock because she brought it up one day. She was so happy Jena did such a good job because she hated to do it herself. Gross thing to do she had told Jena. And now she wanted to watch. "Why?"

"She is thinking of trying it again," the boss grinned. "She says I talk about your mouth too much while I'm fucking her pussy." He laughed while picking up his phone. "Ok darling, she's on her knees with her top off in front of me, if you wanna come see this, you best get here soon," he grinned and hung up. "She'll be here in two minutes."

What have I got myself into with this couple, all because of one weak moment over one gorgeous man?

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1 year ago
WOW great story. Loved it. Hope it keeps going.
2 years ago
I sure like where this is going!
3 years ago
what a great story
3 years ago
Good story ~ will read the next chapter tomorrow ~
I'd enjoy sharing a few of my own with you, if your interested
3 years ago
I felt like I was there. Like an office worker on that floor that had to stay late but they didn;t see me. I saw everything as it was read.Excellent job with the story. Watching Jena at her job. I had to snap back to reality from that one. Amazing.
3 years ago
great story, love it
3 years ago
Thanks for the great comments guys.. :)

am working on the next one to post soon...
3 years ago
nice story!
3 years ago
very good & hot start
3 years ago
Oh, excellent lewd story! Sizzling hot and juicy. I just love to find such horny conceived and well told story that have such an effect on me ;)