Airport Screening

"Could you step in here please, sir?" The TSA girl was cute, I've always liked women in uniform. I was a little annoyed with the delay, however. Not that I was in any hurry, my buddy Paul had dropped me at the airport on his way to work, and my flight wasn't leaving for another three hours. I sighed and stepped into the small room she had indicated. Did I say cute? She was more than cute, with short red hair, blue-green eyes, a nice smile, and a fantastic rack. "What's this all about?" I asked. "Random screening," she replied. I sighed and sat down as she closed the door.

Well, at least she wasn't some hairy overweight retired guy with hair growing out of his ears! She leaned forward to unzip my bag and I caught a good look at her cleavage. My cock began to twitch as she continued to search, and I tried to adjust my position to give it a little freedom. She looked up quickly, catching both the direction of my gaze and my attempt to adjust my boxers. "Everything okay?" she smiled. I blushed a little, then met her gaze directly. "Yeah, I'm okay," I said. "It's just that the explosives I shoved up my ass this morning hurt a little." She smiled, then put on an expression of mock severity. "Oh sir, you should never joke with the TSA! We have to investigate every possibility when terrorism might be involved. I'll need you to take your clothes off and lie down on that table."

I did as she said, noticing her gasp as I dropped my boxers and exposed my now-hard 9" cock. She swung two stirrups into place aftar I laid down, and I put my feet in them. The position f***ed my knees up and outward, completely exposing my ass. A little precum oozed out onto my belly as she snapped on a pair of tight latex gloves and applied some lubrication to the fingers of her left hand.

I had never had anyone stick anything into my ass before, I had a girlfriend who tried but I resisted. Finding myself completely in control of this TSA girl was incredibly exciting, and my cock throbbed as she gently inserted her index finger into my ass. She stroked slowly in and out, and the sensation was amazing. My cock was rock-hard, and there was more precum on my belly. "We'd better make sure you don't have more than three ounces of liquid stored in there," she said with a smile, and squeezed some lube onto my cock. She slipped a second finger into my ass as she began stroking my cock with her right hand.

I had never in my wildest dreams thought that I had so much cum in me. I cried out as I pumped spurt after spurt of jizz up over my head, onto my face, my chest, and my belly. My ass squeezed against her fingers as I came, and I couldn't believe how good it felt. My cock finally began to soften as she slowly pulled her fingers out of my ass and stripped off her gloves. "Only one way to test this suspicious fluid," she smiled, and began licking the cum off my body. She helped me get dressed afterwards, and wrote her name and phone number on a piece of paper. She handed it to me, saying, "As you can see, sir, the TSA is very thorough. Call me when you get back from your trip." I left the screening area completely drained, but anxiously looking forward to my next trip to the airport. Hey, I'm only too happy to do my part in the war against terrorism!
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