Frankie & Ian meet a couple

Frankie & Ian meet a couple

Frankie and Ian had gone out for a meal in a local restaurant and while there met a couple Chris and Danny and they had all got on like a house on fire. Chatting easily and having fun in each other’s company.

Before they knew it they had spent the night in the restaurant and it was time to leave, as they got up to leave, they were saying their goodbyes and agreed to keep in touch swapping numbers with each other.

Ian asked the restaurant to order them a taxi and when they said where they were going Danny and Chris only lived a couple of streets away so they all agreed to share a taxi.

When they got to Danny and Chris’s Chris asked if they would like to come in for a coffee or a top up and Frankie and Ian saw no reason not to, neither where at work the next day so they all got out of the car and went in their house.

Chris led them through to the living room and asked if they wanted a drink, they had all drank a lot of wine in the restaurant so decided to continue with more.

‘Can I use facilities?’ Ian asked and Chris pointed him in the direction he needed, Frankie was also busting so followed Ian upstairs to wait for him to finish, as he came out he asked Frankie if she thought Danny and Chris might be up for some fun. Frankie was slightly embarrassed that they had just met this couple and Ian was thinking about shagging them.

She laughed him off and said ‘don’t be silly, we hardly know them, how do you approach a subject like that?’ ‘Well we will just go with the flow and see what happens’ he replied with a grin on his face.

As Frankie relieved herself she felt she was already quite turned on , but then Ian did that to her, she only had to think about Ian’s cock and she was soaking wet.

As she came out Ian was still stood there and he pushed his hand towards her pussy asking her ‘if she was wet for him yet?’ She pulled away from him laughing as she walked downstairs with Ian following her.

As they walked through the living room door Frankie stopped suddenly forcing Ian into her back at the sight that greeted them, Chris on her knees, Danny seated with his jeans round his ankles and Chris’s mouth moving up and down his very hard cock.

Frankie’s instinct told her they should just back out and go home and leave them to it, just as Danny whose head had been back eyes closed when they walked in lifted his head up and said ‘sorry guys it’s wine, it always makes me so damn horny we were supposed to be finished by the time you came back down’.

Flustered Frankie replied ‘it’s ok we will just go and catch up with you tomorrow’ as she headed for the door, ‘Ian get my bag and come on we are going’, she was really flustered now as she tried to head for the door Ian just stood staring as Chris’s mouth trailed backwards and forwards not letting go of Danny’s cock for a second.

‘Ian come on we are going, you can have yours at home,’ but there was no moving Ian he was transfixed, ‘I am going without you’ she said now. ‘Don’t you have the urge the bend down there and eat that lovely pussy while I wank over you’ he asked his breathing getting noticeably faster.

Frankie then looked and saw that Chris’s pussy was looking very inviting as she bent to get Danny in her mouth, her dress had rode up and all she had covering her was a white lace thong.

‘Do you want to lick it? She asked Ian, really not wanting him to reply yes, ‘fuck yes, if you will let me’ he said a little too loud.

‘I fucking wish one of you would just get between my legs and stop discussing it, I am not bothered which one it is but my pussy is wet for tongue right now’ Chris nearly shouted, shocking them both without hesitation they both made for her pussy, Frankie beating Ian to it, she quickly laid on her back on the under Chris’s pussy, lifted her own dress and invited Ian in hers.

Ian didn’t need asking twice he was on the floor her pants off and buried into her clit, rubbing his fingers feeling her wetness and licking gently at her clit. Frankie hips lifted off the floor to meet his tongue and she pulled Chris’s thong to one side so started to gently kiss her clit, lips and back towards her ass hole, Chris was soaking as Frankie lapped her juices with her tongue, she smelled good too.

Frankie grabbed Chris’s hips above her and pulled her down to her mouth, riding her up and down between pussy and ass hole her tongue following the trail, Chris pushed into her silently pleading for her to fuck her clit with her tongue.

Frankie had only done this once before but knew she had made Sue cum in buckets when she had licked her so she got to work, pulling out her lips finding the nub of Chris’s now swollen clit she flicked her tongue hard over it backwards and forwards increasing her speed with each lash of her tongue, she got so carried away with satisfying Chris that she didn’t feel Ian bring her to her first orgasm until she started to shake and her juice squirted from her straight into his face.

At more or less the same time she heard a growl as Danny came in Chris’s mouth, as Frankie rode her own orgasm and Ian’s fingers which were now in her pussy, Chris started to bounce about on her face as Frankie tried to hold her down to keep licking and lapping her Chris moaning above her she felt her tense as she tried to pull away from Frankie her orgasm started, Frankie was having to hold her with all her might to catch her orgasm.

Frankie fucked it with as much pressure as she could, as she inserted a finger into Chris’s pussy she collapsed on Frankie and soaked her face with her juice, Frankie lapped at her juice and continued licking her until she couldn’t stand anymore.

Ian still playing with Frankie’s pussy as Chris got off her face, Ian leaned in to kiss her tasting Chris’s juices all over her face, Ian fingered her to another quick orgasm. Ian was fantastic with his fingers she could just cum and cum over and over with him.

Still strangely since Chris asked for someone to lick her pussy no words were exchanged as Chris undid Ian’s jeans now, his fantastic cock did what it always does and sprung straight to attention, ‘bl**dy hell what do we have here’ Chris exclaimed as she examined Ian’s and Frankies’s to be honest pride and joy, her tongue snaked out and licked the tip, precum already evident Chris held Ian’s cock gently as she tried to get him in her mouth, he kept falling out, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and managed to get the head in, circling his tip with her tongue she was moaning loudly as the specimen going in and out of her mouth, she cupped his balls and ran her hand down his shaft.

Frankie just lay there watching fascinated at someone else licking Ian’s cock, he was still fingering her and she was still cumming as she felt Danny move towards her his mouth on hers tonguing her deeply a nipple in each hand squeezing and rolling between forefinger and thumb, she found herself kissing him back as Chris moaning on Ian’s cock and the familiar wet sound of mouth on cock. She reached down and found Danny’s cock and started to massage it as he continued to kiss her and roll her nipples.

He was hard again already and she wanted him inside her, he swooped from her lips to her breasts taking in each nipple, nibbling and sucking it as he reached out and grabbed a condom, opened it quickly he smoothed it on ‘I want your Mrs’s pussy now Ian, take your fingers out so I can have her’ Ian obliged as his fingers left Frankie’s pussy they quickly found Chris’s and he continued the assault on Chris he had just put Frankie through while she licked and sucked up and down his shaft.

Danny grabbed Frankie turned her over, pulled her up to kneel on all fours and without much effort was behind and comfortably buried to the hilt in her wet pussy, his hands came round as his fingers continued rolling her nipples, Frankie rode back against him as he pounded in and out of her, hitting her g-spot she felt her orgasm approaching quickly the need to pee very strong as she squirted she nearly pushed Danny’s cock out of her, but he was strong and held her back to him as he rode her orgasm with her, Ian was watching Frankie being fucked from behind and even though he wanted to cum for Chris he could also see an opportunity of being in Frankie’s ass at the same time Danny was in her pussy.

Chris was cumming all over his fingers as he punched at her pussy his cock fell out of her mouth with the strength of her orgasm so Ian saw his opportunity.

‘Lay on your back mate and let Frankie get on top’ Chris quickly obliged and he pulled out rolled under Frankie she quickly mounted him and continued the stroke and momentum she had gathered earlier, she laid against him inserting her nipples into his mouth, let him suck greedily on each one in turn, she felt Ian behind her as he lifted her off Danny his fingers where inside her scooping her juice and rubbing her ass hole and his cock with them.

Ian sat Frankie back down on Danny and Chris appeared at his side holding his cock Frankie felt fingers circling her ass hole as she f***ed herself harder onto Danny, Chris’s fingers started to work her ass as she felt Ian’s cock head push at the entrance she came again over Danny’s cock.

Ian pushed at the entrance with Chris running her hand down his shaft guiding him in, Frankie felt her ass relax as Ian’s cock started its slow movement in to her Danny fucking her pussy as hard as he could with Ian in her Danny slowed down to let him get all the way in.

Once Ian was in they both started to ride in motion with each other, Ian could feel Danny’s cock through her pussy walls so Danny could no doubt feel Ian’s cock too.

Frankie felt that she had been lifted up and taken away from what was happening to her as both cocks pounded in and out of her she felt wet and cum was squirting out of her pussy as Danny fucked in and out of her.

She was rising again now, higher, higher, the shake started in her arms as it moved down her sides into the pit of her stomach, she was shaking so much Danny was struggling to hold her, somewhere in the distance she felt Danny tense up, pull her hard down onto his cock with a groan he was cumming, as the feeling hit her legs she struggled to hold on to Danny while Ian still pounded her arse, Danny collapsed spent beneath her, her legs shook Ian held her tight lifted her off Danny, as Danny rolled away Ian was buried deep inside her, she was clinging on now for what seemed like life itself, she started to feel herself falling downwards now legs and body stills shaking as her orgasm hit her full on she squirted and squirted and squirted riding Ian as it spilled from her, as she collapsed completely on the floor she felt Ian’s cum hit her rectum as he folded her into his arms.

He held her while her orgasm subsided, picked her up, dressed her bidding their goodbyes Danny sat on the floor stroking Chris’s pussy while she stroked his cock and lead her out of the door.

He held her hand as they walked home, as they entered the house he picked her up, carried her upstairs, laid her on the bed as she rolled her onto her side he slide in behind her burying his cock deep inside her pussy he made love to her slowly and gently until both completely spent they fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

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Great story!