Frankie's First Chocolate Part 2

As Frankie recovered herself, her body stocking soaked from top to bottom with either her juices or champagne, Kai scooped her up in his arms and laid her on the bed, as he started to pull her arms out of the stocking, he lost his patience and started to rip at it, first he pulled it away from her breasts and as he felt it rip beneath his agile fingers he continued to tear it all the way down to her pussy, leaving her totally exposed where he wanted her to be.

In her excitement at what Kai was doing to her she had not even noticed his towel was on the floor and his beautiful cock was springing free, shaved, cut and hard as a rock, she stared in wonder at it, taking in his size, it was the biggest cock she had ever seen, her pussy was squirming at the thought of him entering her, not even sure he would be able to.

She lifted herself up off the bed as Kai stood at the side of the bed all she wanted was to taste him, she snaked out her hand and grasped him between her fingers, she couldn’t get her whole hand around it so she held him and stroked the tip with her thumb, his precum already evident.

While she stroked him, she swooped down and started to circle the tip with her tongue, not only did it look amazing it had its own taste too, sweet somehow, as she continued to circle the tip she felt Kai’s fingers move under the ripped body stocking and push her thighs apart, her pussy still wet grabbed at his finger as he slowly inserted it not moving at all, he then inserted another and started to rock her forward on them.

Frankie continued her circling of his tip as he was getting wetter by the minute, she opened her mouth as wide as it would go and took in the end of his cock, as she started to move down she struggled with his girth and thought he would rip her mouth in two! “It’s ok I don’t expect you to be able to take it in” “the most sensitive bit is the tip anyway” “continue licking the tip I can cum just from that”. Frankie was relieved because it wasn’t pleasurable at all trying to get him in her mouth so instead she held his shaft as best she could and licked the shaft from top to bottom on both sides stopping to circle the tip and taste his precum.

Kai now started to rock her faster on his fingers as he sought out her g-spot he pressed harder and harder until Frankie could feel the familiar pee feeling, still trying to ride his cock with her mouth, she felt a bit inadequate and worried she was going to be able to satisfy him.

As she rode Kai’s fingers her orgasm approaching she continued her assault on his tip and cupping his balls, squeezing the shaft, she felt what she hoped was the rise of his orgasm. Kai slowed down his fingers as he felt his own orgasm climb through his cock, Frankie’s tongue turning him inside out, a final squeeze of his shaft and his cum started to climb up as he started to push harder with his fingers lifting Frankie off the bed, her rising to meet him, he felt her tense up and just at the point his cum left his cock, Frankie crashed all over his hand, cum squirting all over his bouncing fingers.

Frankie tried in vain to catch Kai’s cum and swallow fast, but there was too much of it as it kept pumping and pumping out of him, she caught what she could and rubbed the rest into her breasts as the bouncing became slower, she continued to squirt her juice into his hand.

Frankie was the first to move as she needed to relieve herself, she sat on the toilet and continued to rub Kai’s cum into her body, licking it off her fingers at the same time.

As she rose from the toilet, she decided the best thing for the body stocking was to take it all off and throw it in the bin.

She kept her heels on and walked back through to the bedroom, to see Kai now laid on the bed hand on his head just looking at her. “You are one horny lady” he purred at her “you ready for round two, or would you prefer a shower first”. “Shower is a good idea” she replied “but only if you will join me?” “I would be pleased to” Kai replied, as he rose from the bed and walked towards her.

“I have another surprise for though, you might not need a shower, give me a minute and then follow me into the bathroom” “ok” she whispered, “I will just sit here and drink some more champagne until you are ready for me”.

Frankie curled on the bed and sipped at her champagne wondering what Kai had in store for her now and thinking she didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world right now.

Kai emerged from the bathroom, held out his hand and lifted her from the bed, “bring the champagne with you, and get me one” he asked her.

Frankie grabbed her flute and filled both hers and Kai’s to the top and followed him into the bathroom, her eyes nearly popped out of her head with excitement when she saw the Jacuzzi in front of her frothing away.

Kai took the champagne flutes from her hands and guided her into the bubbles, as she sat down the jets shot up between her pussy at great speed, she had to move slightly because the power was too much on her sensitive clit.

Kai got in opposite her and passed her the champagne flute, tapping together saying cheers! They both sipped at the champagne and let the bubbles roll all over them luxuriating at the feel on their bodies.

Kai shuffled towards her, pulled her to him and kissed her passionately, seeking out her tongue with his and making her weak at the knees once again, his body on hers felt so natural and she melted into his silky skin, kissing him back with as much passion as she had in her.

Kai circled her nipples with his fingers and she felt the pull once again, her pussy was soaking and she really wanted Kai to fill it that moment. She could feel Kai laid against her, his cock growing on her leg, she reached down and pulled it towards her, legs open as wide as she could she guided him towards the entrance of her pussy lips.

She opened them with her fingers either side as his tip nudged towards her entrance, she pushed towards him as his head found her hole, he just left it there, relishing the feeling her tight entrance was giving him, his head went back as he moaned.

With Kai’s hands on the back on the Jacuzzi he thrust his hips forwards as Frankie moved closer to him she felt his shaft edging further in, she wanted it now, she wanted it all, still not sure that she could take him her legs wide open he pushed gently into her entrance as Kai removed his hands from the Jacuzzi they found her nipples and as he stroked and twisted them she felt herself relax completely as he pushed further into her, she shuffled right to the edge of the seat so he could edge in even further, as she held her breath, she had never felt so full and complete in all her life. He was in as he started to move slowly in and out of her, she didn’t even feel her orgasm approach, just a wet feeling as she started to cum and with every movement of his cock she came again and again, she was soaking and his cock was sliding in and out with ease now as her cum flowed from her.

“Are you ok with this” he whispered in her ear, “more than ok, thanks” she purred back as orgasm after orgasm shot from her body, cum dripping out of her pussy as Kai’s stroke increased in speed and he started to pump in and out of her, he got faster and she could feel he was approaching the spill of his own seed, as he pumped her cervix, this time she did feel the warm feeling wash all over her body as she climbed and climbed and climbed up to the peak, one last pump of Kai’s cock and she felt like she was falling, falling rapidly as his cum shot at her cervix her own full body orgasm took over and everything shook, her arms, her legs and her pussy as her cum shot at his cock inside her taking her to a level she had never known before!

Kai pulled out as her pussy throbbed trying to hold him inside her for just a little longer, he moved across and sat next her taking her in his arms he whispered “would you believe me if I told you that’s the best sex I have ever had?” “If its anything like me, yes I would, because I have certainly never experienced an orgasm as overpowering as that last one in my life and I have had a few” she giggled and snuggled into his chest as he held her, she didn’t think she had ever felt so relaxed in her life.

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