Frankie & Bob Part 4

All the way home all Frankie could think about was her next orgasm, she was quickly becoming insatiable and couldn’t wait to feel Bob’s cock inside her again, she stroked him very slowly till they pulled up outside her house, thankfully today of all days there was room to park outside the door which meant she didn’t have to do the embarrassing no knicker walk for too far.

Bob walked round and opened the car door for her and gave her his hand to guide her out, Frankie pulled at her skirt trying to pull it as far down as she could though it was only 19” in total anyway there wasn’t much pulling she could do, so she walked to the door with Bob close behind her, no sooner had she closed the door then Bob’s fingers where back inside her pussy punching away at her g-spot while she tried to walk in the house, she gave in to him in the hallway and just let him do what he wanted.

Her pussy was still soaking from the earlier attack and she knew she was going to cum all over him again very quickly, she felt the roar inside her and then realised she was actually screaming as another orgasm pulsed out of her she collapsed into Bob’s hand fingers still in her throbbing cumming pussy.

As she freed herself from his grasp she thought how one person should really not be allowed to enjoy sex this much.

Her ex was a little staid in the sex department and after he had left her more often than not she hadn’t even cum once, never mind, oh god she had lost count of today already and it was far from over yet.

As Frankie made them both a drink Bob asked how she had felt with the men watching them, Frankie replied honestly and said it didn’t do anything for her sexually in fact she found it quite funny when they splashed the car, it certainly didn’t turn her on enough to invite any of them to join them. Bob agreed saying he had never been in one before but had a fascination about it, but now he had done it felt the same as Frankie, in fact even said when the guy had asked if he could fuck her he was nervous she might agree and he wouldn’t have been able to handle that.

Frankie squeezed his hand and said even though she was obviously an exhibitionist she had no wish to share herself with more than one man at a time and cleaning their cum up had made her gag though tasting his was wonderful.

They sat in comfortable silence while they drank their coffee, Bob broke it first by asking Frankie if they could go back again, Frankie agreed but only for them to fuck each other not involve others.

Bob admitted it had made him feel even more horny the fact people were watching him and also pleased with himself that they were witnessing how totally out of control he made her.

It was only 2pm but Bob asked Frankie if they could possibly go to sl**p for an hour before the next round, if she wanted a next round, Frankie laughed and said yes she wanted a next round but would love an hour’s sl**p before hand, so she grabbed his hand and walked him up the stairs to bed.

Frankie climbed into bed and didn’t realise how tired she was, Bob climbed in behind her and wrapped his arms around her kissing her neck and back, the previous nights drinking and the sex had completely wiped Frankie out and she was soon breathing heavily as Bob stroked her back she fell asl**p in his arms.

Bob didn’t go to sl**p instantly he laid for a while just listening to Frankie sl**p beside him and watching her chest rise and fall, at that moment he didn’t want to be anywhere else, he questioned how she had come into his life and the effect she had on him just by laying their asl**p next to him, his last thought before he fell asl**p was he didn’t ever want to leave her side.

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