Frankie & Bob Part 2

Frankie didn’t have to wait long to hear from Bob again as she was getting ready to go to bed the same evening her phone sang out again and it was him, she answered with as much sex in her voice as she could muster as she heard him say, take your pants down and play with you pussy for me, Frankie didn’t need asking twice as even though she had cum so many times already that day her pussy was still soaking wet and sore but good sore.

As she held the phone to her ear she decided to put it on speaker phone to free her hands, she pulled her pants down in one go and settled back on the sofa asking him what he was doing, she didn’t need to ask she could hear his groans down the phone and he was so obviously pulling his cock, she licked her fingers and played with her clit moaning for him while he moaned for her, any thoughts of what she might be doing left her mind in a flash as her fingers felt for the folds of her pussy.

Bob interrupted her train of thought as he asked her what she was doing now, she told him she was circling the folds of her wet pussy ready to push a finger in, he moaned in appreciation and begged her to cum for him quickly.

She didn’t hesitate and thrust her fingers straight in and forward seeking out her g-spot she couldn’t stop the groans and she felt the feeling of needing to wee which she always did prior to a g-spot orgasm, for years she had held back thinking the need to pee was a real need not the precourse to her impending orgasm, she could hear Bob pulling furiously at his cock and even the precum slopping as he did, her mind went back to his cock in her mouth and as she f***ed one last orgasm of the day from her bruised pussy she screamed Fuckkkkkkk at the top of her voice as her pussy pulsated and throbbed for all it was worth she had left a massive pool below her as she heard Bob cum, he shouted Fuckkkkkkkk too.

As she recovered herself she cleaned up and picked the phone back up and asked Bob if he felt better for that, the moan that she heard confirmed he did.

After all the fun of the day she was absolutely exhausted and knew she had a busy day the following day so bid him goodnight just as he said he would take her out for the day on Monday and they could try alfresco....

As she disconnected the call after agreeing to Monday she crawled into bed and fell into the best sl**p she had had in a long time.

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