Frankie and Dean

Dean walked in after sending Frankie dirty texts all day at work about what he was going to do to her when he got home she was ready and waiting for him.

She was dressed in stockings and suspenders, white underwear and high heels as he walked towards her he quickly thrust his tongue down her throat and roughly grabbed at her pussy pulling her towards him, his fingers quickly finding the hole which was already soaking wet after thinking for the last few hours what was going to happen to her.

No sooner had his fingers entered her then her first orgasm flooded the floor below, Dean had the most amazing fingers and as she kissed him deeply they continued to work their magic as he pulled one after another orgasm from her, his face now buried in her neck biting gently.

Frankie fingers found the front of his jeans, opening the button and pulling the zip down, he was already hard and precum was oozing from the tip as her hand circled it rubbing gently up and down wanting to taste him, but Dean was all about her satisfaction, he always had been, he wanted her begging as she fell to the floor before she got the opportunity to get her mouth around his wonderful fat cock.

Frankie had lost count of how many times she had cum now, he just pumped and pumped his fingers in and out of her, still kissing her his other hand massaging her now engorged nipple.

Frankie herself still stroking and pulling on his cock which was now seeping precum, she just wanted it in her mouth, but he wasn’t letting up, finally after cumming so many times she felt her whole body start to shake as he increased his speed her legs lost their balance and the butterflies started in her stomach and with one last earth shattering orgasm her legs finally gave way, taking him to the floor with her, her cum flowing from her.

Frankie quickly recovered and she sat on the arm of the settee feeding his cock into her mouth at last, she first lapped at the precum on the tip and ran it down the shaft, coming back up and circling the tip until she was sure he was really wet.

Once he was wet she moved him over on to the sofa, sat him down and started her feast on his fat shaven cock, she loved this cock she couldn’t get enough of its perfect shape, as she took him back into her mouth pulling him towards her, letting him gently fuck her mouth, taking him in all the way then releasing him to the tip as her tongue circled the head, his precum running out the tip now and she feasted on him, she could feel his orgasm approaching as she sunk her mouth down to his balls, her hand playing with them at the same time as her mouth worked up and down the shaft, his precum and her own saliva mixing to make a lovely slopping sound.

“Your turn” he said as he picked her up, put her back down on the settee and opening her legs his tongue found her clit at once, her legs rose up onto his shoulders as his finger entered her his tongue started to work its magic on her now swollen clit, sucking it deep and fucking her pussy with his finger at the same time, finding her gspot in an instant, he was instantly soaked as still licking the nub of her clit she came all over his face, he didn’t let up though, he kept sucking and nibbling until she felt another orgasm approach.

Dean pulled her forward and just at the point her orgasm was about to take over, he thrust his cock straight inside her and felt her juice flow over him, as he started to slowly fuck her pussy they kept flowing over his cock.

Frankie wanted his cock now, she wanted him to fuck her hard, so she moved further down and lifted her legs back up over his shoulders so he could get in deep.

Dean started to torment her, he always did at this point, he pulled out and rubbed his cock all over her clit and pussy lips, soaking up her juices as his cock moved up and down.

Frankie edged closer to him, pushing her pussy at the tip of his cock, willing him to push it back in, but no Dean wanted another orgasm first so he picked up speed rubbing his cock over her clit backwards and forwards until she came again.

Dean quickly pushed inside Frankie and lifting her legs even higher he started to thrust hard and fast his cock hitting her gpsot with each thrust her pussy squirting it’s juice all over him while he held on to her tight, Frankie loved the sound of hard sex, the pounding of his balls against her arse, his groin rubbing her clit as he thrust inside her but most of all the slopping sound their joint sex made as his speed increased and his thrust got harder, she felt him slow slightly and knew any moment now she would feel his seed inside her.

The flow of his seed started just as her climax crashed over her, she held him tight inside while her pussy came one last time.

Dean finally withdrew as he stood up Frankie couldn’t resist taking him back in her mouth and circling her tongue around the tip taking the taste of him, relishing their mixed juices, as she swirled him around her mouth.

Within seconds Frankie had cleaned all their mix juice of his cock and he was hard again......

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3 years ago
great story !!! keep them comming . x