Frankie meets BigIan Part 2

Frankie and Ian finally pulled apart and Ian removed the rest of his clothes, they both relieved themselves and jumped onto the bed.

Frankie lay on the bed on her back as Ian leaned in to kiss her tongue once again searching inside her mouth, she responded and again they lay there kissing as Ian’s fingers started to play with her nipples rolling one after the other between his thumb and forefinger she was instantly turned on again, her pussy grinding against his leg as she f***ed her tongue even further inside his mouth.

Frankie stroked his cock as it came back to life again in an instance, he continued to roll her nipples, then he swooped down and took each one in turn between his teeth, biting slightly, Frankie’s body lifting up to meet him and groaning loudly as once again another orgasm was approaching her pussy now drenched again.

Once she was happy she had got him hard enough she rolled him onto his back continuing to stroke his cock she lifted up and straddled him, slowly feeling the tip of his cock at her pussy entrance she moved down gently feeling him fill her up inch by glorious inch, she pushed down and down until he was completely inside her.

She started to rock backwards and forwards on him until he suddenly, holding on to her waist started to pound into her, his hips lifting off the bed with each thrust, full on fucking her, she bounced about on top of him and tried to hold on as he f***ed his cock in and out of her she was sure she could feel him hit her cervix, she tried to ride back on him, but he had the power so she leaned into him and kissing him he pounded in and out of her pussy, her orgasm having approached been rode out, cum all over his cock the next one approaching fast.

If he could have got faster he did and he fucked her full on as she rode orgasm after orgasm on top of him, trying to lock lips with him she kept bouncing away but he held on to her as she screamed at the top of her voice as another orgasm shook her body from top to bottom, she pushed against him so hard as her pussy juice shot from her she nearly pushed him clean out.

But he continued to ride her his cock slippery with her juice slopping in and out, he thrust deeper and deeper feeling his own orgasm approaching he f***ed himself inside her, his legs stopped moving as his seed shot right up inside her, he pulled her back down to kiss him as they both recovered from orgasm.

Frankie thought she wanted this moment to last forever as she lay against his chest his spent cock still inside her throbbing and shrinking, her pussy throbbing at the same time.

Eventually Frankie lifted herself off him and laid next to his leg, taking his cock back in her mouth she relished the thought of being able to bring him back to life again, he had already told her he was a heavy cummer and a repeater so she knew she could be in for a long night.

She tasted the mix of their cum on his cock as he groaned above her, she couldn’t believe how quickly he was recovering as his cock started to grow quickly inside her mouth, she licked and sucked and before she knew it he was hard as a rock again.

She returned to him to kiss him again as his cock stood upright ready for its next assault, Ian’s fingers again playing inside her pussy, he had two in and he was just pushing a third in as her tongue pushed hard against his, another orgasm rode over his fingers, he continued to push his fingers in using her juice to ease his way.

Ian was a big guy and his fingers were very long and thick and as he pushed one after another in she continued to squirt all over them, without warning his thumb was in scooping her juice up he removed it and circled her ass hole with it gently pushing at the entrance until it found its way in.

Frankie pushed into him as he finger fucked her pussy his thumb moving in and out of her ass she wondered if she would ever stop cumming, she had lost count now how many times she had it just seemed like one continuous flow was pouring out of her.

As he pulled his fingers out of her juice still streaming after them, he turned her on her front pulled her on all fours and before she knew it his hands found her nipples as his cock dipped in her dripping pussy he thrust four times and pulled out, his fingers going back to her pussy she felt the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass hole, he rubbed his fingers around the entrance and around the shaft of his cock.

She felt the push as her rectum relaxed his cock started to slide inside her, very gently and slowly he entered her, she reached down to play with her clit has his hands went back up to rolling her nipples he started to ride her slowly her fingers working furiously at her clit as he stroked in and out she was soaking still as she pushed her fingers inside her pussy she could feel his cock through her pussy walls, he was still riding her slowly in and out her nipples where on fire as she punched her fingers in and out, she felt the roar in the back of her head and the feeling moving downwards, the knot in her belly, her ass twitch her pussy twitch as with one last thrust her orgasm took over her she climbed and climbed and she reached the peak, just as Ian exploded in her ass she collapsed in a heap of total saturation her pussy throbbing, her ass throbbing and her cum once again flooding the bed. Ian still tucked inside her ass hole spilling out the last of his cum.

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3 years ago
Still the best fuck story!!!!
3 years ago
Not a fan of the anal bit. Doesn't do it for me. The story is incredibly well written and composed though. And quite erotic up to that point. Personal preference I suppose.