Frankie meets BigIan

Frankie was sat at home bored, in recent weeks she had pushed her sexual boundaries to a new level and didn’t know whether you could be satisfied by just sex with a man.

She was trawling her favourite site, reading stories, watching videos and looking at pictures when a message popped up from BigIan which caught her attention.

He went into great detail and painted a really good scenario for her, so she checked out his profile and saw a picture of the most beautiful cock, just laid neatly on his belly, her pussy twitched in an instant as she just stared at it, her imagination running wild with what she wanted to do with it.

She messaged him back, said he had an imagination like hers, asked if he would like to swap face pictures and waited for his reply.

He replied If she gave him her email address he would send one, she replied straight away and received his face picture in an instant.

The face was as lovely as the cock and she decided there and then she wanted to meet him.

They chatted for a little longer and eventually swapped phone numbers, he was going out that night but said he would ring her when he got home.

It was midnight before he rang and she had just started to nod off, but no sooner had she heard his voice she was wide awake.

He asked her if she was playing and she replied yes are you, even though she could hear his breathing getting slower as he pulled on his cock, again her imagination was running wild as she thought what she could do with that cock.

She pushed her toy inside her and punched a quick orgasm out while he played on the other end of the phone, he quickly came and she hung up and went back to sl**p.

The following Saturday they had planned to meet in a local pub, she dressed casually in crop jeans and a t-shirt, but chose her underwear carefully wearing white lace panties and matching bra.

She had agreed to meet him outside, so if either decided they didn’t want to take it any further they could go their own way.

He texted her telling her he was outside, pointed out his car and asked if she wanted to get in.

Frankie noticed his car and walked across, opened the door and climbed in, he immediately pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately before she could say anything, as he pulled away he breathed “I have wanted to do that since the first time we talked, I think you have too”.

“Well you certainly took my breath away with that kiss, can I have another one please?” He moved back towards her and kissed her with as much passion as he could muster, his tongue started to snake inside her mouth and she found herself responding to his touch, his hand moved to her breast as her pussy throbbed below.

She pulled away reluctantly and suggested “they should maybe go to a hotel, not make out in a pub car park”, he laughed and agreed it was probably a good idea as he really wanted to fuck her there and then.

Frankie agreed to travel in his car to the nearest hotel which was only a couple of minutes from the pub car park.

As they got out of the car he grabbed her hand, told her his surname and proceeded to the reception desk.

He quickly booked and paid for the room and still holding her hand walked her to the lift.

The lift doors opened and they both got in, along with another couple. The hotel was fairly full so they had ended up high up as Ian’s hand still holding her moved towards her pussy, stroking it gently through her jeans, the couple in the lift totally oblivious.

The lift stopped and no sooner had the couple got out had he grabbed her again, kissing her and rubbing her pussy through her jeans, Frankie was so turned on, she couldn’t wait to get to the room.

They got to their floor and climbed out, Frankie’s legs shaking with the effect he had had on her body in the lift.

He swiftly opened the door, arms around her again kissing her, undoing her jeans and removing her t-shirt before they had even got in.

He pushed the door shut and fell straight to his knees in front of her, jeans around her ankles, pussy seeping juice through her pants, his tongue met her pussy, as he licked over the material she pushed herself into him, moving down and pulling her pants to one side so she could feel the onslaught as his tongue hit her clit full on, she felt pussy juice already running down her legs as he ate into her clit and flicked his tongue backwards and forwards across it.

Frankie found herself pulling his head into her even further as her orgasm started to approach he lapped and licked quickly as he felt her tense up above him he didn’t let up one bit though as she started to ride her orgasm trying to push him away from her now sensitive clit he licked her juice up as her squirt landed on the carpet below, her legs buckled and he held tight on to her, legs shaking now.

He put his arms around her as he stood back up to kiss her, her tongued searched inside his mouth tasting and devouring her own juices as his fingers started to play around her labia, she tongued him deep as first then one finger slide inside her, “oh no she screamed into his mouth, I am going to cum again straight away” as he fingers probed inside her pussy she felt her juices already running over his fingers again while she continued to kiss him deep.

Frankie reached down to unfasten his jeans and once the zip was open, he wore no underwear and his fantastic cock just stood to attention, Frankie looked down as her hand snaked around the shaft his precum already evident, the cock whore that she is, just wanted this wonderful specimen in her mouth.

As she moved down towards his cock, Ian’s fingers still inside her, the sudden movement downwards brought on another orgasm wetter if possible then the last, as she rode his fingers spilling her juice all over him, her tongue snaked out as she started to lick the precum from the tip of his cock, she was still aware of Ian’s fingers inside her making her cum and cum again over them, she took his cock inside her mouth and started to move down the shaft, massaging his massive balls at the same time, her tongue sliding up and down with her own saliva and his precum.

Ian never let up with his fingers as Frankie rode one orgasm after another she held his shaft in her mouth and moved to take him in, her tongue still sliding up and down, gently resting on the tip, circling the head as her hand replaced her mouth she massaged his shaft while still tonguing the tip, his precum was increasing and she lapped eagerly at it.

She felt him tense up below her and she continued to work his shaft backwards and forwards her tongue beating faster now on the tip, his head went back and she heard a roar as his cum started to move down his shaft, she wanted it all and just at the right moment, she took him back in her mouth and started to swallow, she felt his cum on her tongue and hit the back of her throat as she continued to swallow him, her tongue lavishing in the taste of him.

He was finally spent and has he pulled out of her mouth, she could see he was still half erect, she stood up and kissing him he was happy to share his cum with her as he tongued her mouth deep.

They stood for what seemed like forever arms around each other sharing his cum with their kissing.

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3 years ago
Interesting "fiction", and nicely narrates the illicit encounters that happen a lot on xham x
3 years ago
Omg best fucking story on here!!!!!!!!!
3 years ago
That rarest of things on here. An ACTUAL literate story that is also quite erotic. Catches the thrill of illicit meetings very well. Thank you for taking the time to share.