Stargate Orifice - Sam is confronted with her past

Sam came to. Her head hurt. She did a quick check of her body - everything was aching but no acute pain. That was good. She would check in more detail once she had assessed her situation. For now she dared not move. This might buy her time while she reoriented herself. No need to prod any captors into action in case they were watching her. Her thorough training had drilled the sequence into her to the point where they had become instinctive routine.

She was lying on her side on a hard surface, likely the bare floor. The temperature felt comfortable, the air smelled fresh, nothing that might give her any hint. No sounds either beyond a distant continuous hum. A ship, she thought - running in hyperdrive. Think, Sam, what happened…Replicators - right. They had caught up with her ship. There was a white light - she must have been transported here. Not a good starting point, she thought.

She dared a cautious glimpse, her eyes opening just a slit at first. The room had a bright ambience. No one was visible from this angle. She opened her eyes wide, scanning her field of view without moving her head. She was lying on the floor, it was smooth, clean and well lit. A grey-metallic wall was 6 feet away, before that a small white bench. A glass stood on a tray on top of the bench. She realized she was thirsty. She lifted her head to see more of the room. There was no one here besides her. Slowly she rolled onto her back, checking her body and limbs. Ok, no injuries. She patted her uniform for the communicator but found it had been removed. As were her weapons and boots, even the stealth knife she hid on her leg. Damn - not good. She briefly pondered her missing boots. As if her captors feared she might outrun them. Weird.

She got up and looked around the room. No windows, no cameras. Walking over to the bench she picked up the glass of water and inspected it. How considerate! she thought, but then reconsidered, placing it back on the tray. She wondered if Daniel and O'Neill had been taken too.

A sudden glimmer on the wall caught her attention. A profile emerge, disturbing the perfect smoothness of the wall. A face materialized, then the contours of a body. Almost expecting it to be him, she recognized Fifth as he assembled and detached from the wall, slowly approaching her. She took a step back. Although she had felt sympathy in the past for the agony and conflict he had been through in his struggle to comprehend the notions of friendship and love, and particularly their limits, she also had tremendous respect for the destructive f***e he represented as a replicant. And then there was the promise she had made to him and later broken. She didn't have any choice in the matter, or so she had assuaged herself. Now guilt and shame for her actions during the events resurfaced with a vengeance.

She decided to break the ice. "It is good to see you, Fifth. I am happy to see you are well".

He looked at her with an emotionless stare, approaching her with purposeful stride. Sam knew she should stand her ground, actively addressing the threat before her, rather than retreating, which she knew was utterly senseless in the given situation. Yet somehow she continued to reluctantly back up, perhaps driven by her guilty conscience, or by the residual confusion from her black-out. The wall behind her stopped her retreat, briefly distracting her as she had estimated it to be another foot or so away, but she quickly dismissed the issue to concentrate on the alien machine closing in on her.

"Why did you bring me here?" Sam asked with a neutral voice. No greeting, straight to the point, hinting at just a nuance of annoyance over the inconvenience he was causing her. She figured that meeting him intellectually on eye-level was her best chance at this. Who knows, perhaps she could even play on his inner conflicts to gain an upper hand. He didn't respond and instead locked his eyes with hers in a cold stare, continuing his approach until he stood less than a foot away. Both his proximity and his stare made her feel uncomfortable, but she ignored it, instead raising her eyebrows in impatience for him to explain himself.

"Hello Samantha. I have been waiting for you. I have many questions." he informed her matter-of-factly. The mention of her full name stirred something in her. Her father had called her like that in her teens when he deemed it necessary to discipline her. She quickly dismissed the thought.

He is waiting for me to explain myself, she thought. Very well, then. "Look, I'm very sorry for what happened." she tried. "I attempted everything to have you evacuated before the trap set, but my superiors decided otherwise. I didn't have a choice." He silently continued his provoking stare. The 'just following orders' excuse - pathetic, Sam she thought in disgust for herself.

The wall stirred slightly behind her, briefly distracting her again. Concentrate, stupid. She couldn't afford to lose her focus now. His eyes had disengaged their lock on hers. He appeared to be slowly scanning her, head to feet. This is certainly new, a least some form of reaction, she thought with some relief. She continued watching him. His eyes had now stopped, a third of the way down. An incredulous thought struck her - Really! Staring at my boobs!. She flushed slightly at that insight. To her own surprise she felt her nipples react to the attention they were getting, quickly dismissing the sensation into her subconscious with the knowledge that her olive-green uniform jacket was sufficiently thick to camouflage the reaction. His eyes wandered from her left breast to her right and, after a while, back again. Then they continued their downward trail, catching her in an ambivalent hope that he would not stop there, while at the same time feeling disappointed if he wouldn't. He did. Gazing at length at her crotch and evoking a visceral squirm deep inside her, subtle enough to be overlooked, she hoped.

"How did you free yourself ?" Sam asked, trying to regain control of their tête-à-tête while shifting her weight to move her hips out of his focal point - for naught, of course.

"We were able to modify the dilation field" he responded, keeping his eyes on his target with focused curiosity that she had trouble understanding.

A shiver of static electricity ran through her hair, again vying for a sliver of her attention. She reflexively tried to shake it out of her hair but found the motion of her head restrained. Her left hand flew up behind her head to investigate and free her hair, but failed. Her fingers felt uncountable thin, steely dendrites protruding from the wall that seemed to merge with the strains of her short blonde hair, forming a firm grip that held her head in place.

"What is this?" She asked in a demanding tone.

"I believed we were friends, Samantha." His eyes leveled up with hers. "You betrayed our friendship. You trapped me." His voice was calm, factual. "You intended my destruction".

He inched closer, his hands reaching up to cup her breasts. Her defensive reaction was automatic, bringing her arms down on his hands even before they touched her. She had had her share of experience in fending off unwanted advances from her male classmates at the academy. Only, they were usually d***k and clumsy, no match for her well-trained skills in self defense. In secret though it had always made her feel desirable and sexy, a side of her that her life in the air f***e had f***ed her to keep well suppressed. Such overt assaults had all but subsided since she started gaining rank. It suddenly struck her that she was missing it.

Not now, Sam - figure our what he is up to! she realigned her thoughts. Her intervention was successful - briefly. Fifth swiftly took hold of her hands and pushed them back up against the wall to either side above her head, then casually released them to follow his original objective. To her surprise, something else kept her arms firmly pinned up. The cloth of her uniform stuck to the wall. She could wiggle within the slack with which her sleeves were tailored, but even that small freedom quickly vanished as each struggle brought more of the cloth in contact with the wall. After seconds her arms was as firmly immobilized as her head.

Her eyes flew back and forth between Fifth's hands and his face while she was trying to make sense of his actions. He is a machine. Why the fixation on my boobs?

She fought hard to subdue streaks of panic while watching Fifth's hands take hold of her breasts, lifting them gently inside her jacket. Part of the reason for her panic was the realization that the whole situation was exciting her - the loss of control, of being exposed to the whim of an incomprehensible adversary, her senseless struggles to stop him, his unfazed, relentless interest in her attributes as a woman. And her body betrayed her. Whereas her jacket was sufficient to hide any visual cues about her state of excitement, it did not stand up to his sense of touch. Sam felt her hard nipples dig through the thick layers of fabric, into his inquisitive hands. His eyes darted up at her, staring deeply into her eyes. For a short moment Sam felt her thoughts exposed like an open book. She blushed deeply but quickly regained control of herself.

"Take your hands off me and release me" she demanded with assertiveness, hoping again to change the course of the encounter to more manageable territory. "Tell me what you want, Fifth".

"I have studied you. I have questions" he responded.

She suddenly felt a tingling in her hair. Critters were crawling across her scalp and pushing their way through her hair. An endless stream of them formed, pouring down around both her ears and onto the sides of her neck. Sam tensed up firmly against the wall, her eyes turned down to her left and right trying to get a glimpse of the creatures. She took deep, fast breaths through her nose, not daring to risk opening her mouth. The critters crept forward, reaching the base of her neck on her front, then spread out across her chest. Her jacket had slipped upward by her upstretched arms, forming a wide cleft over her chest that the creatures exploited to crawl inside her clothing. Sam shook her body franticly, hoping to throw them off. Pulling her head forward, almost unrooting the scalp on her forehead, she attempted to grasp what these creatures were that she felt crawling across her skin. But she wasn't able to lower her gaze enough to actually see them. Instead she felt a broad, unbearable prickle of myriads of spiky legs carpet the sensitive skin of her chest, then her breasts, then her entire torso. She squinted her eyes shut tightly, holding her breath while waiting for the torture to end.

A moment later the buttons of her jacket started falling off. The critters are cutting the threads! she reasoned as her jacket sprang open, revealing the black standard-issue T-shirt that stretched over her full breasts.

Fifth's hands pushed the jacket aside and recaptured her breasts. He started kneading them in firm, full strokes with each hand, brushing his thumbs across her appreciative nipples before repeating the manipulation. She felt her bra straps snap in quick succession, putting the weights of her breasts fully in his hands.

Her pant legs were now held firmly by the wall as well, fixating her thighs. She felt them being slowly spread apart by the wall. Fifth released her breasts and started opening the belt of her pants, quickly snapping open the lock, then pulling the length of it out of its loops with three firm rips. She gasped as she felt her hips jolt in response. Her pants immediately started coming apart at the seams, as if they simply dissolved. The fabric pulled away from the middle, sleekly sliding down along her legs and off her feet. No boots! She realized the premeditation. She was exposed to her slip, her legs stretched apart wide enough to ache in discomfort. With her pants gone she wondered what was supporting her in mid-air against the wall but she was unable to look down far enough to make sense of it.

The critters had now cut the threads of her shirt along the top and the sides, causing the black cloth to slowly fold forward onto her breasts before casually sliding off her, taking her disassembled bra cups along to the ground. The crawling subsided as quickly as it had appeared. Somehow her slip had managed to hold its ground as a last line of defense. Fifth stood before her looking into her eyes. Tears were welling in them. She had seized to struggle, hanging splayed to the wall, essentially naked and exposed to his whim, waiting for the obvious next move. Her mind had surrendered in an irrepressible mix of confusion, shame and humiliation.

A solitary tear spilled over her lower lid and rolled across her left cheek. It caught his attention and he examined it closely before leaning forward to catch it with his tongue, licking her cheek with surprising tenderness. Her eyes followed his, confessing her profound emotional confusion. She still felt empathy for him. She felt guilt and shame for betraying him. They had had a connection. He had every right to be angry at her. And she feared him. She had seen the power of his kind during their last encounter, and experienced it first hand in the last few minutes. Obviously his behavior could not be compared to the normal human range of reactions. His anger made him unpredictable and lethally dangerous. He had chosen to humiliate her with ultimate efficiency, evoking both her most terrifying fears and her best hidden desires.

Then realization hit her: The bastard scanned me.

His lips touched hers. Very gently, softly exploring. She let it happen, her mind racing with the implications of her epiphany. His tongue carefully probed between her lips, running curiously along the row of teeth. He then started to suckle on her lower lip, pulling it playfully between his.

Mmmmmmm. Her concentration crumbled.

Suddenly the fingers of his flat open hand slapped firmly onto her gaping pussy, evoking a crisp shriek from her. "You are wet, Samantha" he remarked dryly while his fingers dug into her exposed folds, roughy dragging the fabric of her slip into her delicate flesh.

She inhaled audibly at the intense mix of pain and excitement. With a short, determined jerk he ripped off the garment before rejoining their lips for a sudden invasion of his tongue in a passionate kiss. His tongue plunged into her mouth, searching, tangling with hers. Sam's defenses fell, surrendering to him, closing her eyes, joining him in a passionate explosion of sexual exploration. She felt the smooth satin texture of his shirt brush against her nipples, then pressing her more firmly against the wall. She moaned, surprising herself, realizing he was in complete in control of her. She also felt his bulge press against her pussy, with increasing determination. She faintly noticed it was moving and probing her, then finding her opening, into which it started to grow. Her eyes shot wide open in wild panic while she screamed violently into their kiss, her hips writhing in an effort to fend off the invasion.

He didn't react, continuing his devouring kiss, and after sharply inhaling through her nose, her second scream lacked the same intensity. Her hips slowly surrendered to the usurpation and she felt the bulge slowly pushed its way deeper inside her, unrelenting, pleasurable.

With her next breath Sam moaned deeply into their kiss. That bastard…

The thing reached the depth of her vagina, where she could feel it push against her back wall, starting to stretch her now. Her eyes widened again in concern of the quickly increasing pressure. It slowly continued, not painful, just causing her to feel - full. No one had ever gone that deep before. She held her breath as her body stiffened, her vagina firmly gripping the firm shaft inside her as her only means to control its progress. She let out a muffled, high-pitched wail into his mouth as a helpless plea, fearing it would rip her apart. Just then it retracted fully from her in one long stroke, leaving her to catch her breath in f***eful breaths through her nose. She felt her vagina grip the remaining nothingness. Traitor… she thought of her body, realizing it wanted more.

Moments later the shaft reentered her, quickly pushing its full length back inside her. She gasped loudly, then let her tongue engage in an erotic battle with his. The shaft repeated its motion, retracting, then quickly impaling her in depth, establishing a steady rhythm. Her moans grew louder and she caught herself starting to pump her hips into the f***eful rams of the shaft. Ohhhh myyyy goddd… A tingling started to build in her belly as the shaft rubbed past her G spot in a crescendo of strums from what must have been ridges across its top. She also noticed its girth increasing, stretching her wider as well as deeper.

Fifth slowly pulled away from her. Sam's eyes opened in a mix of longing and disgust, watching him step back a foot, her lips and chin covered in shiny saliva from the intense kiss. To her surprise the cock inside her continued to pump into her.

It's not his… she realized. A look of shock returned to her face as she scrambled to make sense of the situation, feeling appalled, abused, humiliated, and at the same time desperate for it all to continue .

Fifth looked at her, pinned up at the wall, the lapels of her jacket lifted up and outward by her outstretched arms, revealing her full breasts, the fresh sweat on her body glistening in a silky sheen from the physical exertion, her back slightly arched to allow her hips to meet the obscenely thick fleshy shaft that extruded from the wall beneath her ass, slowly pumping deep into her wide-stretched vagina, her legs split almost horizontally apart, with her well-shaped thigh muscles working with visible strain beneath her smooth skin in concert to the penetration.

He noticed her belly strain tensely in a different rhythm, more slowly, relaxing every 2-3 strokes only to cramp again 1-2 strokes later. She was near her climax. His hands reached for her breasts, capturing their fullness firmly between his fingers. She gasped. Her head head been turned downward by the dendrites so she could now see how he slowly contracted his grip, allowing the soft flesh to flow out between his fingers until he caught her nipples between thumb and forefinger of each hand. He squeezed them firmly.

"Aahhhhhhh," she exhaled a voiceless whimper, registering the sharp pain of his vise but finding it add to her arousal. Her eyes pleaded - with him, with herself - Dontcumdontcumdontcum….fuck

She saw his thumbs and fingers open, revealing sharp metal spikes that had emerged between them and had pierced through each nipple. She watched the mutilation in shock as the next thrust of the cock stole her breath. Her belly cramped hard, her jaw opened as her eyes rolled back in her head. The cock plunged deep into her again and she exploded in a loud scream, her body shuddering from the sudden intensity of the orgasm. Her hips writhed uncontrollably on her impalement as her screams continued. Her nipples remained spiked between his fingers, stretching hard from her erratic convulsions, the additional torment extending her climax.

Slowly she came back down to earth, or rather, the reality on the ship. Her arousal was giving way to sensitivity while the plunging of the cock had slowed down but continued with the same depth nonetheless, causing her stretched thighs to twitch. She was still panting hard to regain her breath, now feeling the aching in her limbs. Her eyes opened, locking with his gaze and signaling defeat and exhaustion. He was watching her attentively.

Her focus returned to her nipples. The piercings had grown in length, forming shiny long, thin, but firm metal bars that he merged into a single spoke by touching his thumbs together. The spoke effectively linked both breasts to each other by her nipples and ended on either side by two rounded prongs, equally shiny and smooth, that comfortably but tightly cradled the lower outsides of her breasts. He tapped the spoke a few times, watching her breasts jiggle as they dampened and absorbed the disturbances. She winced, painfully feeling the taps in the sensitive new holes through her nipples. They looked at each other in silence.

After some minutes Sam pleaded with him in a weak voice: "Please let me go". He had taken his revenge on her, through physical torment, mental terror and the embarrassment of causing her body to climax in the face of humiliation. She only hoped the experience would stay their secret. Why hold her any longer?

"That was informative," he responded, as if reading her mind. "But I have more questions".

Oh no….please. Her heart sank. She wasn't sure she could take anymore tonight.

To her relief the cock had mostly retracted from her vagina and was about to push inside again as it missed her entrance and instead rubbed firmly up between her labia before hitting her still swollen and highly sensitized clit, bending it upward. Her hips jolted and a loud shriek escaped her. She looked down at the thick cock head emerging between her thighs with wide eyes and saw it stop perhaps an inch later. It was about 2.5 inches in diameter with an raspy-looking tessellated metallic texture, shining in what she assumed were her own juices. A replicator…penis….thing. She flinched in horror as she realized the damage it could have done inside her.

She felt it twitch against her clit, then watched in disbelief as it f***efully shot a series of squirts of a pale white liquid upward. Some landed on her upper chest, between her breasts. Two squirts reached her chin, nose and lips, which she pressed tightly together in disgust. From there the goo slowly dribbled back onto her breasts, slowly rolling down in thick globs along their insides and over her taut belly before seeping back in between the penis and her pussy below.

Not enough humiliation yet, apparently… she thought, noticing the slimy trail they left on her cleavage.

Her pussy traitorously clenched again, gripping its emptiness, and thereby subtly rubbing itself against the firm rod embedded in its folds, sending a ripple of excitement through her lower body. Sam swallowed in despair, her eyes tearing up again in embarrassment and confusion.

After about half a dozen squirts the twitching stopped. The wall was moving her lower now and she was glad that, with her head still forcibly turned downward, he would not be able to see her desolate emotional state. She watched Fifth unzip his pants and produce his erect penis before her. It was well-formed, just slightly thinner than the one she was sitting on and had normal human color. She found herself staring at it with fascination, its hardness and proudness asserting an entitlement to dominate her will and her body.

Sam's mind stood beside herself, watching her own thoughts from a third person perspective with increasing bewilderment. What is wrong with you? Stop staring at it like you want it to fuck you, you slut.

Then it hit her: she did want it; she longed to submit herself to it. He had figured it all out from her scan. He had thoroughly deciphered her meticulously constructed complex maze of self-protection and self-delusion. She quietly started to cry, suddenly realizing she was losing the battle. He was turning her inside out; her innermost cravings were winning over her pride.

Silent sobs shook her body. He placed his hand gently across the left side of her face.

"it's ok, Samantha" he soothed her with a compassionate voice. Her tears flowed freely now.

She continued to sob for a few minutes while he softly caressed her chin, cheek and ear. "Why are you doing this to me?" she weakly whined, slowly regaining her composure. Her eyelids felt puffy and swollen. She kept looking down at his cock, her vision blurred by the tears.

"You betrayed me, Samantha. I love you, but I also feel vengeful anger for you." he explained. "Your scan showed me your deeply rooted conflict and I couldn't imagine it being correct so I needed to verify my findings. And I found a way to punish you while also showing you my love by giving you what you profoundly desire."

"Well, you obviously succeeded in humiliating me. Please let me go now," she plead, squinting her eyes to expel the remaining tears.

"Are you sure you want me to, Samantha?"

He moved his cock closer, offering it to her lips, softly touching them with the firm, exposed head. She wrung with herself for several seconds, then opened them slowly, letting her tongue touch the tip as her eyes filled with tears again. No no no no nooo

Her lips closed around the tip of his cock, welcoming it in her mouth as it tenderly pushed upward. Her tongue twirled around it by its own doing, slowly pulling it deeper, fulfilling some dark need in her. She felt the cock beneath her probe her pussy again, then insistently enter her vagina with one assertive lunge, eliciting a low moan from the depths of her throat. Surprisingly it held there, stretching her with firm pressure, but otherwise remained still.

After suckling his cock for a few minutes she felt the wall lift her up again, pulling the cock out of her mouth. She tried to follow it, but was held back by the dendrites holding her hair. Her flat tongue extruded from her open lips, from which a thread of saliva formed as a last bridge to the cock before disintegrating into little sprinkles.

Something was tugging on her breasts. She watched the metal string shorten between her nipples. The outside prongs pulled her breasts together into two nicely rounded, tight orbs with her erect nipples standing at attention on top of them, proudly presenting her femininity. She found herself pleased with the picture.

His cock moved beneath the tight fold of her breasts, causing them to bulge apart as it pushed in between them. It slid smoothly upwards in the lubrication that had been deposited on her cleavage earlier. She felt dirty watching its glistening, strained red head emerge in obscene fascination. The displacement of her breasts tugged hard on her nipples, each sending a sharp thread of pain ringing through her that merged somewhere in her lower body, creating a tingle of excitement. She gasped audibly, feeling herself clench again. As his cock came close to her mouth, her tongue extended to greet it, lapping it briefly before it retracted back down. She felt something lick her clit, alarming her and causing her hips to jerk back. Her view of her pussy was blocked by her breasts and fifths body pressing up against her. As the cock moved up again, touching her open lips, she again felt something tease her clit in synchrony, as if two lips were closing around it. She licked the cock as it departed again and gasped at what felt like a simultaneous lap at her clit.

What the….Evil bastard…he's making me lick myself, she thought, watching his erect rod penetrate the shiny sheath of her breasts again, aiming straight for her eager lips. In sudden rush of anxiety she opened her mouth wider, avoiding any contact with the cock. To her dismay, though, it pushed far deeper into her mouth as in the previous cycle, wedging itself between the upper part of her tongue and her palate.

"Nnnnggghhhhhhh" she moaned against the thick flesh lodged in her throat, translating the sensation from the soft wedge that was squeezing her clit.

Fuck…..that feels so good…she heard herself think while quickly closing her lips around the shaft far behind the rim of the head. If he was giving her back some control, she was going to make best use of it, even if it was overtly designed to cause her further humiliation. She was past feeling humiliated.

Sam felt her clit captured firmly at its base. Her hips squirmed from the sensation. When the cock started pulling out, she sucked hard on it, trying to prevent it from leaving. It made her buck wildly in response to the reciprocation. Adrenalin rushed through her groin as she struggled against her restraints. Damn…too much. Her hips had jolted hard against the rigid cock still implanted deep inside her vagina, bringing it back to her attention. She felt herself reflexively clenching down on it a few times. It felt good.

Fifth's cock was speeding up its penetrations of her breasts, greeted at each apex by an increasingly sensuous moan. She had started to position her tongue flatly in its path, letting his cock splash against it before pushing it aside. Her clit was fully swollen and the resulting sensation was sending broad ripples of pleasure into her groin. Her hips were working the cock inside her, which continued to stretch her and otherwise remained hard and motionless. Two more splashes on her tongue, then she ceased breathing as her body stiffened and her mind singularly focused on the quickly spreading tingling in her belly that irrevocably amplified into a crushing orgasm.

Her body started shaking wildly, as she felt her womb rhythmically contract in tight spasms, rubbing its entrance against the hard cock that elicited an f***eful feeling of fullness and dominance inside her. After several seconds she let out a loud wail of release but the widespread cramping prevented her from catching her breath. Her hips writhed erratically on the impalement in her pussy. His cock kept pushing up against her lips and tongue in short, f***eful thrusts, carefully timed to keep her on the crest of her climax for endless minutes. Finally he came, squirting f***eful hot shots of his semen into her open mouth. Cum hit the back of her throat and quickly poured back down towards her lips, from where it dripped generously onto her tits. She faintly registered the distinct flavor of it for the first time while swallowing reflexively what she could, with her mind still entirely occupied elsewhere. She was seriously gasping for breath, which wasn't made any easier by having her mouth flooded with cum.

He slowly retracted his cock, leaving a sticky trail between her breasts, and eventually her spasms slowed before subsiding fully, leaving her hanging exhaustedly on the wall. The cock inside her pussy had pulled out as well. She had felt it enter her cervix once she came, which had been briefly uncomfortable but then had intensified her orgasm with an intimacy she hadn't experienced before. It started ejaculating directly into her womb at the same time as Fifths cock did, pumping equally f***eful jets of cum deep inside her while her womb was literally milking it with its orgasmic cramps.

Surreal… she thought weakly.

She was utterly spent. The dendrites in her hair were resolving now, releasing her head, which would have fallen from exhaustion, had it not already been resting on her chest. Her legs were being moved forward now as well into a more relaxed position. She moaned in pain when they started to move, after their long accommodation in their previous stretched position. It took her joints several minutes to adjust back into their new state. Her knees were allowed to bend now, and she was brought to rest on her shins and elbows. She wailed loudly at the transition of f***es, but was eventually thankful for the much more comfortable position. Her limbs touched a soft padding on the ground, easing her adaptation to the new pose. She wanted to tumble on her side and just recover for a few days, but was hindered from falling over by two firm metallic braces that had formed on either side of her hips. Instead, she just collapsed her torso on the ground, spreading her arms down her sides and resting her shoulders and head on the foamy-soft bedding. With a long sigh she finally relaxed her body as the aching slowly waned, allowing her mind to drift afield.

Something tugged very lightly at Sam's nipples. It felt pleasant. Sam indulged in it for a few moments, her mind still roaming far and wide, before jerking her chest off the foam padding in alarm. She propped herself up on her elbows, looking down at her chest to examine the cause. Her breasts were hanging down freely now, slightly elongated by gravity but still very shapely, she found. The metal rods binding them had disappeared, though each nipple now had a thick ring inserted through their piercings from which a series of smaller shiny rings were forming a chain that loosely hung down and disappeared in two deep black holes in the white foamy mat directly beneath them. The holes' rims formed bulges, almost like white, contour-less lips. They were moving slowly, morphing from forming an "O" to an "M", then back to an "O".

Suddenly the chains tightened and started to slowly haul her nipples down into the holes. She held against the pull, watching with a mix of curiosity and dread as her breasts painfully deformed into a cone shape from the chains' f***e. Only when pain threatened to rip her nipples did she slowly concede some height, eventually watching helplessly as first her strained nipples, then increasing parts of her breasts were feasted upon by the two mouths.

Eventually the chains' draw stopped. After realizing that the pain from pulling on her nipples was now fully self-inflicted, Sam gradually eased the strain on them, allowing her breasts to return to their natural fullness and settle into their bulged fate. The lips' touches had actually felt very soft, and the mouths were now gently massaging her breasts from there base down to the nipples. They were slightly twisting her nipple rings before opening again, which sent delightful sensations directly to her groin. Sam relaxed slowly. Though still nervous from the vulnerable hold she was caught in, a subdued moan escaped her throat.

The tugging started again; Sam's shoulders reflexively stiffened to attention, ready to haul her breasts out of their predicament while realizing yet again how powerless she was. But this tugging felt different, not the relentless, slow pull from before. Rather, a stirring on the chains, as if small weights were being added. She nervously looked down at the opulent bulges kneading her orbs but couldn't discover the cause of the rustle. With her senses heightened in horrific expectation, Sam shrieked loudly when a sharp spike dug deep into her tender skin of her right nipple. Then another, and one on the left side. Sam's back lurched up, painfully ripping her breasts on the chains in an attempt to free them from the torture. Their elongation caused them to disengage from the massaging lips, and from the round gap between her breasts and the white bulge she saw an army of little metallic spiders, each perhaps an inch in size, climb up along the chain and firmly bore their spiky feet into her tender flesh of her aureoles for better traction, before swarming across her breasts, belly and sides.

Barely had they reached her nipples as something wriggled on her toes. She half-turned to watch another wave of critters pour onto the soles of her feet, which, as she quickly realized, had been immobilized by bracelets around her ankles. Her toes curled in reflexive protest as she screamed in agony of the million pointy legs spiking the sensitive skin under her feet as well as her torso. Her minds eye followed them across her calves and up her inner thighs. The skin there was exquisitely sensitive, but what really had Sam worried was the projection of the current trajectory for both spider-streams: Within seconds they had reached the apex of her thighs and crawled onto the lips of her pussy.

"Stooopppp" she yelled at the top of her lungs, lifting her head and addressing the pleas directly to Fifth, who stood calmly before her. To no avail. Masses of spiders kept creeping across her feet and tits, following the first wave that were now densely crawling across her pussy lips. Sam screamed in panic, feeling her protective lips being peeled apart, exposing her sensitive parts to their spiky scrabble. They raided her clit and vagina, both still sore from the abuses of the day. Sam felt her inner lips swiftly being pushed aside, screaming her lungs out in panic. They entered her vagina unfazed. She feared she would faint from the pain.

Others continued up along the crack of her ass, swarming across her ass cheeks. Her sphincter cramped tight in trepidation. Already she could feel the first sharp appendages push inside her ass. As more followed they collaboratively started to pry open her ass.

"Pleaaseee STOPPP" Sam screeched pleadingly to Fifth. Sick bastard. The legs merged into stronger levers, with additional critters joining each second to open her further. They secured each small progress with strong brackets until her sphincter was lodged wide open, allowing them to start pouring into her defenseless ass,

Why doesn't he just kill me? she thought. Her soles, thighs, breasts and private parts felt numb now. The critters in her vagina and ass continued to clump together as more of them joined in, pushing the sides of her tunnels apart while progressing further inside. She felt scores of waves ripple across the surface of the clumps inside her, rubbing against her tender internal membranes. After a few seconds they elicited a low moan from deep in her throat. She opened her eyes in surprise.

The spiky crawls had subsided, giving way to more waves of pleasurable ripples in her two holes. Her torso was propped up on her elbows with her forearm stretched out flat on the foam. Her fingers had dug firmly into the foam in agony, clenching the material in her fists. They were slowly relaxing now while she still feared the pain might resume any moment. Instead the two clumps had stopped growing, quite formidably filling both her holes. They caused a slight tingling, as if a high frequency current was passing between them and through her flesh.

Feels like needing to pee she thought. Her groin reacted with excitement. She clenched both intrusions, greatly amplifying the tingling, and the excitement. Poached on her elbows and knees, she looked down along herself. The red flush on her thighs and breasts fit to the burning pulsating she felt there but she saw no more spiders on them. Her arms were fatigued and trembling, forcing her to drop her shoulders to the pad and feed her breasts to the bulges again. The pleasantly soft massage resumed, to which she surrendered with a deep moan.

Fifth pulled her head back hard by the hair, and, taking advantage of her agape jaw, inserted his rigid cock into her mouth, pushing it deep into her overstretched throat. She gagged, then coughed onto the fleshy plug, but he held it there firmly, forcing her to control her reflex. Her face blushed deep red from the strain, with absent-minded and half-closed eyes indicating her entire focus on establishing a manageable, though noisy, air supply through her nose.

After a few moments she had stabilized her breathing. She now concentrated on her surroundings again. Her vision was useless with her eyes staring unfocussed at Fifths abdomen an inch away. The cocks, for lack of a better term for the intrusions in her ass and cunt, rippled synchronously inside her holes, the modulated tingling inducing well-orchestrated crescendos of pleasure in her groin. The bulges continued to pluck her breasts like ripe fruit, and the final twisting of the piercings sent shivers of delight on an express lane to her womb. She felt something rhythmically nudge her clit in symphony with the other sensations. Despite, or perhaps by virtue of her atrocious situation she felt a beginning lecherous cramping in her belly again. Her breathing grew more strenuous as stifled moans emanated onto the shaft in her throat. She knew she couldn't hold back much longer. Two breaths later her belly cramped firmly with only brief periods of relief and her thighs quivered in exhaustion and anticipation of the building climax. Her hips started to buckle, then her breathing halted as she passed the point of no return. She felt a sharp pain in the base of her skull around the palate just as the crest started to spread from her groin across her body, screaming onto the pole in her mouth. She came hard, her body shuddering violently and her hips flailing erratically in the air. She roared and brayed in unleashed lust onto Fifths cock, from which a sharp piton had lodged itself deep into her brain.

He is scanning my orgasm. Sam fathomed the crumbling of her innermost bastion of privacy. Her climax continued endless minutes before she collapsed u*********sly onto the soft mat.


Sam came to. Her head hurt. She did a quick check of her body - everything was aching but no acute pain. That was good. She would check in more detail once she had assessed her situation. For now she dared not move. This might buy her time while she reoriented herself. No need to prod any captors into action in case they were watching her. Her thorough training had drilled the sequence into her to the point where they had become instinctive routine.

She was lying on her side on a hard surface, likely the bare floor. The temperature felt comfortable, the air smelled fresh, nothing that might give her any hint. No sounds either beyond a distant continuous hum. A ship, she thought - running in hyperdrive. Think, Sam, what happened…

Her memories returned in an instant shock. Instinctively she huddled in an embryonic pose, ignoring any training she might have received - it was hard for her to remember. She noticed she was naked. And there was a pile of clothes stacked neatly in front of her. After calm in grown from the rush of horrific memories, she slowly sat up and reached for the stack. Her motions accelerated. She hurried to put on the clothes, restore at least the illusion of a protective armor to comfort her. She had barely locked her belt and buttoned up her olive-green jacket when a door slit open.

"Carter" she heard O'Neill shout to her. She turned to see him rush to her side. She hastily embraced him in profound relief, clasped her arms tightly around him. Her body was shaking. "It's ok, Carter", Jack's calm voice soothed her. "We'll get you home".

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