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The fringe benefits to my work are the income, the people I meet and now… some great sex. I’ve been a real estate agent for several years now and have established myself in the local business. My husband of almost twenty years and I have a wonderful relationship. We decided a half dozen years ago to make things more adventurous. Dave (my hubby) and I have a very open relationship that started with his fantasy to watch me with another man. That is another story. I have been a “shared wife” for six years now and love it. The freedom and excitement of being sexually open to enjoy men other than my husband may to some be a little bizarre but to me it is a dream come true. To give you a little background on what being shared means to us; it started as threesomes with friends or coworkers of Dave’s. Then we moved to the wild side and picked up strangers for some nasty fun. After getting bold and wild we settled down with friends again that has turned into some very regular lovers. The next stage for us was for me to spend time alone with my lovers. That was orchestrated by Dave when we were to meet a good friend at a resort north of the city for the weekend and at the very last minute Dave told me he couldn’t go because so a work issue. He insisted that I go on my own and enjoy myself. I met Scott at the resort and three years later, he is still a very regular lover.

Hubby had been telling me for some time that I should introduce my sexual escapades into my work life. There is a girlfriend of mine that is in the same business and she has been sl**ping with selected clients for years. She knows that I have an open opportunity to play and has been encouraging me to take advantage of it for ages. Karen (my friend and colleague) is gorgeous and works her magic like few I know. She called me a few weeks ago and asked if I would like to help her with a commercial property. I met with her and the two clients, Robert and Tom who by the way are two brilliant young business men. We had a great meeting and after, Karen and I went for a coffee to talk about it. Karen went on to tell me that they were very demanding and that she and Robert ended up having sex one night after he showed her the property.

Karen called me last week and asked me if I’d like to play golf with her, Robert and Tom. Good client relations you know. She went on to suggest that we should wear something sexy to help secure the client relationship. Reading between the lines, I realized what she was really saying. So, on the Friday morning I arrived at the golf course with clubs, shoes and dressed in a sleeveless golf shirt, short wrap skirt and thong. I didn’t bother putting on a bra that day and the shirt I was wearing was very tight, showing off my nipples. Karen was dressed in a white golf shirt, and ultra short tennis skirt. She wore a thin lace bra to contain her C cup breasts.

We had a great time and although my golf game sucks, we had lots of laughs. We teased and flirted with the guys, bending over to ensure they saw lots of leg and maybe more. About the f******nth hole we decided to have some fun and bet the guys that we could beat them on that hole. If we won they would buy us dinner after golf. If they won, we would play the rest of the game and go to dinner after golf without any panties on. Now, we knew who was going to win and it sure wasn’t us. So with some fanfare, at the fifteenth tee, Karen and I removed our panties. As I mentioned, we both wore very short skirts. So the guys quite enjoyed watching us bend over to tee up the ball and we made sure to put on a show for them too. Over the rest of the round, the guys got to enjoy a show of ass and pussy that made everyone horny.

After the round of golf, we needed to stop at the office building that Robert and Tom are selling to get something from their offices. Karen followed Robert and I went with Tom to see his office. Once inside, Tom turned and kissed me. I rubbed up tight to him and he reached down, squeezing my ass as we kissed. Tom lifted my top over my head and untied my skirt letting it fall to the floor leaving me naked. I unbuttoned his pants freeing his very hard cock. I lowered myself to my knees and sucked his cock into my mouth. Kissing and licking the shaft, head and balls. After a few minutes Tom picked me up and carried me to the couch where he spread my legs and eased his cock into my soaking wet pussy. As he fucked me, he would grind himself deep inside of me soon making me scream with orgasm after orgasm. He again picked me up taking me to his desk where he laid me on my back and with him standing in front of me he proceeded to fuck me has hard as he could. With great concentration, he eventually started to shake and moan. Tom filled me with his hot semen and collapsed upon me. After catching his breath he got up and his cock plopped out of me allowing me to ooze his seed. I was very satisfied. When we got up, we both realized that Robert and Karen had been standing in the doorway watching. Robert in his underwear and Karen topless but wearing her crumpled skirt. We learned that they had finished a few minutes earlier and heard us from Robert’s office so they decided to come and watch.

The four of us dressed and went for a lovely meal and then called it a night. Upon my arrival home, Dave was anxiously waiting to hear how my day was. I told him all of the details knowing that it would excite him so. I was right, after telling him about Tom cumming in me Dave took me by the hand and lead me to the bedroom where my clothes were removed and he fucked my used pussy.

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23 days ago
it can be nice if you travel alone .. you wellcom
1 year ago
I once met a guy thru Squirt, and he took me to an empty house for sale, using a lock box, and blew me inside the basement, with the lights on, and a small window to the street. It was super hot
1 year ago
Love this story, a mixture of professionalism and pleasure.
2 years ago
want to attend your open houses
3 years ago
I love the way you mix pleasure with business! ...You have my full, hard and throbbing attention for more >:)
3 years ago
That will make sealing the deal more important ....mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
3 years ago
Hot story and well told. Wish I could have found a realtor like that when I was buying and selling.
3 years ago