Wife Fucked in a Chicago Jazz Club

I’ve been sharing my horny wife Kathy for several years now and have a great sex life. Late last summer Kathy and I decided to go to Chicago for a few days to do some shopping and enjoy the city. Kathy had never been to Chicago and I’d told her about the great downtown area. On the third night there we decided to go out to a nice restaurant and then go to a Jazz club later in the evening. Kathy got ready for the evening and slipped on the little black dress she brought and a pair of four inch heels that accent her great legs. The black dress had thin straps over her shoulders and a deep plunging neck line that showed off her ample cleavage. If she leaned forward the dress was loose enough that it showed a lot more than just her cleavage, it showed everything including her large dark nipples. The length of the dress was mid thigh that allowed a great view of her sexy legs.
After she finished her final touches of make up and said she was ready, I walked up to her and told her how hot she looked and gave her a hug. Giving her ass a long squeeze I realized that she didn’t have anything at all under her dress. She looked up at me and smiled and said, “I knew how much you’d like this so I didn’t wear a bra or panties”. I immediately felt a stir in my pants as my cock twitched. We walked out of the hotel near the magnificent mile and heading to the restaurant we had reserved for a late dinner. On the way out of the hotel I noticed the doorman take an extra long look at Kathy and how sexy she looked. Made me very proud to have a man half her age take a long lustful look at her.

We had a great dinner and indulged in a cocktail and a bottle of wine during a wonderful seafood dinner. It was almost 10 o’clock so we decided to head towards the Jazz club that was just up the street. It was a small place, long and narrow with tables jammed in everywhere. The stage was at the far back wall. We got there in between sets and the doorman seated us up near the front because it was not very busy that night. Maybe a dozen other people there. Three black men came on stage and began to play. They were very good. We really enjoyed the show they put on. There was a “tip” jar at the edge of the stage and people would put money in the jar from time to time. Kathy said we should put some money in to show our appreciation. I agreed and handed Kathy some money. She walked up to the stage and leaned forward to reach the jar. I was looking at the band and the drummer was watching Kathy. He caught the eye of the guitar player and they both looked down at Kathy. She was leaning forward putting the money in the jar and they both looked at one another smiling. I knew they both got a great look down her dress to see her tits and maybe even far enough to see that she didn’t have panties on.

Kathy came back to the table and I asked if she enjoyed putting the show on for the band. She asked what I meant and I told her what I saw. She giggled and squirmed a bit in her chair. We sat and listened to another set and at the end of the next set Kathy took some more money up to the tip jar. This time she took her time putting the money in giving them a good look down her dress. The set was over after the next song and we decided to finish our drinks and head back to the hotel. Kathy said she wanted to go to the washroom before we left and it was upstairs in this club. I watched as she headed up the winding stairs and looked around at the other patrons. The guitar player from the band came by and asked if I was enjoying the show. I told him that we’re having a great time. We got into a conversation about their life on the road and he started telling me stories about things they’ve seen and done. It was great. What I didn’t realize was how long Kathy had been away in the bathroom.

A while later Kathy arrived at the table and I introduced her to the guitar player and she said hello, sat down took her glass and almost down the rest of her drink in one shot. The guitar player said he had to go and get ready for their next set so we said goodbye. I turned to Kathy and asked if she was okay. She looked into my eyes and said “you’re not going to believe what just happened to me”. She leaned over and whispered in my ear, “The drummer just fucked me upstairs”.

I said, “What?”

She went on to say that she went up to the bathroom, did her business and was heading back towards the stairs. The drummer was standing in another doorway at the top of the stairs and said “hi” to her and how much he appreciated the tip she gave him. He went on to say that he’d like to show his appreciation and took her hand and lead her through the door and into a dimly lit room. He turned and stepped towards her. She stepped back bumping into the wall. With her back against the wall he stepped up close to her. The next thing she felt was his hand under her dress rubbing her bare pussy. When she started to protest he leaned down and kissed her hard on the mouth as he continued to massage her pussy. With his other hand he was pulling the dress up over her ass around her waist. He took his knee and wedged it between her legs causing them to open. He then started to finger fuck her pussy. Kathy said that she was really enjoying this manhandling she was getting by this heavyset black man. She said that he then grabbed each cheek of her ass and lifted her up while still pushed against the wall. The next thing she felt was him lowering her onto his large hard cock. He lowered her until she was completely engulfed on his cock. She said it was big and very hard. He started to thrust into her as deep as he could go stretching her pussy with each stroke. She said it felt so good and so nasty being fucked by a stranger just upstairs from everyone including me. While he was thrusting his cock into her, she said that he told her how much he liked seeing her tits at the stage and he knew she wanted to feel his cock in her. So he decided to give her what she wanted. The fucking she needed. With that, he grunted and splashed his cum deep inside her pussy. He pulled out of her, zipped his pants up and started to walk away.

Then turned and said, “Hope you enjoyed the show. Come back anytime.”
Kathy then straightened her dress and wobbled her way downstairs to the table I was at.

“We have to go” she said.
“Are you okay” I replied.
“Oh yes, I need you to fuck me”, she said.
She grabbed her purse, and we headed towards the door. She stopped a few feet from the table, turned and smiled and then waved to the drummer who was back up on stage.

We rushed out the door and almost ran to our hotel. Once in the room, she pulled her dress off and lay spread on the bed. I could now see her puffy pussy lips with his creamy cum still oozing out of it. I stripped my clothes off and climbed on, sinking my hard cock into her well used pussy. She was sloppy and very loose from his big cock. I pumped away enjoying the feel of every stroke. After a few minutes Kathy started to moan as an orgasm began to make her body shake. As she was shaking, I was pumping my load deep into her cum soaked pussy. After that, Kathy passed out asl**p. When we woke in the morning, she asked if it was a dream and I assured her it was a night to remember.

She talks about it often, and we’re planning a trip back to Chicago next summer. We’ll schedule it around when the band is playing. She will be very disappointed if they’re not there next summer.

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2 years ago
That was so fucking hot. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
Great story, thanks. Nice, healthy sexual encounter. ...ohh yes more more !Thanks for sharing
2 years ago
it sound like you got all that jizz not jazz from the club
2 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Hot. Really enjoyed it. Thanks.