Gangbang Fantasy Comes True

I have finally lived out one of my greatest fantasies. My name is Kathy and I'm a late 40's housewife and part time swinger. My husband Dave and I have done some swinging and we love the adventurous lifestyle. I've had a fantasy of enjoying and being enjoyed by a group of men. We've considered running an ad on a swingers website for a group to fulfill my fantasy. I do some online chatting from time to time and that is always good to make me nice and horny. I very rarely cam with the guys I chat with but usually end up giving myself a wonderful orgasm.
One day when I was chatting I was contacted by a guy that lives in nearby city. We chatted for a while and he asked about my fantasies. When I told him about my group fantasy he was very excited and explained that he runs and private gangbang club for women to fulfill fantasies and guys to get laid. My "bullshit" meter immediately went off but I played along because the subject was turning both of us on. When we completed our chat and task at hand he asked me if he could contact me regarding this club. I told him I'd think about it and turned off the chat. For the next few days I kept thinking about this gangbang club as I masturbated. They were such strong orgasms.
I didn't hear from him for the longest time and had kinda forgot about it. Then one day again while I was online he dinged me and asked me to chat. When I accepted his chat request he immediately asked me if I'd given anymore thought to attending his club. I chuckled and started asking him questions about it. Where was it, how many guys, am I the only woman there, does everyone wear condoms, who's there to ensure my protection, how does the night work? I was impressed with his answers. He was either a great lier or perhaps he was actually telling me the truth. He wanted to know if my husband was aware and if i attended would he be joining. Then he asked if hubby and i could meet for a drink and talk about my participation. I said we could and it happened that hubby and I were going to the city the next day and we met for a glass of wine in the early evening. It was a Saturday so the bars were busy. I'd sent him a couple pictures of myself so he'd know who he was looking for. I was nervous about meeting him and the time we were to meet came and went. I was beginning to think it was just a bad hoax when this nice looking younger man walked up and introduced himself as Chris. He apologized for being late as the event he was at ran a little. He sat and ordered a beer and started telling us that he had just come from the gb club as they hold events every Saturday afternoon there. They use a night club that is empty all day and the club doesn't open until 9pm so they have it all day. He went on to tell us about the club and what goes on. It was so turning me on hearing about how these women take on all these men. He knew we were interested and asked if we would like to see the club as it was just a block away. We said sure and off we went. He unlocked the side door of this old building and went down some stairs. I was now getting nervous. He opened the door at the lower level and we walked into a small but fully furnished night club. Lights, televisions, a bar, dance floor, DJ area. He laughed as he said everyone has the same reaction. He asked us if we would like to see what was going on there a few hours earlier. We both nodded and he flipped a few switches and on came the tv's showing a video of what was going on earlier. What I saw made my knees weak and I gripped hubby's hand so tight as I let out this long moan. He smiled again as I'm sure he knew from our chats that I immediately got wet. I laughed and turned to hubby saying that we probably wouldn't get home without me jumping him. Chris asked if I'd like to use his office for some relief. I said, "No it's okay". He reassured me that it was okay and this I'd not uncommon when he does a tour. We followed him through a door into a nice office. He asked if we minded if he stayed to watch. We both said sure and hubby started kissing me and rubbing my breasts. My nipples were so hard and I was so horny. Hubby was quickly removing my clothes and I couldn't wait as I was removing his too. I was nude and his shirt was off and pants down around his ankles. I bent forward and took his hard cock in my mouth. Hubby was holding my head fucking my mouth. I then heard that familiar sound of a package being ripped open. I knew what was coming and felt Chris' hands on my ass and his sheathed cock pushing into my wetness. His cock felt so good plunging in and out of me. When I started to shake Chris held me up keeping himself deep inside as my orgasm peaked. It wasn't long before both hubby and Chris were grunting as they came. Chris' first question was to ask if I was going to participate at the club. I remember hubby laughing as I smiled and shook my head up and down confirming I'd be attending.
Chris said I would be very popular with the guys. He had a girl cancel for the next week and asked if I would take her place. I could feel my heart begin to race as I said that I would.
The week went by so slowly. I masturbated so many times that week. On Saturday morning I had a nice relaxing morning. I took a long bath and shaved myself completely. I had bought a new lingerie outfit for the occasion. We drove into the city early and had a nice lunch with wine to keep my nerves in check. As arranged we got to the club around 2pm and there were all ready guys hanging around in the club. The doorman checked us in, the bar was open and music was playing. I felt like I had lots of eyes on me as we walked through to Chris’ office. There were 3 other women there and we were introduced to one another. Chris poured us a nice large glass of wine and we sat around chatting. A young blonde woman arrived and Chris declared that everyone was here. He looked out the door into the club and said it was a good crowd. He then lead all of us to a change room down the hall. Hubby was told to go ahead out into the club. I was shaking as I striped my clothes off and changed into my lingerie. I picked a white lace teddy that was somewhat see through, a pair of white stay-up stockings and a new pair of white high heels. I remember looking in the mirror thinking that I don’t look to bad for a middle aged woman. We got our stuff together and we went back to the office. Chris was there all smiles as we walked in. He gave us the last minute pep talk about the rules. Each girl had a male attendant assigned to them to make sure everyone played nice and by the rules.
Chris went ahead out and we followed behind to a curtain. He went out, picked up a mic and got the attention of the crowd. Thanking them for attending and telling everyone to have a great time. He then began introducing each of us woman. I was the last to go out. Coming out on dance floor, half naked in lingerie in front of a room full of horny guys had my heart pounding out of my chest. The cheers and whistles from the guys was so erotic. We were then lead off to areas of the club, where a small bed was set up. I sat on the bed taking a deep breath. My attendant (Ashe a small Indian man) knelt in front of me, “Are you okay?”
“Yes, just nervous”
He told me to talk off my teddy and lay back as the guys were lining up for the girls they wanted to have sex with. I looked over and saw a group of guys jostling for position in a line behind a rope railing, each looking at me with lust in their eyes. It was at that moment that I realized that each of those guys are going to have sex with me. No... They are going to FUCK me.
Ashe smiled at me, “Lay back and have a good time”.
I lay back almost nude wearing only the stockings and heels. Ashe hands me a small bottle of lube and I rubbed some onto myself. Not that I really needed it as I was soaking wet.
The first guy came up to the side of the bed. An older man with grey hair, beard and overweight. Wearing only underwear he dropped his shorts. Sporting a smaller sized hard on, he didn’t waste anytime. Putting his condom on, he climbed on top of me. I reached down and guided him into my waiting pussy. He started pumping away on me not saying a word. I started grinding my hips to meet his thrusts. He leaned down taking a nipple into his mouth. I moaned, “Your cock feels so good”. He let go of my nipple, looked up at me and slammed his cock hard into me. Grunting as he filled the condom. He lay on me for a bit and got up rolling off of me, pulling his condom off dropping it into the garbage can at the end of the bed. He picked up his underwear and walked off, not saying a single word to me the whole time.

The next two guys were younger fellows, I’d say in their 20’s. They were friends because I saw them talking and laughing with one another in line. They both were into kissing and rubbing my breasts. They were really taking their time inside me, not wanting to cum to fast I guess. I would talk to each of them telling them how much I loved the feel of their cocks in me. With both of them I reached down and rubbed my clit bringing myself to orgasm. Thats all it took for both of them to fill their condoms. They both came as I was moaning from my orgasms.
The one rule we were all told was that we couldn’t refuse the next guy in line no matter what he looks like. The next guy was in this category. He was kinda overweight and not a good looking man. I thought to myself as he walked up to me with his crooked teeth smiling at me, Okay just lay back and let him finish. He got beside me, I lay down spreading my legs as he dropped his shorts. What a surprise, he had this huge cock swinging between his legs. He stood beside me and started to stroke it. I reached down and started rubbing my clit at the same time. He liked watching me rub myself because he smiled and his cock grew even more and hardened like a rock. He stretched a condom over his massive cock moved down to the end of the bed then moved up spreading my legs even more. My vagina wide open for him to see. He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my opening making me jump. He then leaned forward pushing the head inside me making me gasp from the size.
He leaned down and whispered, “Will you be able to take this”?
“Push it in and fuck me”, I said.
It was almost like a dare, so he thrust hard pushing his massive cock into me stretching my vagina. He started plunging in and out of me, grunting and moaning with each thrust. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pounded my pussy hard. Moments later every nerve in my body exploded from the waves of orgasm flowing through my body. I can’t help release a scream from the orgasm. I know everyone is looking at me. Moments later I feel him push hard and deep. He grunts a long deep growl as he unloads his sperm.
I felt kinda bad for the next guys, as I was very stretched from that massive cock. I could hardly feel a couple of the guys inside me. But that didn’t matter, they pumped away until reaching orgasm.
Ashe started asking me if I wanted to take a break or cut them off. I asked him how many more I had. I laughed and said there would be a line up all day if I allowed it. I understood exactly what he was saying. I told him that after the next two guys I’d call it a day. I was getting worried that I’d be very sore. He went up and told everyone after the next two that I’d be finished. They wandered off looking for another line to get into. I asked Ashe if all the guys would get a turn with someone and he said they would. The last two guys were uneventful. I learned that to make them cum faster I could talk dirty to them. Tell them how much I love their cocks, I even faked a couple orgasms. That would put them over the top. I got up and Ashe helped me to my feet. He asked if I’d like to have a drink at the bar and see what else was going on. He had the bartender pour me a glass of white wine. It felt a little weird, standing there in just stockings and heels at a bar with all these men around. Some touching me or thanking me as they passed by. I watched a few of the other women taking guys on the same as I did. I saw some of the guys that fucked me in line to take a turn with another girl.
I asked Ashe if he took his turn? He said that he wasn’t allowed as he was an employee, but smiled and said that sometimes he gets a nice tip. As he says this, he looks down at my naked body. I finish my wine, and take Ashe by the hand leading him back into the dressing room. I unbutton his pants pulling them down. I feel his cock harden in my hand. I turn and put my foot up on a chair, bending over exposing my ass and pussy to him. He leans forward and pushes his cock into me. It was then I realized he didn’t have a condom on and I really didn’t care. He fucked me hard holding onto my hips. It felt good to have a real cock in me not covered in latex. I could tell he was getting close so I turned and got down on my knees in front of him taking his cock in my mouth. I sucked him and swallowed hard as he filled my mouth with his sperm. After swallow all, I took his cock in my mouth and cleaned it for him. He lifted me up, gave me a huge hug and thanked me.
We went back out to the club to see things winding down. All of the women had quit and were at the bar having drinks. The guys were wandering around and some were leaving. I felt a hand around my waist and I turned to see Dave staring at me with a huge smile.
“Are you okay”. He asked.
“Oh yes, I feel great”.
“How many guys”.
“Nine, I think”
“Wow, you are amazing”, he said.
Along came Chris and he wanted to know how things went. I told him I had a great time. He said that the comments about me has been outstanding. I smile!
Dave helped me get dressed and took me out to a nice restaurant for dinner. I couldn’t believe that we’d been at the club for almost 5 hours.
It was a day to remember. Chris as been contacting me to attend a special event. I’ll let you know what happens.
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10 months ago
very sexy story!
1 year ago
This is a GREAT read, LOVED every line, expertly written. That had to be a GREAT experience.
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Where's the club?
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nice story, i bet there are a whole lot more wives that would love to live out an experience like that at least once. thanks for sharing
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Nice story, i enjoyed reading it
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amazing story! jealous of the experience
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Great story
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Great story thanks for sharing
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9? you can do more ;-)
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perfect story!
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Awesome and very hot!! cheers!
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