steam room experience

Steam room experience

There we were standing at the door to what would hopefully be a night of intrigue. The door opened we paid our 40 pounds and we were in I didn't like the idea of being completely naked so I kept my bikini bottoms on. We had a nervous look around at the facilities. There were rooms with beds, 2 way mirrors, cameras, showers, baths....very large baths and a dungeon!
We thought we would just try a straight forward Jacuzzi, it was lovely and warm and very large Steve and myself lowered ourselves in to join three men already in the Jacuzzi, we sat steeped in lovely bubbly warm water and we started to idly chat, it seemed all very civilized so we were able to put any fears we had behind us and relax. Steve put his arm around me as he knew I was a bit apprehensive about this experience. I stretched my legs out in front of me and they started to float around, my feet kept being touched by someone else's I blushed a little feeling a little bashful and a bit vunerable to say the least but still I was with Steve and he wouldn't let anything happen to me! Steve pulled me in closer to him I laid my hand on his leg and slid it up high and started to rub his inner thigh gently massaging in circular motions just touching the end of his cock each time I got up high I rubbed my hand into his groin and across the whole of his manhood, I could feel movement, a stirring in his loins, Steve started to respond by rubbing his hands up and down my inner thigh, my pussy started to pulsate a little, the other men in the Jacuzzi were all a little fidgety, Steve put his hand just inside my bikini were he could feel my shaven pussy. The Jacuzzi auto timer cut out and the waters became very still no more bubbles, you could see quite clearly through the very still water, men had there hands firmly on there cocks, my heart was racing, they all had there eyes firmly fixed on our hands, my hands by now were full of very hard cock, and Steve's fingers were inside my cunt, his thumb flicking my clitoris all three men were now rubbing themselves with gentl groans coming from there mouths with a few oh yes's, and oh my God's. Our excitement was enormous, my juices were flowing well and Steve was harder and bigger than ever before. Cocks were rearing there heads out through the surface of the water. Steve and I got out of the Jacuzzi and lay on the pool side, the risks made it very very exciting, all eyes were on us, he started to slide his tongue in and out of my cunt slit, all the men got out of the water and sat close by, all were still playing with there very erect cocks, Steve turned himself around and started to put his cock into my very ready mouth, deep throat style I sucked so hard, tongue under his skin, nibbling all cock parts, Steve still had his head firmly between my legs, it was oral sex like I had never experienced, wow, he was nibbling my clit and my inner thigh, what a turn on his hands caressing my legs and bum cheeks. The onlookers were getting closer and closer. Steve moved position and put his cock fully inside my wanton juicy cunt, it was wonderful a man approached from above my head and asked me to wank him, I looked at Steve, he wanted me to do it, I took hold of this very large cock, belonging to a young handsome stud and I started to rub, gently at first, the other men were rubbing quite fast and hard now, Steve was still shafting me hard, and watching intently as I wanked this young stud, he put his cock into my mouth he tasted great, he was gently easing it in and out of my mouth, I was running my tongue up and down the full length of his dick, one of the men watching on come his lot, not satisfied with that he started to wank all over again, he was so close to us his come went over both of us the stud took his cock out of my mouth and positioned himself above me were I took his cock back into my hand and started to rub very hard. Steve wanted to fuck my sweet pretty ass, as I rubbed the stud he started to shoot hot spunk all over my face and breasts, there was so much come, Steve's started to rub the studs spunk into my erect nipples, he started to slip his enormous cock into my ass, I came almost instantly, followed by more orgasms, another man approached and wanted Steve to rub his dick, Steve had never done this before but got a kick from it, he directed all this guys come all over my stomache, Steve wanted me to turn and get on all fours. He put his dick back into my sweet ass and indicated to the other guy to stand in front of me and let me suck him off, Steve's excitement was fantastic, he was pulsating inside my tight, very tight ass, he started to shout he couldn't contain himself, he shot loads of hot white come into my ass as the other guy come in my mouth. I thought Steve would have been exhausted, he gave the usual cough and wanted to go again, This time we wanted to be on our own, so we decided to go into the mirrowed room, we could see ourselves from all angles it was great, we took a short break just caressing each other and kissing with tongues, massaging each others bodies, it was so relaxing, soon Steve was ready for round 2 This time things were much more low key, he got very erect and started to fuck me, we were both exhausted and fell asl**p with his firm cock inside me, and there we stayed for several hours just entwined into each others body.............................
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3 years ago
nice story i gave you 5 starts please check out my story about my first time having gay sex with a straight thug guy
3 years ago
nice - something for everyone there
4 years ago
Nice story