A night to remember

You and i decide to go to the bar to have a few drinks,after a few beers we start playing pool,after a few games and a few more drinks we start to get a little d***k,suddenly a couple of guys come up and ask if you minded if they played a few with us,without hesitation you say yes,as the night goes on i start to notice the looks your getting from them and ask if you have noticed also,smiling you reply oh yes.tired of playing pool we get a table and order more drinks,now we're pretty d***k and you start to move to the music and Evan asked me if he could ask you to dance,turning to you you reply yes.watching you dance with Evan starts to get my cock hard.after a few more dances with Evan Jason ask if you would like to dance.it's getting close to leaving time so i excuse myself to the restroom,when i return i see you on the dance floor with both of them shaking your hips and ass as you dance grinding up against them,i join you and you whisper to me how bad you need to get fucked.i say lets go home and you ask if they can join us i happily agree thinking what the night holds in store,getting back to our place we mix a few drinks and Evan ask if you have ever had a threesome you smiling say no but would really be into it,i start to kiss you on your shoulder and neck as Jason starts to massage your breast.as you sit down Evan walks up his throbing cock about to burst out of his jeans .you slowly unzip him revealing a huge cock that makes your pussy quiver.slowly you start to pull his cock into your mouth as Jason starts to slide off your skirt and already wet panties,taking off his jeans you start to stroke Jasons hard cock as you move back and forth between them,pulling off your shirt i start to suck on your huge titties slowly moving my hand down to your wet cunt after a few minutes we make our way to the bedroom.laying across the bed Evan comes up behind you spreading your legs open to reveal your hairless wet cunt and ass slowly he rubs your clit as he starts to tounge your ass sliding it in and out.moaning you get on your knees and take Jasons hard cock deep in your mouth with him pulling you down harder on his cock.then you lay back as i spread your legs out i start to suck and lick your soaked cunt while you suck on their cocks.looking up i ask what you would like you turn towards Evan and say i want that hard cock in my wet pussy,i move as he slides up between your legs slowly he slides the head of his cock in while asking you is this what you want Heather .oh fuck yes you reply fuck me.slamming his cock all the way in you burst out moaning with pleasure thrusting your ass up his balls slamming against your tight ass,Jason now wanting his turn as Evan slides out walks to the bed telling you to roll over eagerly you turn over hoping to your knees telling him to fuck you hard slamming his cock up into you you thrust your ass back so to get every inch,seeing you getting fucked and enjoying it so much turns me on so i walk around to where your sucking Evans cock and offer mine,you eagerly except taking my cock and Evans in both hands licking and sucking while getting fucked by Jason you say that you want all three rock hard cocks in you,making me lay down you climb onto to me grinding your wet pussy on my cock as you tell Evan to get behind you and Jason in front.slowly you start to slide down my hard shaft while Evan slowly starts to slide his huge cock into your tight ass,moaning you take Jasons cock all the way in while Evan is going deeper into your ass you slide all the way down onto my hard cock,Evan starts to tell you how fucking sexy your ass is as he slides deeper into you,you say fuck me harder Evan fuck me fuck me harder,now slamming his huge cock into you you slam your pussy down even harder onto me,Jason now about to cum thrust his cock further into your mouth massaging his balls he explodes into you. moaning and getting pounded you scream with pleasure from the two cocks still fucking you,now all the way in Evan starts to go faster and harder which you gladly slam your ass up to take every last inch Evan yells out i,m fixing to cum Heather you start to fuck ever harder saying cum in my ass make me cum with you,sucking on your tits you lose all control and explode your pussy juices running down my cock we both cum in you. after they leave we lay holding one another you smile at me and say lets do this again sometime...................[
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